Mars Transit In Bharani Nakshatra, Happiness-Wealth Promised To 4 Zodiacs

According to Vedic Astrology, the planets’ change in zodiac and Nakshatra hold great importance. Whenever a planet moves from one zodiac to the next or from one Nakshatra to another, it immensely affects human life. 

On 19th June, Mars moved to Bharani Nakshatra and the planet of bravery and courage, Mars is already present in its Mooltrikona sign, Aries. The ruling lord of Bharani Nakshatra is Venus and the Mars change in this nakshatra will also bring you favorable results from Venus. 

According to astrologers, the Nakshatra change of Mars is expected to bring changes in the life of all the 12 zodiacs but some zodiacs are going to be showered with the best things such as happiness-prosperity and will get success in everything they do. In this blog, we are going to discuss those zodiac signs that are going to benefit the most from the Mars Nakshatra change. 

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Zodiacs Promised A Happy Life Ahead 


When Mars enters Bharani Nakshatra, the Aries natives will make a lot of progress in their field of work. There are also chances of profit for business owners. You will make connections with new faces and your personality will enhance as well. The students who are thinking of going abroad to pursue higher studies will find their dream turning into a reality now. 

If you are suffering from a health issue, then you will get rid of it now. There are chances of improvement in your health. You will be mentally strong too. The family feuds will now start to resolve and the love between the members will increase. 

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The moment Mars entered Bharani Nakshatra, the good days began for Taurus natives. Your income will increase and there are chances of financial gains too. You are highly likely to get your stuck money back now. The employed natives will get the support of their seniors and there are great chances of progress in your career as well. 

This is a good time for the natives who are looking for a job as well. The love between husband and wife is going to increase and the mutual coordination will be good too. The two of you will be able to understand each other the best. 

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The natives who belong to Libra native are going to get great benefits due to Mars in Bharani Nakshatra. Your lifestyle is going to get better. You will be able to earn a lot of money and will save it as well. You may even purchase a property during this period. 

Your respect and honor will increase in society. You may benefit from a government scheme as well. There are chances of an increase in income too. You are going to be successful in your field of work. There is going to be an increase in interest in spirituality and religious works. 

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Mars’s entry into Bharani Nakshatra is going to be extremely favorable for the Scorpio natives. There are chances of profit and success in the business.  You will feel financially complete. There are chances of getting great opportunities in the career. You may think about switching your job in this period. The relations with the parents are going to get better and you will be able to fulfill your familial responsibilities now. 

If there were some problems in life then they will end now. The unmarried natives are going to get marriage proposals now. 

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Importance Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mars has been described as a warrior and a dynamic planet. It is representative of courage and bravery. Aries is the MoolTrikona sign of Mars. It is the ruling lord of the first and eighth houses. Mars gives great benefits to the natives in terms of authority and position. It proves to be very beneficial concerning position, prestige, and authority. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which pada is good for Bharani Nakshatra? 

The second pada of Bharani Nakshatra is good which is associated with creativity and sensuality. 

What planet is Lord of Bharani Nakshatra? 

Venus is the lord of Bharani Nakshatra.

Which is the God of Bharani Nakshatra? 

God Yama is the God of Bharani Nakshatra.

Is Bharani Nakshatra auspicious?

Yes, Bharani Nakshatra is an auspicious Nakshatra specially for fulfilling family needs and strengthening the relationship. 

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