Aquarius Horoscope 2024: Be Careful With Money And Health This Year

Even before the New Year arrives, people begin to fantasize about their bright future. Many ambitions and hopes for the betterment of their life begin to emerge with the new year. Everyone hopes that in the new year, their troubles would be resolved and they will be happy.

You can learn about your future using Vedic astrology, and in this blog, we will tell you what gift the year 2024 has in store for Aquarians. If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, then the Aquarius 2024 Horoscope can tell you how the future year, or year 2024, will be for you.

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In this AstroSage blog, we will tell you whether or not those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign will succeed in their careers in the new year 2024, how their marriage will go, and their financial status.

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Planetary Movements In 2024

Saturn will be in Aquarius from January to December 2024. This suggests that anyone born under this sign will experience good fortune. Jupiter will transit the third house on May 1 and then go on to your seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses. Rahu and Ketu will be in your second and eighth houses throughout the year.

Love Life 

People born under the sign of Aquarius should not have unrealistic hopes for their love lives this year. Sun and Mars are aspecting your fifth house, which could lead to a disagreement with your partner. These two planets have the possibility to exacerbate your disagreement. If you want to prevent this type of circumstance, you must be patient and wait for the difficult moment to pass.

January will be rough, but things will return to normal in February and March. Venus and Mercury will be in your eleventh house, and their sight will fall on your fifth house. With this, the troubles and rifts that have existed in your love life will be resolved, and both of you will embark on a new chapter. Both of you will begin to love one other more than before, and your mutual understanding will increase. You will begin to trust your lover more, and they will reciprocate. This will help to solidify your bond. Because of Saturn’s influence, you will be adamant about moving forward with your relationship.

If you are in a loving relationship, you will not want to leave or separate from your partner at any cost. You want to keep your connection at whatever cost. Your friends will be completely supportive of you throughout this phase. At the same time, those who are unmarried or thinking about getting married may receive a marriage proposal. It’s possible that you’ll meet your ideal companion this year.

Career & Professional Life

Saturn is in Aquarius and aspects your third, seventh, and tenth houses. To advance in your career this year, you must put out significant effort. If you want to achieve something and prove yourself, you must work hard for it. Your colleagues will also be visible to assist you with this task. You do not need to be terrified; simply keep moving forward. If you keep striving, you will undoubtedly find success in your career and achieve your goal.

At the start of the year, you will be extremely busy at work, and you may not have time for your family. There are opportunities for promotion, and the best part is that your career may allow you to go internationally. The months of July and August will also benefit you. You may receive some excellent news during this time. You could also consider changing your job. You will have good career opportunities during this period.

Employed people will be highly serious about their work. You will work hard to complete your task. Your bosses may consider promoting you or increasing your income based on your hard work and dedication to the job. Working individuals might expect good results this year.

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Students will experience an ordinary year in 2024. At the start of the year, there are indications that troubles would arise. You may become distracted while studying. You will work hard to concentrate on your studies, but your attention and mind will continue to stray. However, your condition may improve slightly in February and March.

You will be prepared to go to any length to better your educational success. You will strive to prepare for the exam and achieve good results. Let us tell you that the months of April, August, and November can be challenging for students. At this point, studying once will not suffice; instead, you must remember it often. During January, April, August, and September, you may encounter difficulties in your studies.

On the contrary, this period will be beneficial for students studying for competitive examinations. Because of your hard study and dedication, you will be able to do well on the exam. Between October and December, your efforts are likely to yield positive rewards. Students should not abandon hard work this year. This can lead to success. This year will also be beneficial for those who wish to pursue further study. If you’ve been trying to get into your dream college for a long time, your efforts will finally pay off. You may also have the opportunity to study abroad. Because of all of this, you will be really delighted and joyful. Saturn’s presence in Aquarius will ensure your success in the educational field. The months of January, February, March, August, October, and December will be quite beneficial for pupils.

If you work hard throughout these months and prepare thoroughly for the exam, you will undoubtedly succeed.

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Financial Life

Aquarius people will do well financially in 2024. Both the Sun and Mars will be in your eleventh house, so you are likely to prosper financially. You may make a difficult financial decision and stick to it regardless of what others say. Although the year 2024 will be excellent for your financial life, you may suffer a cash constraint in March. You should strike a balance between your expenses and your revenue. Your income should not fall as your costs rise.

Maintaining a balance between expenses and income will help you maintain a good financial position. Your condition will begin to improve in August, and by the end of the year, your financial difficulties will be totally resolved. At this point, you will feel financially stable.

Family Life 

This year will be beneficial to Aquarians’ families. Venus and Mercury are in your fourth house, which will boost affection among all members of your household. There may be an auspicious event in the family, resulting in a happy mood. Your parents will support you in your profession, and living under their protection will make you happy and content.

Rahu will be in your second house, while Mars will have an aspect on it. During this time, your familial relationships may deteriorate. There is also the chance of conflict among family members. However, because Jupiter is in the third house, your bonds with your siblings will be strong. The bitterness in your relationship will now be gone, and you will be able to live together. When Jupiter enters your fourth house on May 1, love among family members will grow stronger. However, you should exercise caution over the health of your elderly family members at this time. Get them the right remedy and don’t overlook their health.

To keep your family happy, practice humility and attempt to communicate with others lovingly. If you pay attention to these minor details, no one can prevent your family from experiencing happiness.

2024 Prediction For Aquarius Native’s Child 

There is no need to have great hopes for children beyond the year 2024. At this point, you must take special care of your child’s health because they are at risk of developing health problems. In addition, there is a risk that your child’s wrath will escalate. However, with your love and support, you may control the child’s anger. If you are worried about your child’s profession, don’t be. Your child will experience significant growth and improvement this year, and you will be delighted to see their success.

However, you must also consider the type of individuals with whom your child lives. Some of his friends may lead him down the wrong path. In this scenario, your advice will be beneficial to them. You will also need to assist him in making the right decisions. It is possible that he fails to understand what to do or what is best for him; in such cases, you must assist and guide him appropriately. You may also receive positive news from your child before the end of the year. You will be overjoyed to see them advance in their careers and lives. As a result, 2024 will be a mixed year for your children.

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Marriage Life

Saturn will be in the seventh house of Aquarius people. People born under the sign of Aquarius may experience difficulties in their lives as a result of this Saturnian aspect. Because Saturn’s vision will fall on your seventh house at the start of the year, you may have a rift with your spouse at this time. Tension may occur in your marital relationship.  Saturn can put your love and dedication to the test; if you pass, your marital partnership will strengthen and your love will increase. Mars aspects your weekly house, which indicates strife in your family. You may have problems with your partner, and you may also be dealing with a health issue at this time. All of these factors can have a negative impact on your relationship. If you continue to be drawn to each other and do not try to support or demonstrate your affection, your relationship may drift apart.

At the same time, during certain months of the year, such as April and June, you must exercise caution when communicating with your spouse. During the middle of the year, your partnership will face difficult conditions. Just when you think things are going great in your relationship, something unexpected happens. If you manage your words and take precautions to save your relationship, things may work out for you two.

Business Horoscope 2024

Businessmen should not be concerned about their work in 2024. Sun, the lord of your seventh house, will be present at the start of the year, along with Mars in your eleventh. On May 1, Jupiter will enter your third house and then move on to your seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses. Businessmen are expected to profit from this planet’s situation. You will succeed in growing your business to the heights you have dreamed. In business, you will work on your ideas, and businessmen are likely to benefit from government programs. However, you should avoid using any improper practices in your organization at this time.

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Right Time To Buy Vehicle & Property

The first few months of the year will be ideal for purchasing a vehicle or house. Sun and Mars are in Aquarius’ eleventh house, while Venus and Mercury are in complete aspect with your fourth house. If you are thinking about buying a car or a house for yourself, do not make a choice around February. The period from May 19 to June 12 will be ideal for this. From June to August is a favorable period to buy land. During these months, you can purchase both your dream house and a vehicle.


Aquarius people will be in good health this year. Saturn’s position in Aquarius ensures that your health remains in good condition. Meditation, yoga, and exercise can also help you maintain your health and fitness level. However, Rahu in your second house and Ketu in your eighth house can have a negative impact on your health. Because of these planets, you may suffer from a serious sickness. It is recommended that you avoid eating heavy and stale foods. Aside from that, get your physical checkups done on a regular basis.

Overall, you may stay healthy this year by eating a good diet, exercising, and practicing Yoga.

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