Health Horoscope 2024: These Natives Will Be Blessed With Great Health In 2024

Health Horoscope 2024: “Health is Wealth,said by our ancestors is absolutely right. But, we take a long time to understand it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that post Corona, people have gotten a lot more serious about their health, even a little sneeze worries them. They try to find the right reason, the root cause of the tiniest of the health problem. Once the root cause is known, they try to resolve the health issues as soon as possible and put in all the efforts to get fit and fine. 

Apart from this, there are also certain people who wish to know about their health prior to a month or a year. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place because this blog of AstroSage is going to talk about your health. Through this blog, we are going to disclose how the year 2024 is going to be from a health perspective or what are the health issues that you may have to face? 

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Health Horoscope 2024: Relation Between Health And Planets 

According to Vedic Astrology, the planets have a direct effect on the health of the natives. For example; the planet Sun influences our age, head, heart, life, power, blood and bile and keeping this in mind, if the position of the Sun is strong in someone’s birth chart, then the natives are blessed with good health. On the contrary, if the Sun is in a weak position in the birth chart, the natives may have to go through the health issues related to their eyes, heart, and bile. Now, if we talk about the Moon, it influences our lungs, mind, brain, stomach, bladder, blood, and juices and per these circumstances, if the position of the Moon is not strong then the natives may have to face health issues related to cough, urinary disorders, oral disease and nose related diseases or they may have too suffer from the problems concerning mental health. 

If we happen to talk about Mars, then it affects a person’s ears, skull, marrow, physical strength, burning sensation, bile etc. In these circumstances, if the position of Mars is strong, the bones of the native stay strong, otherwise the natives may have to go through problems concerning the body parts associated with Mars. And, talking about Jupiter, then it leaves an impact on fat, abdomen, blood artery, and Tridosha and if it’s position is strong in the birth chart, the health of the native remains healthy however, if not, they may have to go through problems associated with these body parts. 

Venus affects genitals, sperm, eyes, etc. and if its position is strong, then the native is blessed with long life and if not, then they may have to bear problems. Mentioning Saturn, it is a very important planet that affects the health of the people. It affects a person’s bone joints, legs, knees, Vata system, nerve system, fun, etc. Now, if the position of Saturn is strong in the birth chart, then only they will be able to enjoy their health at the best.  

Apart from this, we would like to tell you that 2024 is the year of planet Saturn, so under the circumstances, to improve or spoil your health, you are directly dependent on Saturn. If you want, you can definitely upgrade and enhance your health this year while you can also spoil your health by being careless. So, come, let’s move forwards and let’s get to know what prediction has the Health Horoscope 2024 brought for all the 12 zodiac signs.  

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For the natives of Aries zodiac sign, the year has brought mixed results. On one hand, the lord of Gods, Jupiter will protect you from all the health issues and on the other hand, Rahu and Ketu present in your 12th and 6th house respectively will try to disturb your health. In this situation, if needed, you should consult with a doctor. 

September is the month filled with favorable signs from a health perspective while in October and November, you may have to face problems related to your eyes and stomach.  


The Taurus natives may not get the best and the most favorable results in the matters related to health in 2024. Rahu is situated in your fifth house, Jupiter in twelfth house, the Sun and Mars in eighth house; the positions of the planets are not giving favorable signs to the natives. During this period, you may have to go through a lot of problems with your health. 

However, in the middle of the year, there will be improvement in your health but in October again, the health issues may knock on your door. Now, in this situation, you need to focus on your health and if needed, consult with a doctor. 


There are speculations that in 2024, the health of Gemini natives may give unfavorable results. Jupiter and Venus will be present in your sixth house, the Sun and Mars will be in the seventh house which may give you a lot of health-related problems. During this year, you need to sacrifice your bad habits and focus on improving or upgrading your health. 

The months of May and August will be favorable in terms of health while October and November may push you in certain health related issues. 


In matters related to Cancer natives’ health, the year 2024 may not be too special.  You may get troubled with problems like fever or headache time and again. Saturn will be present in your eighth house throughout the year, due to which, you will not face any major health-related issues, however, do not ignore minor disease also. 

The time after 12th July is giving out favorable results for your health. Also, the months of November and December have also brought favorable results for you. You are advised to take special care of the senior citizen present at home. Otherwise, this year may become a reason for problems. 


The beginning of the year 2024 may not be favorable in the matters related to health for the Leo natives. This year, the Sun and Mars will be present in your fifth house, Saturn will be present in your seventh house and Rahu, in your eighth house, will ask you to be careful in matters related to your health. You may have to bear problems like fever, stomachache and headache. 

In the first half of the year, these problems may increase so be careful! 


The Virgo natives are asked to be very careful in matters related to health in 2024. Throughout the year, Rahu is in the seventh house, Ketu will be in your zodiac only which may increase your mental stress as well. Bring discipline and focus on your health. 

This year, hidden health issues may trouble you. However, the second phase of the year will bring improvement and will definitely give you relief from problems. 


For the Libra natives, the health result in the year 2024 may remain average. This year, the natives may get troubled with problems related to blood and eyes. You will have to be more careful about your health in the first half of the year. 

Nevertheless, you can take a sigh of relief because the health issues will go back twice as fast as they come into your life. 


The Sagittarius natives may get average results in the matter of health in 2024. There are chances that you may contract some kind of infection. Alongside,  you need to especially stay away from smoking. 

In the month of May, there can be a few uncertainties in the matters of health. 


For the Capricorn natives, the year 2024 will be extremely favorable from the perspective of health. During this time, you will be able to get rid of all the health issues going on and will be able to enjoy being fit. 

Between June and November, you need to be very careful of what you eat and drink, otherwise, your health may disturb you a lot. 


The Aquarius natives will get fruitful results in terms of their health. This year, Saturn will bless the Aquarius natives by being in their zodiac sign. If you live with discipline then your health can flourish even well and you will be able to get the best outcomes. 

However, the position of Ketu is giving certain unfavorable signs and you need to be careful of your health during that time. 


The year 2024 may be filled with uncertainties in matters related to health. Rahu will be present in your zodiac all throughout the year, Ketu will be present in the seventh house which is not being mentioned favorable for the Pisces natives. Satun may also trouble you with problems related to your eyes, leg pain, ankle-pain, bruises, sprain and more. 

During the month of April, you are advised to be very careful of your health. 

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