Lunar Eclipse 2024: Auspicious Things & Their Usage In Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2024: In Vedic Astrology, eclipse has vast importance. According to Sanatan Dharam, the story of enmity between Rahu-Ketu and Sun-Moon is told behind the incident of eclipse. The first Lunar eclipse 2024 will happen on 25th March. Within 15 days of this, the first Solar eclipse of the year will occur on Chaitra Amavasya. According to astrologers, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun comes in between Earth and Moon. During the eclipse, the wrath of Rahu increases on the earth and its inauspicious effects are witnessed everywhere. Generally, people use several measures to avoid the ill-effects of an eclipse. In a year, about 4 planetary eclipses take place, of which 2 are solar and the other 2 are lunar eclipses. 

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9 hours after the Lunar eclipse, the Sutak period starts. As per the Sanatan Dharam, people follow a lot of rites and rituals during this period so that they can protect themselves from the negative effects of the Lunar eclipse. One of the most popular and sacred measures is using the Tulsi leaves in all the eateries and drinks so that the Lunar eclipse doesn’t affect these things. But, do you know that not just Tulsi, but there are other auspicious measures or things through which you can protect yourself from the ill-effects of Lunar eclipse? If not, then this blog is meant for you. Come, let’s find out about those things in detail! 

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Lunar Eclipse 2024: Auspicious Things To Use On Lunar Eclipse Apart From Tulsi

Durva Grass

During the Lunar eclipse, Durva Grass,which is a kind of grass is used. In Sanatan Dharam, It is in all the prayers and auspicious things. Durva Grass is considered as one of the best things to protect against the inauspicious effects of Lunar eclipse and that’s why it is kept in the food and drinks before the eclipse happens. Not only this, Durva is kept in the temples to keep the idol safe. There is negative and harmful energy in the atmosphere during the Solar and Lunar eclipse both so, to avoid and protect ourselves from all of this, Durva Grass is kept in all food and drinks as it is considered auspicious. After the eclipse, any food without Durva Grass is considered contaminated and it is believed that its inauspicious effect is seen on the health of the person. 

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Sesame Seeds 

According to astrology, whenever an eclipse is about to happen, several negative energies arise in the surroundings and that’s why to protect against the ill-effects and the foul energies, people believe in donation. It is believed that donation brings positivity and peace to the natives. According to astrology, to pacify Rahu and Ketu during the Solar eclipse, keep sesame seeds, oil, coal, black clothes for donation before the eclipse and after the eclipse ends, donate it to a needy person, after bath and Puja. Sesame seeds are considered very auspicious and it pacifies both Rahu-Ketu and helps the natives to get away from unnecessary troubles. Also, they get rid of all kinds of negative energy in their lives. 

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In Sanatan Dharam, Gangajal is considered very pure and serene and that’s why the usage of Gangajal during eclipse is believed to be extremely auspicious. After the eclipse, taking a bath from the water mixed with Gangajal washes off the ill-effects and negativity away. For physical and mental purification, taking a bath after an eclipse is a must. Certain people also purify their entire house with Gangajal.  

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