Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 Oct–04 Nov): Lucky Zodiacs Of The Week!

Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November): Are you eyeing accurate predictions for the week? The Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November) cover all the vital aspects related to future outcomes of all the zodiacs. Plan your moves for the week after the careful evaluation of the Tarot card predictions. This blog focuses on the lucky zodiacs of the week as per Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November). 

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List Of Lucky Zodiacs As Per Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November)


There will be peace in the love relationship of Cancer natives for the week. According to Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November), the finances will remain stable and there will be ample chances to make good profits. 

All the efforts in the right direction will yield top results in your career. They will remain motivated for the entire week to participate in different projects and earn repute at the workplace. Also, get new income sources to enhance your overall wealth. It will be time to recover from illness at a fast pace and the lucky metal for the week is Silver. 

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There will be positive energy in the relationship for the entire week. The Libra natives will try new things to spice up the relationship with your life partner. As per Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November), new income sources will open up and get out of the dull financial phase successfully. 

New travel opportunities arise this week for job or business purposes. Individuals will have the right frame of mind to get over physical sickness this week. Also, the natives will be able to get rid of negative energies from their lives and thus recover from health concerns easily. The lucky metal for the week is Silver. 


The Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November) points out that there will be peace in your relationship & overall family life. Your passion for your career will assist you in reaching new heights in your career. There will be new opportunities in your present job role or business venture for Scorpio natives. 

The natives will feel secure and confident for the entire week. This will result in the completion of allotted tasks with perfection. You will also be able to spot the opportunities accurately and move forward in the right career direction. The natives will feel energized for the entire week and thus recover from the earlier physical concerns. The lucky metal of the week for Scorpio is Copper. 

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There will be new energy within Aquarius natives this week for commending different kinds of activities. You can get into a new relationship or also spark up your current relationship status. According to Weekly Tarot Predictions (29 October – 04 November), you will experience a rise in profits and also prevent unwanted expenses. 

Your family will enjoy the material luxury in abundance. There will be good career opportunities to mark progress in your career. Travel safely across different locations for job or vacation needs. The natives will be able to set their careers in motion this week towards new heights. It will be the healing time for injured persons and their health will remain stable for the entire week. The lucky metal of the weak is Iron & Panchdhatu.  

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Q1. How will be the married life of Pisces natives for the week?

Ans. The married life of Pisces native will remain stable and it will be the week of celebrations. 

Q2. What will be the financial condition of the Taurus people?

Ans. The natives need to stay cautioned this week as they can experience bankruptcy or financial crisis. 

Q3. What will be the health condition of the Gemini zodiac?

Ans. The Gemini natives can face a negative impact on health and should be aware of it. 

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