Last Solar Eclipse Of 2021, Auspicious For These Zodiac Signs!

AstroSage has designed this very special blog to enlighten the readers with complete and detailed information regarding the second and last Solar Eclipse of the year 2021. It is quite common that several questions crop up whenever such situations take place and we begin to ask where the Eclipse will occur and what will be its impact on different zodiac signs and the world over. To make things easier and convenient for the readers, AstroSage always leads the race and the same is happening this time as well. In this context, let’s know all the information related to the second and last solar eclipse of this year.     

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Solar Eclipse

So far Astrology is concerned, eclipse is an astronomical event that can be observed through open eyes. All of us are aware that we have one Solar System where many planets revolve in their orbits around the Sun and receive its light. If we talk about our Earth, even though it rotates on its axis but it revolves around the Sun in an orbit while the natural satellite of the Earth i.e. Moon revolves around it.     

Owing to the rotation of earth on its own axis, natural phenomena such as day and night, changes in season, etc. occur. Sometimes, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are aligned in a very special position, which is considered and referred to as Eclipse. In simple words, the Moon revolves around the Earth while the Earth rotates on its axis and in a special orbit around the Sun so sometimes, the situation arises when all of them attain a special position despite being in their orbits and the light of the Sun gets obstructed. This very condition leads to the formation of the eclipse.   

Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse are two different events. Here, we are discussing Solar Eclipse so we want to tell you that when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun while rotating, the light of the Sun does not fall directly and completely on the Earth. In such a situation, Solar Eclipse occurs and its duration is completely dependent upon the distance between the Sun and the Moon.    

When the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, then some light of the Sun gets shadowed and people are unable to observe the presence of the Sun completely. In this very situation, some or complete part of the Sun gets faded or blurred and is termed as Solar Eclipse. 

Types Of Solar Eclipse 

As per the Hindu Panchang, Solar Eclipse occurs on the day of Amavasya and it can be either Total Solar Eclipse, or Partial Solar Eclipse, or Annular Solar Eclipse, etc. 

Total Solar Eclipse: When the complete Solar eclipse occurs, the Moon remains very close to the Earth and the complete light of the Sun gets clouded. In this very position, the Sun gets completely afflicted or appears to be black. This phenomenon is called Total Solar Eclipse.      

Partial Solar Eclipse: Sometimes, owing to the large distance between the Moon and the Earth, the situation of Eclipse arises but the Sun does not appear to be completely affected, only some position is afflicted. This very eclipse is termed a Partial Solar Eclipse.   

Annular Solar Eclipse: At times, when there is too much distance between the Moon and the Earth, the Moon appears exactly in the middle. In such a position, the light of the Sun appears like a bracelet or a ring around the Sun, and this event is named Annular Solar Eclipse.    

Indeed, Solar Eclipse remains a wonderful talking point and keeps occurring in our planetary system. In case of a Total Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun remains shadowed for some time and the atmosphere gets dark all of a sudden during that time. Before the occurrence of such an event, people would get scared but with the advancement and development of Science, awareness has spread among them and they remain enthusiastic to have a view of it. But we just appeal to the people not to see it with the naked eye as it can harm you.      

Such a Total Solar Eclipse is going to occur in December 2021, and we are trying to answer all your queries through this blog.

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December 04, 2021: Second & Last Solar Eclipse

We have already apprised you of the fact that there will be two Solar Eclipse in 2021 through our blog. The first one occurred on June 10, 2021, and the second one is slated for December 04, 2021. The detailed information about this very event is listed below:

Type Of Eclipse AppearanceDay & Date
Total Solar Eclipse


Khagras Solar Eclipse
Australia, Botswana, Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, South Georgia, and Tasmania

Note: The Eclipse will not be visible in India and hence, no Sutak Kaal would be admissible. 
December 04, 2021, i.e Saturday

For further information, be informed that this Eclipse will not be visible in India, apparently, there will be no Sutak Kaal and if stay in India, there is no necessity of observing any precaution. However, in all the above-mentioned countries where the Eclipse will be visible, the Sutak Kaal will commence 12 hours before and end with the end of the eclipse.    

This Solar Eclipse will occur on Amavasya Tithi in Krishna Paksha during Margashirsha month i.e. December 04, 2021. It will be a Total Solar Eclipse and, as per IST, it will start from 10:59 and last till 15:07.  

Astrological Insights Into Total Solar Eclipse 2021 

This very Solar Eclipse will take shape on December 04, 2021, in Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra. Scorpio is ruled by Mars while Mercury is considered to be the ruling lord of Jyestha Nakshatra. So, people born under Jyestha Nakshatra or bearing Scorpio zodiac sign will be particularly impacted by the Eclipse where it will be visible.  

The Sun is the very life of the persons and is the significator of body and soul whereas the Moon is the ruler of mind. When the Solar Eclipse will occur, the Sun and the Moon will remain at the same degree so it will affect people accordingly. 

When this Eclipse will occur, the Sun and the Moon will reside in Scorpio along with Mercury and Ketu, and Rahu will be in Taurus. Apart from this, Mars will be in Libra while Venus will stay in Sagittarius. Saturn will be in its own zodiac sign and Jupiter will reside in Aquarius.  

The position of all the planets will have a significant effect on the world over. Since it is not visible in India, it will have no direct impact on it. But it will definitely impact the other parts of the world because of which, India can indirectly be impacted. Now, let’s learn what type of effects would be observed owing to this very Eclipse and which parts of the world will be impacted.    

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Global Impact Of Total Solar Eclipse 2021 

As we have already informed you about the occurrence of this Solar Eclipse, countries having the Scorpio zodiac sign or falling under Jyestha Nakshatra will be majorly impacted. In such countries, there is a possibility of increase in health problems and mutual conflict because this Eclipse is taking shape in the Scorpio sign, the water element, ruled by Mars which is the fire element. In this regard, the presence of the fire element Sun and the water element Moon in Scorpio is the symbol of ups and down in mental as well as physical aspects. In some special parts of the world where Corona like situation is prevailing, the health problems will flare-up.  

Majorly, countries like Queensland, Korea, Syria, Norway, Angola, Morocco, Antigua, Cambodia, Dominican, Latvia, Lebanon, Panama, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Zambia may experience misunderstandings and instability and people living in such places are likely to come across health challenges. Such countries will be affected by this Solar Eclipse and thus, the impact can be observed globally. Syria is already going through its most difficult phase and the presence of the Solar Eclipse may intensify the situation.     

People staying in the above-cited counties should take care of their mental health and are advised to meditate everyday as it will prove to be wonderful for them in moving forward in life. If there is any health trouble, visit a doctor at the earliest.  

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Solar Eclipse 2021 to Benefit these Zodiac Signs

Whenever the Solar Eclipse occurs, generally, it is not considered to be good but this is not always true. It can also bring pleasant outcomes for the natives of some zodiac signs. Eclipse occurring on December 04, 2021, may prove to be a boon for many people to excel in different walks of life. So, we are helping you know all such zodiac signs that are likely to be benefitted from this very Solar Eclipse.  

If we talk about this eclipse, there is a great possibility that natives bearing Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius, etc. are likely to be blessed with positive outcomes. 

  • Gemini people will observe a smooth ride in different aspects of life and the possibility of getting a job will be there. They will overpower their opponents and remain victorious in court cases. Confidence will remain high.   
  • Virgo natives will remain highly enthusiastic. They will be courageous enough to labour hard and achieve success in life. They will also have the cooperation of their friends. 
  • The income of Capricorn people will increase and they will make contacts with high profile members of the society. This will help them progress in life and there will be new sources of income. 
  • People having the Aquarius zodiac sign will experience positive results in their career. They will get rid of the challenges occurring in their career and gain reputation. 

These 4 Zodiac Signs To Remain Cautious

This Solar Eclipse is occurring in Scorpio and therefore, natives belonging to this zodiac sign need to remain careful. They may come across health problems and chances of  mental troubles are also there. 

Apart from this, there is a little possibility of getting favourable results for the natives with the Taurus zodiac sign. Their health can be adversely impacted and business may go down. If they are in a partnership business, their relation may deteriorate. There is a possibility that their married life may go through a difficult phase.      

Aries people shall have to be careful to maintain their self-respect as some of their secrets may come to the forefront and malign their image. The chances of unexpected travels, health problems, and financial losses can bother them.  

Natives with the Sagittarius zodiac sign will have to control their expenditure as expenses may go up leading to mental stress. If they remain careless, they may be hospitalized. So, these people will have to be alert by the impact of this eclipse.     

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Remedies to Pacify Total Solar Eclipse

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is considered to be the lord of all the nine planets as it is the benefactor of soul and the sunlight is the biggest source of energy. It is just like a father to human beings and is the significator of good health. It makes us earn name and fame and command respect.  

Those involved in government service and government contracts must have the blessings of the Sun. During the eclipse, there are adverse effects of malefic planets on the Sun, as a result, it becomes quite weak. So, certain remedies must be carried out during the eclipse to strengthen the Sun in one’s life, and measures taken during this time prove to be highly beneficial. Let’s know about such things.        

  • Worshipping Lord Sun during the Eclipse (Surya Grahan 2021) is considered to be extremely significant. 
  • Lord Shiva is called the father of the universe and therefore, reciting any Shiv  Mantra during the eclipse can prove to be fruitful.  
  • Reciting/chanting any Mantra during the eclipse is most beneficial and gives manifold results.   
  • If you are going through a health problem, you should recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Mrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva to be blessed with the best benefits concerning health.  
  •  If you are facing some obstacles, then resolve to donate during the eclipse and make donations immediately after the eclipse.  
  • The fast observers should worship Lord Shiva and Maa Kali during the Solar Eclipse. In such a scenario, they may attain Siddhi.   
  • Keep yourself busy with religious books and remembering Lord during the Eclipse.

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