Obstacles In Business? Astrology Reveals The Reason!

The placement and state of planets mark a great impact on our lives and its various aspects, such as business, marriage, family and much more. AstroSage’s Brihat Kundli helps you understand the influence of planets on your life and offers a detailed insight through accurate charts, yoga analysis and remedies. 

Apart from this, if you have any question in your mind related to your business and want to get a detailed answer, you can click here and connect with our astrologers now! Now let us talk about how astrology affects business expansion strategies and tips to grow and succeed.

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According to astrology, a native remains mostly worried about his/her job or business, and has always diverted his/her focus towards performing well and reaping sweet fruits. One chooses a career based on his/her abilities, personality and intelligence and makes it a means of livelihood. Sometimes it’s about looking for a job opportunity, and others about managing his/her own business.

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Slowly moving forward in the society, a native, putting all his/her inhibitions and doubts aside, invests his/her wealth in a business venture and aims for a bright future. But several times, constant downs, changes and obstacles in the way can discourage him/her to move forward. 

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Indian Astrology has been considered an amalgamation of various elements of astrological sciences, and reveals major predictions about the life of a native before birth and after death. 

If any person chooses his/her business according to the kundli created by astrology, he/she is most likely to enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life and faces no such obstacles in business. The fifth and seventh house in a kundli represents business. The ninth house represents destiny, and the eleventh house represents every kind of profit, whether through business, job, property or wealth.

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But what kind of work will the native do depends on the zodiac signs related to these four signs along with the representative planets related to various business fields. If any person initiates his/her desired business without any astrological consultation, he is likely to attain average or fruitless results since there are chances that the business-related yoga is absent in his/her kundli. He/She can expect some profitable returns, but it won’t prove beneficial in the longer run. Also, several obstacles and challenges can also arise in the way.

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An Astrological Insight 

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Born in Kolkata on 6 June 1989 at 6:22 AM, Kailash ji began helping his father in his business from a very young age after passing the eighth grade. He slowly expanded the venture, and as per his kundli, started a clothing business in his own name. His business grew well, and reached the corners of the world. Without thinking much and based on his experience, he started an iron trading business on a large scale, and invested all the money in his new business.

But according to his kundli, this iron business proved to be fruitless for Kailash Ji, but he still insisted on continuing this venture. But after a few months when he invested a good amount of money to take this business to the next level, family disputes and business-related problems, as well as debt issues started popping up, which acted as a huge setback.

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As per astrological analysis, any yoga related to iron-related business wasn’t visible in his kundli, due to which he suffered a huge loss in his trade. In the present times, Kailash Ji is still continuing with his cloth business and flourishing in his venture.  Therefore, I would like to advise everyone not to start any new business without getting an astrological consultation or else you too can become a victim of it.

Astrology Tips For Business Growth

Let us move ahead and know some astrological tips to gain fruitful results in business and grow further:

  • The easiest way to make progress in business and grow is to distribute jaggery and Chana or Gram every Friday in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Burn fragrant incense sticks and diyas in front of the idol of Lakshmi Maa in the temple on Friday and pray for your business to flourish. These simple steps will bring you prosperity in every way.
  • Another simple solution is to wrap a coconut in a new bright red cloth and then place it at the altar in your house or business or locker. Light incense sticks daily in front of this coconut. By doing this, you will definitely attain profits in business.
  • Install Sphatik Shri Yantra and Ekashi Coconut at the place of worship house at your place of business. Light an incense with a rose fragrance before starting your work every morning.

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  • Also, if you are facing problems in business, then place an idol of Shwetark Ganpati and Ekashi Shri Phal. After this, worship it regularly by lighting incense and diyas, and if possible, offer sweets once a week. After this, distribute these sweets as Bhoga among the needy.
  • Here is another very simple way to expand your business and witness fruitful growth. Pluck a leaf from the Peepal tree on Saturday. Light diya-incense in front of that leaf, and keep it beneath the seat of the chair you sit on at your office. Do this for seven consecutive Saturdays without telling anyone. When there are seven leaves, then give them away in a pond or well. This will help you attain immense growth in your business.

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