Major Planetary Movements In September: 4 Zodiacs to Shine Bright!

Major Planetary Movements In September: The month of September is set to bring forth significant celestial changes, aligning the stars in favor of four zodiac signs. According to the movement of planets, this September holds unique significance. With the major planetary movements in September, the effects will resonate across the zodiac spectrum. Astrology enthusiasts anticipate a fortunate period for selected signs. In this blog by AstroSage, let’s dive into the details and explore these promising zodiacs.

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The Planets Shifting This Month As Per Vedic Astrology


Considered the planet of wisdom and expansion, Jupiter signifies growth, knowledge, and spirituality. It represents benevolence and good fortune, encouraging one to seek higher truths. Jupiter’s influence fosters generosity, optimism, and a broad perspective on life’s challenges.


Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, governs intelligence, speech, and analytical thinking. It encourages adaptability and wit, playing a crucial role in career and business matters. A strong Mercury promotes effective interpersonal skills and the ability to learn from experiences.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, symbolizes creativity, relationships, and sensuality. Its energy fosters harmony, artistic pursuits, and a fondness for luxurious pleasures. Venus also influences one’s approach to romance and partnerships, highlighting the importance of emotional connections.

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Mars, the planet of energy and drive, represents ambition, courage, and assertion. It imparts the strength to overcome challenges and take decisive actions. Mars also governs physical vitality and can influence one’s competitive spirit, leadership qualities, and capacity to stand up for oneself.


The Sun, a symbol of individuality and vitality, is the core of Vedic astrology. It represents one’s inner self, ego, and life force. A strong Sun bestows confidence, leadership, and a sense of purpose. It encourages personal growth and the expression of one’s authentic self.

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The List of Major Planetary Movements In September

As per Vedic astrology, notable planetary shifts are on the horizon for September. On the evening of September 4th at 4:58, Jupiter, the benevolent guru, will turn retrograde in the Aries sign. Furthermore, Venus, the harbinger of wealth, is set to go direct in the Cancer sign around 6:17 the same morning. 

Likewise, Mercury, often referred to as the prince of planets, will also retrograde in the Leo sign on September 16th at 1:21. On September 17, 2023, the Sun will leave its own sign of Leo and transit into Virgo at 07:11 AM. And lastly, Mars, the warrior of planets, will combust in Virgo on September 24, 2023, at 18:26 hrs.

The month of September is brimming with these significant planetary transitions.

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Major Planetary Movements In September: Lucky Zodiac Signs This Month


For those born under the Aries sign, September promises to be quite favorable. With Jupiter’s retrograde motion in this sign, opportunities in both employment and business are on the rise. Long-pending tasks are likely to reach completion, accompanied by potential new income sources.


The upcoming month seems promising for Gemini individuals. Along with other positive aspects, this period is particularly favorable for educational pursuits. Family matters are expected to ease, and the chance of embarking on international journeys is imminent. Financial prospects also appear bright.

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The approaching month holds significant promise for Leo natives, with the stars aligning for substantial support from destiny. Promotion prospects at work are in sight. An increase in wealth and overall prosperity is anticipated. The familial atmosphere will remain harmonious, and marital life is poised to flourish.


Libra individuals have reason to be optimistic about the forthcoming month. Fortunate stars are ready to assist, promising an increase in wealth and material abundance. Lady Luck will be by your side, and those engaged in business might witness unexpected financial gains. Employees can also look forward to possible increments.

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The major planetary movements in September mark an exciting period for these four zodiac signs. As planets dance across the sky, their influence on our lives is both fascinating and impactful. Remember, while astrology provides insights, your actions and decisions ultimately shape your destiny. 

Embrace the opportunities that come your way and make the most of this celestial support. As the stars realign, the chosen zodiacs are poised to shine brightly, radiating success and positivity.

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