Mars Transit In Pisces Can Create Disturbance In The Married Lives Of These Natives

When any planet moves from one zodiac to another, its impact is seen on the entire world as well as on the lives of all zodiacs. During a transit, while some get blessed by a promotion in their career and others enjoy a good financial condition. For each person, planetary transit affects them uniquely. Recently in April, a very important transit is going to happen due to which the love life of certain zodiacs may fall into trouble. So, come, let’s move forward and discuss when in April, Mars transit in Pisces will happen. 

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Mars Transit In Pisces: Date And Time 

On 23rd April 2024 in the morning at 8:19, Mars will move to Pisces. Mars is a fiery planet and now it will move to the zodiac that belongs to spirituality, Pisces. 

If Mars is strong in someone’s birth chart, then they are blessed with all kinds of comfort and luxury in their lives. Their health is also at its best and they also enjoy great success, respect, and honor in their career. While Mars is present with a malefic planet like Rahu or Ketu, it brings a lot of problems into the lives of the people. Their health is never in a good state, they remain stressed and there is less to no respect in the society. Also, there are chances of financial loss to these people as well. 

This time Mars transit in Pisces can bring havoc in the love lives of certain zodiacs and they may have to go through a lot of problems as well.

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The Love Lives Of These Natives Get Disturbed 


When Mars transits in Pisces, amongst the many zodiac signs that are going to face difficulties in their love life, the Aries zodiac comes first. There are chances of uncertainty in your relationship. It may get hard for you to maintain the sweetness of your relationship as well. There are even chances that you and your partner may now talk less with each other and you may feel dejected or disappointed as well. Apart from this, the chemistry between you and your partner may be lacking as well. It would be best for you to be patient and form a harmonious bond with your partner. 

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If you belong to the Leo zodiac, then you need to stay alert for the Mars transit in Pisces happening on 23rd April. It would be wise if you keep a check on your words whenever you are talking with your partner. You may say a thing or two to your partner which is speculated to disturb your relationship with them. Even the slightest of carelessness can ruin your relationship. Not just with your partner but you also need to stay vigilant with the elderly at your home.

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For the Libra natives, it would be hard to maintain the peace and harmony of their relation during this period. The problems related to ego may arise between the two of you. You are advised to not have any kind of arguments with your partner. The two of you may fight over very small and pitiful things. It will be hard for you to maintain your relationship. The Libra natives are advised to take care of their partner and don’t say anything wrong to their partner. This will strengthen the bond between you and your partner. 

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The chemistry of the Scorpio natives with their partners may get disturbed. You may even feel that you need to change your behavior towards your partner. There can be tensions between the two of you because of the planet Mars. The ego can overpower the love between you and your partner. It may even be hard for you to maintain the sweetness and the smoothness of your relationship. You are advised to try to trust your partner.

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The natives of the Capricorn zodiac need to think wisely before taking any further steps in their relationship. The sweetness in your relationship will be less while the two of you may happen to bicker a lot. These problems are speculated to arise due to less understanding and chemistry. The arrogance and ego may increase in you also, you and your partner may happen to fight over pity issues. 

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