Know How KP Astrology Resolves Job-Related Problems In One Go!

Getting a good job is not an easy task for everyone. People do several academic courses and get degrees but remain unfortunately devoid of either a job or a good job. Many people leave their jobs due to personal issues and later when they try and get back into the industry, things get tougher. 

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One of the main factors is “Time”, since it waits for none, and every time someone leaves, someone takes the place and lead the way. Many times, planets and nakshatras in our kundli too influence our luck and lead our career to either a successful path or downfall. 

Through this article, I will shed light on the importance of astrology in professional life and reveal how KP Astrology, one of the systems of astrology, deduces the formation of dashas and planetary placements in a kundli that can give rise to favourable or unfavourable situations in career.

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Career & Professional Life As Per KP Astrology

In KP System, the houses to be judged for the job are 6-10-11, where 6th is the prime house for a job. Although it carries many other significations as well, one has to see the Dasa Bhukti and Antara while judging a horoscope and 6-10-11 houses and their significator planets. Let me give you an example.

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This girl came to me, presented her horoscope and asked about her job. She had done her MBA in HR long back, and due to marriage-related responsibilities, she opted out and didn’t resume her job. Now after many years when she felt that it is now possible to work as the responsibilities at home are lesser, she approached me. 

Below is the horoscope: 


The girl is running under the Mahadasha of Saturn. The Antara too is of Saturn till 29-11-2021. Saturn is placed in the star of Ketu. It is in the sub of Mars. 

Ketu is in the 6th bhava in the cusp chart. Thus, Saturn is well-connected with 6-11 houses. It is in a good position to offer a job to the girl. Ketu is in the star of Saturn and in the sub of Mercury. Mercury is in the 11th cusp in the cusp chart. Hence, the cycle of 6-11 is getting completed. Ketu is also aspected by Moon and Mars. 

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After evaluating, I told her that she will land a job soon. The favourable time will be in December 2019, precisely by 23rd December 2019. I was very much sure that Ketu will be gracing her with a job as nodes are stronger than the planets. 

She got the job exactly on 23rd January 2020 instead of December 2019. She happily told me that she got the job for which she had given the interview in November. For your information, a kundli has the answer to every question related to the job, employment, career etc. but it is quite complex to understand the language of astrology. This is why CogniAstro Report for Professionals come to your rescue, as it helps you decode the right career path and gain accurate career-related predictions.

Continuing, I looked at her horoscope once again, Venus Pratyantar Dasha has started, and Venus is in the star of Ketu and in the Sub of Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. The occupant is stronger than the owner. Sun transited in the sub of Venus that day and in the sign of Saturn. She got her confirmation. 

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KP system always gives out correct predictions. Evidently, Venus was stronger than Ketu and thus gave her the job.  She called and said your prediction was really sharp but I said I missed it by 30 days almost. 

Here the Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratayantar Dasha and Sun Transit were all in synchronicity. Thus the required chain was getting completed on that day and the combination of Dasa Bhukti, Antara and Transit gave her the result she desired.

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Hope you have liked the information. Thank you all for being a part of AstroSage.


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