These Bad Habits Affect Planetary Position In Your Horoscope

Some habits develop in all of us from childhood. Everyone has both bad and positive habits. Good habits help us succeed, whilst bad habits have a negative impact on everyone’s lives. Certain negative behaviors can cause problems for both you and other people, and they may deprive you of your happiness. 

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According to astrology, a person’s habits, as well as the position of the planets in the horoscope, might impede advancement in life. For this, a person should pay close attention to certain habits in his everyday routine. Actually, a person’s negative habits can result in planetary problems. As a result, one may have to face a variety of losses throughout life. Even natives’ work may deteriorate.

So let us know in this special blog from AstroSage, what are those habits which every person should avoid and what negative impact they can have on our lives.

These Bad Habits Spoil Planetary Positions 

Alcohol Consumption

According to astrology, a person’s drinking habits might cause planetary flaws. In fact, a person under the influence of alcohol harasses someone weaker than him and begins to behave inappropriately. By doing so, Saturn may become weak in the horoscope. Saturn is known as the god of justice because it gives people the results they deserve based on their actions. In such cases, Saturn’s poor position can have a negative impact on your life. Furthermore, if Saturn’s Sade Sati is present in a person’s horoscope, he shouldn’t ever consume alcohol.

Getting Up Late

Some people have a habit of sleeping late at night and getting up late; yet, late hours are not considered good in astrology. You’ve probably heard the saying: “The one who slept lost, the one who woke up found.” This is true. If you wake up late in the morning, this can also be a major cause of planetary flaws. According to astrology, waking up late in the morning can lead the Sun to appear in the horoscope.

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Disrespecting Elders

Insulting your elders can lead to disaster for you. According to astrology, folks who habitually offend elders or their guru can generate planetary faults in their horoscopes. Actually, it causes a Jupiter deficiency in the horoscope. If a person’s horoscope contains Guru Dosh, he may always encounter ups and downs in his work, and even after millions of efforts, failure appears unavoidable; hence, one should always respect elders.

Avoid Cruelty To Animals

According to astrology, upsetting a dumb animal weakens the planet Ketu in the horoscope. In such a situation, there is disturbance in a person’s life, which can lead to a variety of difficulties, including mental stress. If you keep animals at home and misbehave with them, you may never find pleasure or tranquility in your life. 

Disrespecting Women

If you insult women, have bad ties with your mother, and misbehave with them, the Moon’s position in your horoscope may be negative. Along with this, the Moon is displeased with persons who waste water, therefore if you want to enhance the Moon, give up these practices right away.

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Littering Here And There

If you argue or fight with your partner on a daily basis, then you might be affected by Shukra Dosha. The Venus flaw may deprive you of material joys and cause you to encounter several financial difficulties. Aside from that, if you do not maintain cleanliness and wear dirty clothes, Venus’s position in the horoscope can deteriorate and you may face a variety of health issues.

Telling Lies & Doing Wrong Deeds 

If you have a habit of lying or engage in unlawful activities, you could be suffering from Rahu Dosh. In such a case, difficulties may occur in your task. On the other hand, if you are jealous of other people’s success, Rahu Dosh might have a negative impact on you. Rahu Dosh can spoil your work, and even if you work hard, you may not achieve the intended results.

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Fighting With Siblings

Mangal Dosh might impact those who have bad relationships with their siblings and fight frequently. These persons may suffer from a variety of health issues. They may also suffer from a chronic ailment. To enhance Mars, one should stay physically active and interact positively with brothers and sisters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How to get rid of planetary defects?

Answer 1. Everyday offer water to the Sun after taking bath. 

Question 2. Which God rules all the planets? 

Answer 2.  According to religious scriptures, Lord Shiva rules all the planets. 

Question 3. Who is the king of all the planets? 

Answer 3. The Sun is the king of all the planets. 

Question 4. Which planet gives respect and dignity?

Answer 4. Theking of planets,Sun. 


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