Yearly Horoscope 2024: Lucky Time For Few Zodiacs & Some May Face Troubles!

Yearly Horoscope 2024: The new year has started from 01 January 2024. In such a situation, different types of questions, expectations, and hopes will arise in the minds of natives related to personal & family life. How will the new year bring changes in our lives? Will there be financial gains or losses? In terms of love, will there be support from the family and partner? There are many such questions that everyone wants to know to clear their doubts. This special AstroSage blog of Year Horoscope 2024 will provide answers to all the questions and predictions on different aspects by astrology experts. Let us know how the year 2024 will be for the natives of different zodiac signs. 

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Yearly Horoscope 2024: Horoscope Details Of 12 Zodiac Signs 


For the Aries natives, the year 2024 will bring mixed results across different fields. You need to pay more attention to your health this year, but financially, the year will be very fruitful for the natives. You will be able to save more funds this year and in family matters, you will get some favorable outcomes. Be a little careful in your love life. There are chances of arguments with your partner related to something, and thus natives are advised to pay attention to their words before speaking. During this period, Aries students will have auspicious results. It will also prove to be a good time for people preparing for the competitive exams. The employed people will get new opportunities, and the business people will get financial benefits this year. 

Remedy: Serve a cow and feed it Roti on a regular basis. 

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For the Taurus natives, the year 2024 will provide weak results. The natives need to be careful this year about their health. Saturn may give you weak outcomes. From a financial point of view, there are chances of getting positive results, and thus people shouldn’t try to invest too much in property or other related things. This period doesn’t look to be anything special for your love life as the presence of Ketu can bring weak results. From May 2024, till the remaining part of the year, the natives will get the blessing of Jupiter and the relationship with your partner will get stronger. For bachelors or single people, the year will be very good. There are chances of marriage this year for you and the natives who are already married can face some difficulties. There are possible chances of getting compatibility after some troubles related to your children. There are chances of delays if you are planning to buy a house or a car. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and also serve the blind people. 


The Gemini natives don’t seem to be getting favorable results this year as the Rahu-Ketu and Saturn transit won’t provide auspicious results to them. From the start of the year 2024 to April, the Jupiter transit will provide suitable outcomes. You need to pay more attention to your health this year and include yoga & exercises in your daily routine. From the economic point of view, this year does not seem to be anything special. The presence of Ketu this year may bring ups and downs in family life, hence it is advised to control your speech as there are chances of their words being misinterpreted. For love affairs, the year will provide you with mixed results. From the start of the year to April 2024, the vision of Jupiter will keep your love life favorable, whereas the later period of the year will remain comparatively weak. The students preparing for competitive exams may need to work harder this year. The period is also favorable for buying a car or house. In such a situation, avoid taking any risks in this matter. 

Remedy: Serve the elders and teachers and also seek their blessing before leaving the house. 

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For the Cancer natives, the Saturn transit doesn’t seem to provide auspicious results. The Saturn transit in the eighth house results in different types of health troubles, so be careful and pay more attention to it. In the firs t half of the month, the transit of Jupiter does not seem to be in favor of Cancer natives. Talking about the financial aspect, the expenses may rise this year and due to it you will fail to do savings. The second part of the year will be favorable for the natives. The expenses will reduce gradually and will get good results in your job. Although this year won’t be anything special for the marriage of single people, in comparison, the second half of the month will be much more favorable for getting married. In this period, considering Saturn’s position in marital relations, don’t be careless in any way. The unfavorable position of Saturn in the horoscope will result in an unfavorable timeline for home and vehicle. Think carefully before making any kind of big decisions. 

Remedy: On a regular basis, apply Saffron Tilak on the forehead and offer water on the roots of the Peepal tree. Also, revolve around the tree 11 times after it. 


The Leo natives will get mixed results in the year 2024. Regarding your health, you need to be careful about it as the transit of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu will not be in favor of natives throughout the year. In the initial days of the year, the transit of Devguru Jupiter will be favorable for natives, whereas it may bring some ups and downs from the month of May onwards. Regarding your health, it is advised not to be careless even a little bit throughout the year. Take care of yourself in the cold weather and even the slightest carelessness can harm the health of natives. From the financial point of view, the Jupiter transit will provide average results to the natives. At the same time, the Rahu-Ketu transit can cause troubles in family life. Whereas the transit of Saturn can have adverse effects on the natives. At the start of the year, Jupiter may bring some results. In the year 2024, the natives will get average results in the fields of jobs and business. If you have plans to buy property, a house, or a car, make careful decisions related to it as there are chances of being cheated by others. 

Remedy: Serve the cow and feed roti made of flour & jaggery to it regularly. 


The transit of Rahu-Ketu will not prove favorable for the Virgo natives. The Jupiter transit will remain weak till April 2024 and will be favorable in the later period. Among all of this, the Saturn transit will completely support the Virgo natives and it will prove better for the health of people. As per the financial condition, the year 2024 can provide good results because Jupiter, the factor of money, will put vision at the house of money from the start of the year till April 2024. At a later period, it will provide the complete favor from the ninth house. The year will largely be in favor of family life. In love life, you will get suitable outcomes. The relationship with the partner will remain sweet and strong. Both partners will try to know each other in a better way. If you are searching for a bride or groom and planning for your marriage, then there are chances of success in it and there are real possibilities of marriage in this period. The year will also be good for people doing jobs but the business persons can face ups & downs in their profession. 

Remedy: On Sunday, perform Yagya-Havan for Lord Surya. 

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For the Libra natives, the year will be very wonderful and all their wishes can be fulfilled. Your health will remain stable. Also, expect relief from different kinds of problems in this period. However, the position of Saturn and Jupiter in the horoscope indicates good health of the natives and it is advisable to adapt to regular lifestyle & routine. For financial matters, the year will provide mixed results. After the period of May month, the Jupiter transit will be weak, but the factor of wealth, Jupiter will put the vision on money house will ensure satisfactory outcomes in the financial matters. For natives planning to get married, April month will be the best time, and for married people, it will provide mixed results. The students preparing for the competitive exams will get suitable results for their hard work during this period. For matters related to land, buildings, vehicles, etc. this year will prove fruitful and the dream of buying a home can be fulfilled. 

Remedy: Take a bath adding some milk to the water. Worship Lord Ganesha on a regular basis. 


For the Scorpio natives, the transit of Saturn and Rahu will provide adverse results from the health point of view, but Devguru Jupiter will prove to be helpful for them. During this period, you need to take more care of your health as the chances of health deterioration are very high. It is advised to include yoga and exercise in your daily routine. This year your family life will be good and your domestic life will remain average. For love matters, the Jupiter planet will prove favorable and Rahu can weaken the relationship. You will get results as per your actions and the time after May month will prove favorable for married life. However, ego-related troubles in the relationship can result in conflicts and differences with your partner. It is necessary to maintain mutual coordination and harmony to maintain happiness in the relationship. 

The year will provide mixed results in matters related to your children. Try to resolve the mutual misunderstandings to improve the overall relationship. In the field of education, you will get the fruits of your hard work this year. However, a little bit of carelessness can prove harmful for the natives. 

Remedy: On Saturday, recite Sunderkand and consume food without onion and garlic. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, the year will be really wonderful. Your health will be in excellent condition throughout the period and no trouble will bother you in any way. The zodiac lord Jupiter will be in the favor of natives and Saturn will bring good results this year. But, Rahu can bring some ups and downs in the life of natives. Also, expect good financial results financially. You will get good returns for your investments this year and for this period will be very favorable for your investments. You will be able to gain money and also make savings during this period. The compatibility of the lord of the second house will assist in maintaining balance in the family matters and the presence of Rahu in the fourth house can create troubles in the family life. In the education field and examinations, the year is likely to provide mixed results. For the employed people, it will be time to get appreciation from their superiors at the workplace. There are chances of promotions and a rise in salary. 

Remedy: On the upper part of the body, wear silver and serve your mother & old women. 


Talking about the Capricorn natives, due to the somewhat weak condition of Saturn’s Sade Sati, there may be ups and downs in their health. In the first part of the year, Jupiter will be unfavorable and later it will be in a favorable position. Considering all such situations, by taking great care of your health this year, the natives will be able to achieve average results. Talking about the financial situation, Saturn is looking average and Jupiter is looking weak at the start of the year, which will increase the possibility of rising expenses. The natives are advised to avoid unnecessary expenses and savings for the future. Discussing the love life, the natives need to deal with ego-related matters in their relationship with their partner, due to which there is the possibility of disputes between the two. There might also be a lack of communication and due to it, mutual understanding & harmony will be missing in the relationship. In business, there is the need for a bit more hard work. 

Remedy: It will be auspicious to visit the temple regularly and if possible, perform Rudrabhisek every third month. 

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From the health point of view, the year 2024 may be mixed or slightly weaker than average for the Aquarius natives. The lord of your sign, Saturn will be in the first house, which will provide average results, and Rahu in the second house can bring ups and downs in health. In such a situation, the natives are advised to adapt to the right kind of routine. For financial matters, the Rahu transit won’t be favorable and thus your money needs to be managed carefully. For love affairs, this year can provide slightly average or above-average results to the natives. In matters related to your married or marital life, you may get mixed results in 2024, but there will be the need to make serious & careful decisions in such matters. In the education field and examinations, you may get average results. During this period, you need to work hard on your studies as your mind may wander here and there. Think carefully and then make decisions if you plan to buy land, a building, and a vehicle as there will be high chances of fraud. 

Remedy: On Saturday, offer Red Robe to Hanuman Ji and wear a sliver right as per the advice of an astrologer. 


For the Pisces natives, there will be the influence of Rahu in the first house and Saturn in the twelfth house, which will result in weaker health from the health point of view. You need to pay attention to your health and pay attention to daily yoga & exercises. You may feel a lack of energy and weakness in immunity during this period. The effects can negatively impact the fitness and health of natives. Also, there is the possibility of headache problems that may become the cause of trouble.

In economic matters, the year may provide you with mixed outcomes. You will be successful in earning the right kind of money but at the same time, the expenses will also rise. It is advised not to be distracted due to any kind of traction during this period and there is the possibility that you may not get the money back. The year will be favorable for matters like marriage, but caution needs to be taken in marital life this year. The natives are likely to get top results as per their hard work in the education field and examinations. In the field of job and business, you may get mixed results this year. If you have plans to buy land, a vehicle, a house, etc. then this period doesn’t seem anything special for you. 

Remedy: Wear silver around your neck and apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead regularly. 

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