A Virtual Tour of The Upcoming Journey of IPL Teams!

This grand tournament probably doesn’t need any other introduction. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this entertainment bonanza. When the entire world is taken over by a Pandemic crisis, IPL 2020 can provide its fans with some brief moments of joy and happiness. The excitement of Cricket lovers will touch the sky when they will see their favourite players on the field once again. If you wish to know anything regarding this topic or any other aspect of your life in particular, then you can go ahead and ask questions to our reputed astrologers. 

The inauguration and the first match for the upcoming season of IPL 2020 will take place on 19 September 2020, when two legendary teams of Mumbai and Chennai , who will lock horns with each other. All the teams will pitch in their best efforts to win this tournament and take the trophy of 2020 IPL home. In accordance with the numerology sequences, we have tried to deduct what IPL 2020 has in store for various teams, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections of this blog. 

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So, let us now move onto take a look at the probable journey of various teams during the upcoming season of IPL. 

IPL 2020 Teams and their Upcoming Journeys! 

Due to the ongoing Corona crisis in India and its violent transmission, IPL will be held in UAE. For the uninitiated, this will be the 13th Season of IPL and 8 teams will participate in this tournament. 

Numerology and IPL 2020 

When added together, the year 2020 totals to the number 4, which comes under the governance of Rahu. The number 4 suggests a lot of unpredictability, so there are chances of certain ups and downs taking place in this season of IPL as well. Now let’s move on to know how the different teams can possibly perform during IPL 2020:

Team Chennai 

According to numerology, Team Chennai is under the influence of the number 9. It happens to come under the governance of Mars, which not only increases the courageous qualities of a person but also places him/her at the front when it comes to sports. This is the reason why this team, led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni has managed to bag many trophies in the previous seasons of IPL. This team is courageous and a bit aggressive at the same time. They are not afraid of taking risks and stand for each other’s defense in times of need. The only thing which can let them down is their own personal set of flaws. They should definitely work upon this, try to limit their aggressiveness and not let anger decide their course of action. 

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 The Team’s captain is Mahendra Singh Dhoni who comes under the number 3 as per numerology. The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter, which is why qualities like patience are very much present in him and he is an expert at making decisions in accordance with the ongoing situations. Along with being creative, he is an excellent entertainer and also the owner of a charismatic personality and pretty much popular for his generous and modest behaviour amongst his fans. Being extremely productive is his  forte. So in accordance with numerology, it can be stated that the team Team Chennai and its captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni complement each other really well. However, it should also be kept in mind that this year belongs to Rahu which maintains inimical relations with the number 9, because of which it can be expected that despite the team’s tremendous performance, it will not thoroughly satisfy the players.

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Team Delhi 

According to numerology the name Team Delhi  when summed together denotes the number 6, which comes under the governance of Venus. Along with being great learners, the members of this team are also excellent teachers. The members maintain a good sense of harmony with one another. They possess many good qualities but tend to get distracted easily, which is why they often fail to give their best.

The captain of the team is Shreyas Iyer whose number according to numerology happens to be 11, which equals 2 when added together. The number 2  comes under the governance of Chandrama or the Moon, because of which the members may tend to be emotional and religious and also secretive at times. However, their intuitions also tend to be very strong. But they will require some solid support to give their best. If we compare the numbers of Team Delhi ’ team to that of Shreyas Iyer’s, then the compatibility happens to be moderate. However, one cannot deny that Team Delhi  is a star-studded team, but they will have to work on their performance this year.

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Team Mumbai 

Team Mumbai is another popular team who took the winning trophy home last year. According to numerology, the number associated with the team happens to be 11 which equals to 2 . This inherently means that the team comes under the governance of the Moon. The most fascinating thing to note down about this team is that it is quite creative and always remains in support of one another.

The team is led by Rohit Sharma whose number as per numerology is 8 and hence comes under the governance of Saturn. The planet is the significator of stability and seriousness in life. He is quite a proficient game changer and quite determined to achieve his goals. However, he will have to learn to strike the right balance between his team members. If it is done rightly, then no one can stop the team from touching great heights of success during IPL 2020.

Team Hyderabad

According to numerology, the number associated with the team Hyderabad is 1, which comes under the governance of the Sun. As it is known to all, the Sun is the ruler of all the Navagrahas. Hence, it is not surprising to state that leadership abilities come natural to the players of Team Hyderabad. They give preference to their independence the most and their specialities influence people quite easily. 

The captain of the team is David Warner and the number given by numerology to him is also 1. This basically suggests that he is full of leadership qualities and he does not take things for granted. There is compatibility in the numbers of the team as well as that of the captain. Hence, it can be comprehended that this season will turn out to be great for team Hyderabad. But this year’s number is 4 which will not be quite compatible with the number of team Hyderabad, which is why they may have to remain a bit careful.

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Team Kolkata 

Team Kolkata has been the winner of many seasons of IPL. As per numerology, the number associated with the team is 3, which comes under the governance of Jupiter. It is quite a settled team and the players are very skilled. Because of such proficient players being included in the team, it tends to be the number one.

The team is led by Dinesh Karthik, whose number according to numerology is 4. He is dependent as well as practical at the same time. He believes in himself but tends to acquire success in various ways. If he prioritises the team over himself, then Team Kolkata can do quite well for themselves. The number of the team is 3 while that of captain Dinesh Karthik is 4, which suggests the low levels of compatibility. But the number of Dinesh Kartik will be very well comprehended by the number of the Year 2020,  because of which the team can expect some good news.

Team Bangalore

Team Bangalore has in attendance very strong and famous players. The number associated with the team happens to be 9 which is quite an empowered number in itself, but the members of the team often get carried away with the intention of proving themselves better individually. They are very strong and aggressive in the field of play and fail to see the face of success because of their own shortcomings. If they are not managed properly, then problems are inevitable. But, it should also be noted that they are not at all afraid to take risks. 

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According to numerology, the leading man Virat Kohli’s number is 5, which comes under the governance of Mercury, because of which he is intelligent and quite efficient. He is a good communicator who can reach out to his team members easily. He is an adventure and freedom lover, but is also a workaholic. But, the analytical nature of the person can sometimes irritate others. The numbers of the team and that of the captain are not quite compatible, because of which they may have to face some problems. 

Team Rajasthan 

Team Rajasthan with the number 4 can be one of the biggest champions of IPL 2020. They have the ability to work in a secretive manner and practicality in another of their super powers. But the members do not tend to work as a team and instead focus on their individual growths. This can prove to be quite disastrous for the team in the future. The members should avoid displaying a stubborn attitude if they wish to succeed. 

The captain of the team is Steve Smith, whose number happens to be 7. Hence, it is quite difficult to know his mind. His sudden decisions very often surprise others. He is all up for taking risks and tackles the challenges quite easily. The numbers of the team as well as the captain match which suggests that Team Rajasthan may perform quite well this year but will also face their fair share of ups and downs. But, there are major chances of the team striking gold during this year. 

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Team Punjab

Often hailed as a proficient team, Team Punjab has the number 7 to its credit. The ruling lord of this number happens to be Ketu. This team has the ability to cope up with challenges well and is also inquisitive and investigative at the same time. In order to struggle to achieve victory comes natural to them but they also tend to get lost in daydreaming. The intuition of the members is quite strong. The number 7 indicates grave challenges and conflicts. I would suggest to get the name changed so as to get rid of the number 7, only then success will come handy to them. 

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The team’s captain K L Rahul comes under the number 22 which equals 4. Because of this, he has many qualities present in him. He is  imaginative as well as an unpredictable decision maker, but has problems with his enemies. He can also manage the team quite well. The team’s number and captain’s number are moderately compatible. This year’s number is also 4, which is also the number of K L Rahul, the captain of this team, so this can be a milestone for these brave tigers of Punjab. 

So, this is how you can know about the various teams participating in IPL this year. We hope that the teams will give their best of performances and make IPL 2020 the most amazing seasons of all. We wish all the very best to the teams. 

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