Angarak Yoga: Cautionary Advisory For These 3 Zodiacs!

Angarak Yoga:  Referring to Vedic Astrology, each planet is bound to move out from one zodiac and enter the next after a certain course of time which influences the lives of humans as well as the entire world. Sometimes, these planetary transits cause the formation of conjunctions or yogas. These yogas also affect the natives in their own unique ways, which can be both positive and negative. Today, we are going to be talking about one such yoga, known as Angarak yoga which is going to form in Pisces. and as an impact, it is asking certain zodiacs to stay vigilant. To check if you are one of them, stick with us till the end. 

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What Is Angarak Yoga? 

Angarak Yoga is often mentioned as one of the painful yogas and forms when Mars and Rahu come together. It is believed that this yoga creates obstacles, and hindrances and brings misfortunes in the lives of the natives. Some of the common effects associated with this yoga are delayed marriage, discords or conflicts in a relationship, health issues, accidents, injuries, financial loss, and maybe a career or business setback. 

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Angarak Yoga: Formation 

On 23rd April this year at 8:19 am, Mars is going to move to Pisces where Rahu is already present till 18th May 2025. So, the two present together in Pisces are going to form Angarak Yoga which is an extremely inauspicious yoga in Vedic Astrology. 

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Angarak Yoga: These 3 Zodiacs Should Beware


The Angarak may prove to be hazardous for the Aries natives as it is going to be formed in the house of money and speech for them. That’s why, your money can get stuck somewhere and you may even get stressed regarding something in life. At the same time, it will be wise if you keep a check on what you say as there are chances that you may end up hurting people around you and damage your relationships with them. Nevertheless, there are chances that you may even get good news during this time which will make you extremely happy. 

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The Angarak Yoga is going to form in the seventh house of the Virgo natives’ natal chart and may happen to be proven as inauspicious for them. Therefore, there are chances of a few problems occurring in the married lives of the natives. At the same time, there can be hindrances in the partnership business if you are running one. The natives who are operating their businesses may have to tackle a few obstacles on their way. The Virgo natives are advised to be calm and think before they speak.  

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Now, Angarak yoga is going to form in the twelfth house of the Aquarius natives’ natal chart and is not favorable for them either. Due to the same, the health of the natives may get vulnerable and they may even have to bear several financial losses. Even, there are chances of disputes or heated arguments with the family members. The natives might get trapped in a false accusation. And, the Aquarius natives should refrain from investing their money or starting something new during this time. 

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