Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra: Which Zodiacs Will Get Positive Impact?

Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra: The planets and their positions play a critical role in evaluating the horoscope details. Mars and Ketu are the two planets that create impact on the lives of people and the conjunction of both impacts all the 12 zodiacs. The Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra will change the lives of lucky zodiacs and this blog contains the right information related to it. 

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The planets are changing their position after regular intervals that assist the creation of special Yogas and timelines. Mars entered the Libra zodiac on 03 October 2023 and Ketu will be already present in the sign. The conjunction of Mars and Ketu creates a positive change in the lives of natives and turns the luck of natives upside-down. 

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Without further delay, let us check the lucky zodiacs due to Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra. In case of further clarifications, contact our expert astrologers for relevant information. 

3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Because Of Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra


As per the Mars-Ketu Conjunction in Libra, Cancer natives experience a rise of repute in their surroundings due to their positive activities in life. The conjunction is formed in the fourth house that enhances the chances of acquiring good profits. You might be inclined towards buying a property or vehicle and it is the best time to get one. 

Your business investments can also yield the expected results and the overall operability picks up. There are chances of getting new orders at the workplace and expect profit from the right deals. The health of natives will remain stable and they might also experience positivity to advance their set goals. 

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The combination of Mars and Ketu shines the luck of Sagittarius people. It is the best period to spend quality time with your partner and remove all kinds of miscommunications. This conjunction results in a rise in incomes at varied workplaces and the hard work provides relevant outcomes in professional life. Get support from family & friends to fix different life troubles. 

Also, expect the best returns for relevant investments. The time also suits the Sagittarius natives to take chances with stock market deals and relevant business deals. According to the Mars-Ketu Conjunction in Libra, the health of natives will remain protected for desirable outcomes. 


For Aquarius natives, the combination will be auspicious to make the right decisions in business and work life. Students might get results in their exams and they’ll be able to concentrate on their studies the correct way. There won’t be any health troubles in the period and natives will feel energetic to carry out varied tasks. As per the Mars-Ketu Conjunction in Libra, it will be a suitable timeline to make the right investments across the business & stock market. You can also get chances for foreign travel in relation to higher studies & work activities. The business persons can also expand the operations as per requirements. 

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Q1. How to get the positive effects of Ketu?

Ans. Donating items like blankets, warm clothes, and umbrellas will provide relevant outcomes for Ketu. 

Q2. What will be the professional life of the Pisces native?

Ans. Their work life will be stable in the period and hard work will ensure fruitful outcomes. Try any kind of fights at the workplace. 

Q3. Which planet can control Ketu?

Ans. The planet Mars can control the effects of Ketu. 

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