If You Wear Or Chant On Tulsi Mala, Be Mindful Of These Things!

Everyone has a Tulsi plant in their house, and we also worship it duly. The Tulsi plant is considered the purest in the scriptures, and it has many positive effects. 

Along with this, Tulsi has many medicinal properties, which is why wearing it keeps many diseases away. But there are many rules for wearing it and chanting on it, and you should strictly follow all these rules. So let’s understand all its rules.

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 Rules For Wearing Tulsi Mala

This mala is mostly worn by the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. According to the belief, wearing a Tulsi mala brings peace to the mind, and the soul becomes pure. Tulsi mala is also considered very important in astrology, wearing it strengthens both the planets Mercury and Jupiter. Let’s understand the rules of wearing it.

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  • Tulsi mala is washed with Gangajal before wearing it, and you should wear it once it gets dried.
  • Wearing it pleases Lord Vishnu.
  • Those wearing Tulsi mala should eat Sattvik food; they should not consume garlic, onion, meat, and fish.
  • The mala should not be separated from the body at any time.

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Rules For Chanting With Tulsi Mala

  • The mala you are chanting on should never be worn, so if you wish to wear a mala and also chant with it, then you should have two rosaries with you.
  • After using the mala with which you chant, keep it covered with a cloth.
  • Never use someone else’s chanting mala.
  • There should be a knot after each bead of the mala, and at least there should be 27 or 108 beads in the mala.

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 The Mythology Of Tulsi Mala

According to mythology, Mata Tulsi is blessed with a boon that Lord Vishnu will only accept the prasad that contains Tulsi leaves. For this reason, it is believed that those who wear a mala of Tulsi or chant with it, the special blessings of Lord Vishnu bestows upon them. Apart from this, it is also believed that people who wear Tulsi mala attain Vaikunth Dham.

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Different Types Of Tulsi Mala

There are generally two types of Tulsi beads, Shyama Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Both of these malas are made and worn. Both of these have their distinct benefits.

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Benefits Of Wearing Shyama Tulsi

Wearing it gives you peace of mind and increases positivity in the mind. Those who wear Tulsi mala strengthen their faith in the Almighty. At the same time, there are benefits in the house as well, and you have financial benefits.

Benefits Of Wearing Rama Tulsi

Wearing it increases Sattvik feelings in the mind of the person, and this increases confidence in you. You become more focused on performing your duties, and your mind remains calm.

We hope that all these things will help you, and you will be able to make your life better by wearing the mala properly and chanting it.

We hope that all these things will help you. You can make your life better by implementing these points if you have a Tulsi mala with you

When To Wear A Tulsi Mala?

To wear a Tulsi Mala,  3 days are considered the most auspicious of all the 7 days in a week, and these days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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