Celebrate Dev Diwali On Kartik Purnima With Great Devotion & Enthusiasm

The festival of Dev Diwali is celebrated on the day of Kartik Purnima, 15 days after the festival of Diwali. This festival of Dev Diwali is celebrated with great pomp in many states of the country, however, huge enthusiasm can be witnessed in the city of Banaras. On this day, there is a provision of worshipping Mother Ganga. The sight around the banks of the Ganges is worth seeing on Dev Diwali. On this festival, the banks are enlightened with lights by lighting lamps, and there are people devoting themselves and praying for prosperity and happiness.

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Dev Diwali Auspicious Muhurat

The Purnima Tithi during the Hindu month of Kartik starts from 12:47 PM in the noon on November 29, which ends till 02:59 PM on Monday, 30 November. In this way, Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on the night of Sunday, 29 November.

When Is Dev Diwali Celebrated?

According to beliefs, it is said that on this very day, Lord Shiva slaughtered the tyrant demon Tripurasura, and people celebrated the victory by lighting diyas or lamps and offering them to heaven. Since then, the tradition of celebrating this day every year as Dev Diwali started. 

There is also a very popular belief about Dev Diwali that on this day the heavenly deities ascend on to the Earth. In this month itself, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Angira, and Lord Aditya etc. have attested the Maha Punit festivals, because of which the whole month of Kartik Purnima is considered very holy and auspicious.

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Things To Keep In Mind On Dev Diwali

  • On this day, bathing in the Ganges has been described as very important.
  • On this day, lighting a lamp in front of a Tulsi or Basil plant is also auspicious.
  • On the day of Diwali, it is considered very auspicious for you to perform Deep Daan.
  • Those who perform Diya Daan on this day while facing the east direction always attain the grace of God. At the same time, the Lord also blesses the boon of longevity to such natives. Apart from this, peace and tranquility reside in their house.

Importance of Dev Diwali

It is on the day of Dev Diwali when Lord Shankar killed the demon Tripurasura. It is said about Tripurasura that he was blessed with a boon by Lord Brahma. The boon was that no god, woman, man, animal, bird etc. could kill him, which is why his tyranny increased manifold.

In order to save the Gods from the Tandava of Tripurasura, Shiva took the form of Ardhanarishvara and killed Tripurasura. It is said that on this victorious occasion, the Gods celebrated Diwali on the day of Kartik Purnima by lighting a lamp in Kashi, known as Shiva’s City and performed Deep Daan. Since then, the celebration of Dev Diwali began from this day.

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Religious Importance of Dev Diwali

It is said that all the Gods and Goddesses mark their presence on Dev Diwali in Kashi. Apart from this, performing Deep Daan on this day incurs peace to the soul of our ancestors. This is the reason that on the day of Kartik Purnima, there is a provision to perform charity and Tarpan in the name of ancestors.

By taking a bath etc. on the day of Kartik Purnima, Lord Vishnu frees a man from all his/her sins and purifies his/her soul and life. On the day of Dev Diwali, there is a ritual of lighting ghee or sesame oil lamps at home. It is believed that doing so is very beneficial. Gods are worshipped on this day by lighting a lamp during the Pradosh Kaal.

On the day of Dev Diwali, lamps must be lit in front of Shivalinga, because by doing this, a person attains the blessings of Lord Shiva and leads a life free from any kind of sufferings. On this day, a person who lights a six-faced lamp gets blessed with talented, obedient and cultured children. If someone feels they are under the influence of an evil eye, they are advised to light a three-faced Diya.

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Legend Associated With Dev Diwali Fast 

According to mythological beliefs, a monster named Tarakasura had three sons- Tarkaksha, Kamalaksha and Vidyunmali (Tripura). When Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati killed Tarakasura, his three sons started performing austerities day and night to avenge his death.

Pleased with the austerity, when Brahma Ji asked them their desires, they sought the boon of immortality. However, Brahma ji knew that if he fulfilled this desire, it could cause major trouble. In such a situation, he refused to bless them with this boon.

Brahma ji then told the three brothers to ask for another boon instead. Then the three sons said that they want a city to be built and named after them, and whoever wishes to kill all three of them should do it with a single arrow. Hearing this, Lord Brahma gave his blessings and fulfilled their desires.

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After getting blessed with the boon, the three sons of Tarakasura captured the three worlds. Their atrocities remain on a rise. Finally, troubled by their atrocities, all the deities approached Lord Shiva and prayed to him to put an end on their miseries.

Hearing this, Lord Bholenath constructed a chariot from Vishwakarma ji and set out to kill the demons while riding it. A war broke out between the Gods and the Demons when the trio, Tarkaksha, Kamalaksha and Vidyunmali (Tripura) stood in a straight line during the war. This is when Lord Shankar killed the three with an arrow. It is said that after this, Bholenath was hailed as Tripurari and the Gods started celebrating the Mahaparva of Dev Tiwari out of joy.

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