Why Do People Commit Suicide? Astrology Reveals The Answer!

The entire country is shocked with the sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. With this, the police have stated that this incident seems to be a case of suicide. Sushant Singh Rajput was a successful Television and Bollywood actor, who was active not only since 2005 but from 2008, his film career rose to prominence. 

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In such a situation where things seem to have worked in his favour, what was the reason that drove him to commit such a grave act? This will only be known after investigation, but from an astrological perspective, there are several yogas forming in one’s kundli, that lead a person to this last option called “suicide”. 

Depression is a deadly disease, which can sometimes drive a person to madness and often lead to self-harm, and worst, suicide. Every problem in life has a solution, and holding on to that one ray of positivity can help you get past tough times. You can click here now and consult our expert astrologers in case you are facing a dreadful problem in life and wish to gain astrological guidance.

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Through this article, we will understand the astrological reason and yogas that increase the tendency in someone’s mind to attempt the grave act of taking his/her own life.

Suicide is considered the greatest sin, since it ends a human life untimely. God has created human life and gifted us as an act of benevolence. As a human being, we understand different values of life, perform our duties and enjoy the fruits. But there are few times when people feel like giving up on life due to unwanted circumstances and direct themselves towards ending their own lives, which is known as Suicide.

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Suicidal Tendencies

Some people are mentally weaker than others, and soon succumb to the circumstances. Taking a look at the modern times, even the students tend to commit suicide nowadays in case they score less than what is expected! Apart from this, failed love relationships, deception in love, insult or cheating by someone in particular, unable to repay the loan, or failure in business: all of these are some of the active reasons. All of these factors can mentally shatter a native and drive him/her to madness, where only suicide or attempting to take his/her own life seems the last option to escape from these troubles.

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Astrological Reasons Giving Rise To Suicidal Thoughts

Several yogas form in the kundli of a native that give rise to suicidal tendencies in a person. Evaluating those yogas, even the astrologers can identify such intentions within no time. Let us explore those possibilities with an astrological perspective.

Moon in Astrology & Suicidal Tendencies

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is considered to be a benefactor of mind. In such a situation, if a native is mentally weak, he/she can suffer from stress and other troublesome illnesses. Such a person is mentally weak and very emotional. In such a situation, it is expected of him/her to overthink, make a mole out of a mountain and become depressed. This can make a person prone to such acts of self-harm, or at times, suicide. You can keep your health at check and gain an astrological perspective by getting your personalised Health Report now.

Mercury in Astrology & Suicidal Tendencies

In Astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be a representative of intelligence and explains a person’s decision-making ability. In such a situation, it is very important to have Mercury favourably placed in your kundli. If the Mercury is unfavourably placed in a kundli or in a highly debilitated state, his/her decision-making skills get affected. In such a case, he/she can unexpectedly decide to take his/her own life.

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Sun in Astrology & Suicidal Tendencies

Mainly, there is no such connection between the Sun and suicidal tendencies, but if the placement and position of the Sun are weak in one’s kundli, that person may lack self-confidence, self-power and positivity. It is this self-power itself that helps a person fight against adverse situations. Sun in a debilitated state leads to loss of self-power and makes a person give up easily in front of unpropitious conditions. Due to the intense impact of the Sun, a native faces loss of respect in society, which at times, breaks him/her from the inside. Such acts give rise to negativity inside a native, who can think of taking the deadly step.

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Saturn in Astrology & Suicidal Tendencies

In the astrological world, Saturn is considered a factor of sorrow and troubles. If Saturn is not favourably placed in the horoscope, then that native can remain unhappy, which can give rise to depression. On the contrary, a favourable Shani makes a person hopeful and optimistic, and always ready to face any situation firmly.

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Rahu & Mars in Astrology & Suicidal Tendencies

Mars and Rahu are two planets that make a person adventurous and go to any lengths. This is the reason why the placement of planets with Rahu or Mars offer inflicting outcomes. Due to this, a native may get depressed and develop suicidal tendencies. In such a case, you can avoid negativity seeping into you and keep a check on your physical and mental health by getting your own Health Report and following useful remedies.

Connection Between Houses Of A Kundli and Suicidal Thoughts

Different houses in a kundli affect innumerable aspects of our lives. The fourth house of our kundli represents our happiness, and when in an afflicted state, that native suffers from the lack of prosperity, mental peace and happiness in life. He/She does not get satisfaction in the work he does.

The fifth house of a kundli represents one’s intellect and reveals a native’s preferences in life. With this house in an afflicted state or inflicted by malefic planets along with its ruling lord in a debilitated or afflicted statue as well, then that person may have self-harming tendencies. 

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The eighth house of a kundli represents our age and cause of death. Apart from this, big changes in life are also seen through this house. Development of suicidal tendencies can also be determined through this house.

Planetary Placements & Suicidal Notions

Certain special yogas forming in a kundli are responsible for the development of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Some of these are the following:

  • Due to the impact of Moon and Rahu in a kundli, a native becomes mentally weak. If this yoga is forming in the eighth house, and these planets are being afflicted by malefic planets, then there are chances of that native moving in that unfortunate direction.
  • A similar situation can occur even if the planet Mercury is in conjunction with other malefic planets in the eighth house.
  • If the planets are in a debilitated state and positioned in the ascendant and seventh house of the horoscope, the ruling lord of the eighth house is being aspected by malefic planets or the eighth house is under the Kartari Yoga, it can make that native suicidal.
  • If the Moon is afflicted by malefic planets in its exalted or debilitated zodiac sign and Mars-Ketu are forming a strong alliance. 
  • If a Sarp, Pash, Nigad or Aayudh arises in the 22nd Drekkana (D3 Chart).

In addition to the above situations, there are many other yogas, which are considered responsible for giving rise to suicidal tendencies.

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Tips To Avoid Suicidal Tendencies & Thoughts

If there are similar yogas forming in your kundli which bother you and add to your worries, then you should perform the below-mentioned remedies:

  • Do not wear any gemstone, especially Pearl governed by the Moon and Emerald ruled by Mercury without consulting any astrologer.
  • Drink plenty of water everyday.
  • Try to stay away from anything that gives rise to mental stress, and do not stay alone.
  • Try and exhaust yourself by doing a lot of work, as it will help you get a deep, good sleep. Due to this, you won’t overthink and sleep peacefully.
  • Worship Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman to attain self-power.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking and intoxicants should be avoided.

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We hope you have found this article informative. Thank You For Being A Part Of AstroSage! Stay Safe & Healthy!


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