Weekly Horoscope 13-19 February, 2023: Here’s What’s New This Week!

February Weekly Horoscope: Welcome back to another one of AstroSage’s Weekly Horoscopes! We know you are as curious about the upcoming third week of February 2023 as you have been about the previous ones. Each week has something new in its pockets for all of us, and it is obvious that we would like to know about it beforehand. Hence, with this week’s horoscope, we will discuss how the following week, from February 13th to February 19th, 2023, will affect individuals born under the twelve zodiac signs in many aspects of their lives such as business, finance, family, career, love, and so on. All of these questions will be answered in our blog, which has been written by AstroSage’s experienced and knowledgeable astrologers after evaluating the movement and placement of every planet and star.

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We will also learn about this week’s eclipses, transits, fasts, and festivals, along with some celebrities and renowned people born between February 13th and February 19th, 2023, and a zodiac horoscope! So, without further ado, let us begin with the Weekly Horoscope!

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This Week’s Astrological Facts & Hindu Calendar Calculations

As per the Hindu Calendar, this week will start on the Saptami Tithi of the Krishna Paksha under the Vishakha Nakshatra i.e. 13th February. Further, this week will end on Chaturdashi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha under the Shravana Nakshatra i.e. 19th February.

Fasts And Festivals To Observe In This Week 

Monday, February 13th: Kumbha Sankranti

Thursday, February 16th: Vijaya Ekadashi

Saturday, February 18th: Mahashivratri, Pradosh Vrat (K), Masik Shivaratri

We hope that all these festivals and fasts bring a new ray of happiness and hope into your life.

Transits & Eclipses Taking Place In This Week (February 13th to 19th)

There will be no eclipses this week. However, there are two planetary transits taking place: 

  • Sun Transit In Aquarius on February 13th.
  • Venus Transit In Pisces on February 15th.

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Famous Celebrities Born In This Week

February 13th: Prince Michael Jackson, Sarojini Naidu, Rafael Marquez

February 14th: Simon Pegg, Sushma Swaraj, Deeksha Seth

February 15th: Milind Kumar, Ashutosh Gowariker, Gabriel Paletta, Kavita Kaushik

February 16th: The Weeknd, Gaurav Bhatia, Diego Godin 

February 17th: Ed Sheeran, Praful Patel

February 18th: Sneh Rana, Jung Ho Seok, Giaa Manek, Vrushika Mehta

February 19th: Paresh Ganatra, Azhar Ali, Sonu Walia

AstroSage wishes all these stars a very Happy Birthday. You may view your favorite celebrity’s birth chart by clicking here.

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Weekly Horoscope For The Week: February 13th to 19th

This Horoscope Is Based On Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator!


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