Beware Of Saturn’s Fury; Avoid Making These 6 Mistakes!

Saturn is regarded as the Lord of Justice and it showers a person with blessings or curse as per their deeds. It is believed that if a person comes in the bad books of Saturn, he/she can turn into a pauper from the king in no time. On the other hand, a person with Shani Dev’s blessing can make him/her as rich as Tata and Ambani.

Most individuals dread Saturn’s wrath and hence, they do many remedies to appease this planet. However, we don’t need any typical guideline to pacify Saturn; just a few easy tips can go a long way! So, today in this special blog by AstroSage, we will discuss 6 easy tips that can help us eliminate the negative impacts of Saturn from our lives.

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Avert Saturn’s Wrath By Avoiding These 6 Tasks

Dirty Bathroom

Normally, we all like to keep our home clean but some people either neglect or forget to maintain the bathroom. A dirty bathroom can anger Saturn and such individuals might have to face the negative consequences of angry Saturn. Therefore, you must always make sure to keep your bathroom clean.

Unwashed Utensils in the Kitchen

It is usual in Indian homes that elders keep reminding of cleaning dishes & utensils after eating. There is also astrology behind it. Dirty or unclean utensils lead to the creation of negative energy in the surroundings and also result in the wrath of Lord Shani.

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The Habit of Moving or Shivering Feet

Moving feet without reason is considered bad or negative in astrology. Such habits have been witnessed in many people as they’re unaware of stress consequences due to it. Other than that, there’s also a high chance of infuriating Saturn because of this habit.

Dragging the Feet

The annoying habit of feet dragging can lead to Saturn’s anger, according to astrology. It leads to all kinds of disturbances in the completion of tasks and activities. Also, the habit can result in a financial crunch or loss of money. The risk of failure or low productivity remains high due to such practices.

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Not Returning Borrowed Money

The wrath of Saturn is immense for persons who’ve borrowed money and not returned it deliberately. Due to it, individuals face a lot of ups and downs in their lives. So, do not keep the borrowed money with yourself unnecessarily or not refund it knowingly.

Disrespect of Elderly and Helpless People

If you disrespect aged or elderly people then the chances of Shani Dev’s anger rise. An annoyed Saturn in your horoscope can bring a lot of challenges to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why does Shani Dev get angry?

Answer: If you disrespect poor and needy people then Shani Dev gets angry.

Question 2: What happens if Shani is afflicted in the horoscope?

Answer: If Shani is negatively placed in charts, then the person becomes thin and also harsher.

Question 3: What does Saturn like?

Answer: Saturn likes cooler materials.

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