Planetary Wars and its Effect in Astrology!

In Vedic astrology, planetary war or Grah Yuddha is a condition whose effect is seen on the life of the person. In such a situation, many changes are experienced in the life of the person. There are different states of planets, in which the defeated planet in Graha Yuddha is called “Khal”.

We are going ahead with this article to understand that planetary war happens only in some special circumstances. By reading this article by AstroSage, you will get some information about Grah Yuddha in astrology, and your understanding of it will enhance. 

One can get scared just by hearing the name of planetary war in astrology because it is a word which in itself sounds horrid. Just as two countries, two kings, or two people fight among themselves, in the same way, planets are also considered involved in planetary war when they are in a particular situation. This is why some special things have to be kept in mind while analysing the horoscope of those having Graha Yuddha in their Kundli. There is a special place of Grah Yudda, especially in question astrology.

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The concept of Navagraha has been recognized under Vedic astrology. In these, the Sun God is the king of the planets and represents Leo. Moon is considered as the form of the queen and it is the ruling lord of the Cancer zodiac. Mars is considered to be the commander of the planets and is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. The planet Mercury has been called the prince, and it is the ruling lord of Gemini and Virgo. The planet Venus is considered to be a minister, and it is the lord of Taurus and Libra. The planet Jupiter is also considered a minister or advisor and keeps the ownership of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn has been given the name of a servant and is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu are considered as an army but they do not have any zodiac sign of their own. These planets have a special effect on any person and they bring different types of good luck and misery in the particular planetary situation in the horoscope of a person. When the circumstances of the above planets come into the horoscope, they affect the life of the natives positively or negatively due to their position and natural nature.

Grah Yuddha in Astrology

Planetary war is a special situation in astrology, in which when two or more planets are situated in any one house and are situated at least fractional distance from each other, the situation of planetary war between them occurs. When two planets or more than two planets are situated in any one house of the horoscope and two or more of them are situated at an interval of 1 degree from each other, then those planets are considered to be creating a planetary war.

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The planetary war has also been explained in the Brihat Samhita, an invaluable treasure of astrology, written by Acharya Varahamihira, according to which apart from the Sun and the Moon, the other five planets are considered to be involved in planetary war when they are close to each other. Due to the close distance of these planets, they seem to merge into each other in the sky but this only appears like that, where in reality, it is not so. At the time of studying the horoscope, such planets are considered to be involved in planetary war.

Planets involved in Grah Yuddha

According to astrological texts, Sun and Moon are not considered to be involved in planetary war, that is, neither these planets can win in the war nor do they lose in the war. This means, whenever the planetary war is considered, the Sun and the Moon are not included. However, whenever a planet comes in front of the Sun, it sets. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, due to which both of them are also not included in the planetary war. If they are at least at a partial distance from any other planet then an eclipse can occur, but these planets do not get involved in the war. Apart from these, the other five planets- Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, are involved in the war.

In other words, all the planets in the Solar System move around the Sun in an elliptical path. When these planets come on top of each other while moving on their orbital path and are seen relative to the Earth, it seems that they are together. Even though they are in different positions in their orbit and their distance from the earth is different, there comes a time when they appear on top of each other i.e. appear to merge into each other. This situation is called planetary war.

How to calculate Grah Yuddha

When we talk about the planetary war in Vedic astrology, the first thing identified is- how many planets are located at a distance of less than one degree from each other. If only two planets are in such a position, then the condition of planetary war arises between them, but if more than two planets are located at least at a fractional distance from each other, then each of them is seen separately, and the planetary war is assessed.

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In a planetary war, the planet whose Bhogansh is less is victorious, and the planet whose Bhogansh is more is considered defeated. For example, if the planets Mercury and Venus are located in Capricorn in the fourth house of the horoscope, and the longitude of Mercury is 17 degrees and 15 minutes, and Venus’s longitude is 17 degrees and 17 minutes, then here Mercury and Venus are at war with each other. Since Mercury’s Bhogansh is less than Venus’s Bhogansh, Mercury will be victorious in this planetary war, and Venus will be defeated.

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Victorious and defeated Planets in planetary war

Planetary war can also be understood with an example of two kings fighting with each other. In such a fight, one of them is victorious, and one is defeated. The victorious planet is considered to be more powerful and he can beat the defeated planet according to his own wish. However, the planet defeated in the war is like a defeated king, which is called the “Khal” planet in Vedic astrology. When a person faces the situation of Antardasha on the Khal planet according to the horoscope, that person has to face many types of problems. Physical or mental problems always afflict the native. There is a delay in his work, and conflict in life increases.

Consequences and Effects of Planetary War

While assessing the position of any planet in planet war, the battle force of that planet is calculated. The information like- planets involved in the war, what is the location force of those planets, how much is their Digbal, and how much is the time force, is collected. Only after that, the results related to the extent to which a planet is affected and the victor or defeated planet in the war, is declared. The defeated planet in planetary war loses its power to give fruits, and at times its auspicious results decrease. It gives results in its Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantar Dasha, especially by reducing its factors.

Various texts of astrology such as Sarvartha Chintamani, Jatakabharan and Mantreshwar ji’s Phaldeepika, etc., all have mentioned only inauspicious results of the planet defeated in the planetary war. According to them, in the condition of that planet, a person has to travel abroad. He may be financially weak. There may be a loss of intelligence. You may have to bear the separation from your beloved people. It can happen at any time in family life. Even if the defeated planet in a planetary war is a Yogakaraka planet or a planet forming Raja Yoga, its results are reduced.

How to predict the impact of Graha Yudh in Kundli?

The condition of the defeated planet, i.e. Khal planet in planetary war is considered to give unfavorable results. Such a planet affects the results of the houses of which it is the ruling lord, and the results related to the decrease and bad results are obtained. Apart from this, the house in which such a planet is sitting and is getting defeated in the war, also negatively affects the fruits of that house. It is also noted that the planets involved in the war are related to each other. If they are friendly to each other, then the malefic effects of the defeated planet are reduced, but if they are enemy planets or malefic planets then its condition becomes worse. Along with this, any kind of relationship with other planets can affect the ability to give fruits. If there is an effect of an auspicious planet, then the results decrease, and if there is an effect of inauspicious planets, then there are adverse effects.

For example, if the fifth house of a person is getting defeated in the Grah Yuddha situation, then such a person may have to face obstacles in education. There may even be problems related to success in love relationships or children. However, the country, time, and circumstance are taken into account, along with the age during which the Khal Grah is identified in the life of the native. The results are provided according to these factors.

For example, if the situation of the Khal planet is coming in the life of a student and he is the lord of his fifth house, then there may be interruptions in his education, or he may become mentally weak. If the condition of the Khal planet has come into the horoscope of a person older than him and his fifth lord is defeated in the war, he will have problems in love affairs. If a married person is facing the effect of the condition of the Khal planet and his fifth lord is defeated in a war, he may have problems in having children or may also trouble the health of the children.

When there is a planetary war, and a planet is defeated in it, then its natural karakatva decreases, and its effect is visible, especially in the life of the person. For example, the planet Venus is also considered a factor of enjoyment and luxury. If this planet Venus is defeated in the war, then there can be a decrease in the enjoyment of the person, and Venus can also give sexual diseases to the native.

In this way, based on the position of the planets in the horoscope of any person, the situation of planetary war can be assessed, and based on this, its result can be stated.

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