Know How Lord Krishna’s City Welcomes the Festival of Colours!

Pre Holi Celebrations begin in the city of Krishna. Find out the traditions followed here!

Festival of colours, Holi is around the corner and knocking on our doors. People are more than ready to welcome happiness and colours in their lives once again.

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Now, before you paint the town red and get involved in the celebrations of this colourful festival, let us tell you something about the most popular Holi of the country which takes place in Barsana, a place in Mathura.

In the upcoming sections of this blog, you will find some interesting traditions and facts about Barsana Holi. Along with this, you will also find out the various kinds of festivities, which last a week long.

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Let us now take a look at the week-long festivities and the day wise celebrations in Barsana.

Date Type of Holi Festivities
3 March 2020, Tuesday, Ashtami Ladoo Holi People throw sweets(Ladoos) at each other.
3 March 2020, Wednesday, Navami Lathmar Holi of Barsana During this Holi, women hit their men with sticks in a fun manner and the men try to save themselves with a stick.
5 March 2020, Thursday, Dashami Lathmar Holi of Nandgaon Lathmar Holi (Holi with sticks) is played according to the old traditions during this Holi.
6 March 2020, Friday, Ekadashi On this day, there is a tradition of organizing cultural programs in the birthplace of Lord Krishna in Mathura and also in the temple of Banke Bihari in Vrindavan.
7 March 2020, Saturday, Dwadashi Charimar Holi This Holi is also a kind of Lathmar Holi, but instead of big canes, small twigs are used to play Holi. The belief of the people behind this is that Kanha in Gokul played Holi during his childhood days. In such a situation, he may get hurt due to playing Holi with big canes(Lathi) so a stick/twig is used here instead of canes.
9 March 2020, Monday, Purnima Falon ki Holi This Holi has a special significance of its own. It also has some surprises to offer at the same time. The special highlight of this Holi remains a Panda( a volunteer) walks over fire flames. You will be astonished to know that he doesn’t suffer any burns despite walking on fire.
10 March 2020, Tuesday Phoolon ki Holi (Holi with Flowers) On this day, when the entire country will play Holi with colors, a very beautiful tradition of playing Holi with flowers (with Tesu flower) is followed in Dwarkadhish temple situated here. After playing Holi with flowers, people also apply Gualal and Abir(colours) on each other.
11 March 2020, Wednesday Huranga Ayozan On the next day of Holi, cultural functions are organized in the villages of Huranga and Mukharai.

It is not quite possible to ignore the Barsana celebrations while talking about the festival of Holi. The speciality of the Holi celebrations taking place in Barsana can be guessed by witnessing the number of visitors crowding this place even before the celebrations begin. They only come here to spectate the psychedelic celebrations which have become more popular with time. As the primary highlight of this blog remains Barsana Holi, you might be wondering about the speciality of vivid festivities taking place here. This blog aims to give you a virtual tour of this beautiful and Majestic Holi of Barsana.

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What’s Special About Barsana’s Holi

The Holi Celebrations in the city of Lord Krishna captivates the minds of many. It is said that the celebrations of Lathmar Holi have been taking place here since ages.

The fact which makes this Holi stand out in the crowd is that Holi is still celebrated in the same manner as it was played in ancient times.

Lathmar Holi: History

Beliefs state that the tradition of Lathmar Holi has its roots in the times of Radha and Krishna. It has been said that Shri Krishna went to Barsana to play Holi with his friends. He got involved in some fun and frolic events with his friends, Radha and her friends too. Radha was greatly displeased with this and she started hitting Lord Krishna and his friends with a stick and they had to resort to a shield to safeguard themselves. With time, this bittersweet tradition of love and fun started gaining prominence and people still wait for Lathmar Holi to arrive each and every year.

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UP CM Yogi Adityanath Pays a Visit Barsana to This Year

The ten day long celebrations in Barsana have begun on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Laddu Holi marks the beginning of the ten day long celebrations. This year, the colorful festival was inaugurated by Yogi Adityanath, himself. After taking blessings in the temple Shri Yogi Adityanath also reached Radha Bihari Inter College in Barsana where he also attended the Laddu Holi festivities. However, while leaving from there, CM Yogi met with an accident. However, no casualties or injuries were reported.

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Holika Dahan and Holi: Shubh Muhurat

Holika Dahan this year will be celebrated on the 9th of March and on the very next day, i.e. Tuesday, 10th March, people all over the country will be seen playing Holi. Apart from this, all the auspicious Muhurats associated with Holika Dahan are mentioned in the chart given below.

Holika Dahan Muhurat From 18:26:20 Till 20:52:18
Duration 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Bhadra Puncha From 09:50:36 Till 10:51:24
Bhadra Mukha From 10:51:24 Till 12:32:44

We hope that you will appreciate this blog of ours. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Holi!!

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