Dev Diwali 2023: Know Its Significance And Important Rituals

In Sanatan Dharma, Dev Diwali holds great significance. Dev Diwali occurs exactly 15 days after Diwali. According to mythology, on the day of Dev Deepawali, or Diwali of the Gods, the Gods descend on the holy territory of Kashi and celebrate Diwali. Dev Diwali is primarily observed on the banks of the Ganga in Kashi. According to legend, Lord Shiva vanquished Tripurasura on Kartik Purnima, and the gods rejoiced by lighting lamps, which is known as Dev Diwali. On this auspicious day, bathing in the sacred river is quite important. In Kashi, however, Dev Diwali brings a different type of delight. The entire city of Kashi is decked with lamps, and clay lamps are lit along the Ganga Ghat. On this day, lighting lamps, chanting, donating, and bathing have great significance. This grants the recipient the particular benefits of Goddess Lakshmi.

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So, let us go in this sequence and learn about the Dev Diwali 2023 date, Puja auspicious time, significance, mythology, and astrological remedy.

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Dev Diwali 2023: Date And Time

Every year on the full moon day of Kartik month, Hindus celebrate the festival of Dev Diwali. The full moon of Kartik month falls on Sunday, November 26th this year. Bathing and other activities will take place on the morning of November 27th.

Purnima Tithi Beginning : 26 November, 2023 from 03:55 pm

Purnima Tithi Ending: 27 November, 2023 till 02:47 pm

Pious Coincidence Of 3 Shubh Yogas On Dev Diwali

This year, 3 auspicious yogas are forming on Dev Diwali- Ravi Yoga, Parigha Yoga, and Shiva Yoga. Let’s talk about the timing of these yogas:

Ravi Yoga will be formed on Dev Diwali at 6:52 AM and end at 02:05 PM on the same day.

Parigha Yoga will start early in the morning on the same day and remain till late at night at 12:37 AM.

After this, Shiva Yoga will begin which will be formed till the night of Kartik Purnima.

We can experience the impact of the Sun in Ravi Yoga. So, all the work commenced during this yoga is completed successfully. 

Parigha Yoga is regarded as auspicious with respect to defeating the enemies.

Shiva Yoga comes under the category of pious yogas. It is believed that any task that is started during this yoga is completed successfully.

Dev Diwali Significance

The Hindu religion places a high value on Dev Diwali. It is said that on Diwali, Gods and Goddesses descend to earth to celebrate Diwali. A special Aarti is held at Kashi’s Ganga Ghat on this day. The Ganga ghats are decked with lanterns and flowers. According to Hindu traditions, taking a bath and meditating in the Ganga on Dev Diwali leads to salvation. This day is also known as Guru Nanak Jayanti. Hindus and Sikhs alike celebrate Dev Diwali with immense passion.

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Dev Diwali: Puja Rituals 

  • Wake up before sunrise on Dev Diwali and take a bath in the Ganga River, or take a bath at home by mixing Ganga water.
  • After bathing, clean the temple and then install the idols of all the gods and goddesses, including Lord Shiva.
  • After that light a lamp on the banks of a river and in a shrine.
  • At night, worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, and offer fruits, flowers, and milk to Mahadev.
  • After that, offer food to Mahadev and perform his aarti.
  • Donate a lamp to the Ganga on this day. This yields virtuous results.

On Dev Diwali Follow These Guidelines 

  • On the full moon day of Kartik Shukla Paksha, people should avoid eating Tamasic foods. On this day, alcohol and meat should be avoided at all costs.
  • On the day of Dev Diwali, no one should lend or borrow money. It is not advisable to do any financial transactions on this day.
  • On Dev Diwali, do not cut your nails and hair even by mistake. Also, on this day, one should not sleep until late. This may enrage Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • On Dev Diwali, take extra care to avoid bringing dirt into the house. There should not even be a spider web in any area. This confers great benefits from Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Take extra care not to quarrel or argue with family members on this important occasion. Maintain good behavior throughout the day and offer food and money to those in need.

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Dev Diwali Folklore 

According to folklore, a demon named Tripurasura tortured mankind on Earth and all the gods in heaven in ancient times. The gods were all disturbed by Tripurasura’s terror and sought help from Lord Shiva. There the gods prayed to end the terror of Tripurasura. Hearing their grief, Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura on Kartik Purnima.

After Tripurasura was defeated, all the gods rejoiced and kindled lamps in heaven. Following this, everyone went to Bholenath’s city of Kashi, where the gods also celebrated by lighting lamps. Only after then, on the full Moon day of Kartik month, the gods come to Kashi to celebrate Diwali, and this day is known as Dev Diwali. Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripuri Purnima and Tripurari Purnima since the demon Tripurasura was defeated on this day.

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Dev Diwali Remedies To Get Rid Of Troubles

On the day of Dev Diwali, if some measures are done in addition to worship, the Gods’ blessings are received and all kinds of sorrows are eliminated. Let us know about these easy solutions.

Light A Dough Lamp 

Lighting a flour lamp on the day of Dev Diwali is regarded particularly fortunate according to beliefs. On this day, make a flour lamp, fill it with ghee and seven cloves, and light it. It is said that by doing so, a person is able to overcome grief and poverty and enjoy happiness and wealth.

Plant A Tulsi Sapling

On the day of Kartik month or Dev Diwali, it is believed that a Tulsi plant must be planted in the house. Tulsi must also be offered while worshiping Lord Vishnu, or 11 or 21 Tulsi leaves must be tied on the picture of Lord Vishnu. That way, a person will never face a financial crisis.

Remedy For Positive Change

It is also believed that on the day of Dev Diwali, one should take 11 or 21 Tulsi leaves and place them in a jar with flour before making rotis from the same flour. It is believed that by doing so, beneficial changes will occur in the house.

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For Growth In Business Or Job

Tie a yellow cloth on the Tulsi plant on Dev Diwali for success in your job or business. This enables you to make significant success in your sector of work and boosts your prospects of promotion and income increase. 

Listen To The Satyanarayan Folklore 

On Dev Diwali, the story of Lord Satyanarayan must be heard. All problems are removed as a result, and life becomes prosperous.

Donate Lamps

Donating lamps on Dev Diwali has special significance, according to religious traditions. It is believed that by donating a lamp on this auspicious day, Lord Shiva and Shri Hari Vishnu are pleased, and all of life’s problems are resolved.

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