Jupiter Retrograde Blesses 3 Zodiacs With Prosperity!

Devguru Jupiter is considered an auspicious and beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology. Thus, its retrograde, direct, rise, or combust position is seen as a vital event. Jupiter is considered the factor of knowledge, work, and glory; that will be positioned in the Taurus zodiac from 01 May 2024. It will remain in this zodiac sign till 2025. In this sequence, it enters the Gemini sign and thus affects the country & the world, along with all 12 zodiac signs. This AstroSage blog contains accurate information on zodiac signs that get affected positively due to Jupiter’s retrograde. The natives of these zodiacs will face a golden period in their lives due to it. Let us move ahead and learn about the zodiac signs that will get auspicious results due to Jupiter’s retrograde.

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When Does Jupiter Retrograde?

On 09 October 2024, Jupiter, the planet of knowledge transits into the Gemini sign at 10:01 am, and on 04 February 2025, Jupiter comes back into the direct motion at 01:46 pm. Let us inform readers that the retrograde movement of Jupiter brings auspicious results for natives of some zodiac signs. Without wasting further time, let’s check the list of lucky zodiac signs.

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Jupiter’s Retrograde Movement Brings Good Fortunes For These Zodiacs


Jupiter’s retrograde movement will prove very auspicious for the natives of the Gemini zodiac and it transits in the tenth house of your zodiac sign. This will provide positive results in different areas of your life. Their auspicious effects result in a new source of income for the Gemini natives and by acquiring a good amount of money, natives can increase their bank balance. The period assists in reducing expenses and their respect in society increases. They can make some big and important decisions in this period.

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The retrograde motion of Jupiter will prove favorable for the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign and it retrogrades in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. This provides good results in every field of Cancer natives and during this period, they will be successful in all their efforts at work. The Cancer students preparing for the competitive exams will attain good marks for their efforts. Their minds will be engaged in religious activities and at the same time, your home & family atmosphere will be filled with happiness. If your money is stuck somewhere, then you can get it back now. These people can spend memorable times with their family.

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Retrograde Jupiter provides fruitful results to the Sagittarius natives and the planet retrogrades in the sixth house of your zodiac sign. In such a situation, they will get the support of their luck at every step and thus all their work will be completed without any trouble. This results in peace and happiness in the family life of Sagittarius natives. The period is very favorable for business people and they gain a lot of fame in their careers. The Sagittarius natives will be successful in money-related matters.

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Q1. Which zodiac signs are owned by Jupiter?

Ans. The Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs are owned by the planet Jupiter.

Q2. When does Lord Jupiter retrograde?

Ans. On 09 October 2024, Jupiter retrograde in the Gemini zodiac sign at 10:01 am.

Q3. When will Jupiter become direct in the year 2025?

Ans. On 04 February 2024, Jupiter turns direct at 01:46 pm.

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