Vivah Shubh Muhurta 2024 Commencing After 3 Months

In Hinduism, the Shubh Muhurta holds immense importance and that’s why, before beginning anything auspicious, we always look for a Shubh Muhurta. Similarly, a marriage ceremony, one of the sixteen rituals, should be performed only on an auspicious time and date. But, there are some months in a year when auspicious functions like marriage are avoided. This special blog of AstroSage will provide you with information about such periods. Along with that, we are also going to inform you about the Vivah Shubh Muhurta 2024.

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Vivah Shubh Muhurat 2024: Meaning And Significance

In our religious texts, sixteen (16) rituals are described from birth till death. Amongst these 16, marriage is sacred and the most important one because marriage brings a significant change in a person’s life. A marriage ceremony is never between the bride and groom but it is the union between two families and that’s why, to make it happy and successful, people look for Vivah Shubh Muhurta 

On the contrary, a marriage should not happen during an inauspicious hour or date because its negative effect can then harm the bride and groom. Likewise, qualities-matching (Gun or Kundli Milan) is also important for a marriage. 

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These Months Are Not Good For Getting Married

As we have already mentioned above, auspicious functions like marriage are avoided during certain months like Kharmas and Chaturmas. When Lord Vishnu goes to sleep for four months during Chaturmas, auspicious events like marriages are avoided. Now, in 2024, there is only 1 month out of 6 which is auspicious for getting married. To be precise, from May to October, only July is the month which is considered auspicious or Vivah Shubh Muhurta 2024. 

This year, there are no fortunate times during May, June, August, September, and October to get married. If you want to marry after April 2024, then you should start preparing now because from May to October, only July is the month which is auspicious to tie the knot. 

Auspicious Dates In July 2024 To Get Married 

The Vivah Shubh Muhurta 2024 are as listed below; 

First Muhurta For Marriage: July 9, 2024, Tuesday afternoon, from 02:28 till 06:56 in the evening is the auspicious time to get married. On this day, there will be Magha Nakshatra and Chaturthi Tithi. 

Second Muhurta For Marriage: Beginning from the afternoon 01:04 of Thursday, 11th July 2024, lasting till evening, 04:09 is the second Muhurta to get married. This day will be dedicated to Shashthi Tithi and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Third Muhurta For Marriage: 12th July 2024, Friday, beginning from the morning 05:15 till 13th July, morning 05:32 will be the best time to get married. It will be the day of Saptami Tithi and Hasta Nakshatra. 

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Fourth Muhurta For Marriage: 13th July, Saturday morning at 05:32 will be the start of the Vivah Shubh Muhurta and it will last till the afternoon, 03:05. On this day as well, there will be Saptami Tithi and Hasta Nakshatra. 

Fifth Muhurta For Marriage: 14th July 2024, Sunday evening 10:06 to the morning of 15th July, 05:33 will be the fifth Vivah Shubh Muhurta 2024. And, this will be the day of Swati Nakshatra and Navami Tithi. 

Sixth Muhurta For Marriage: The morning of 15th July 2024, 05:33 will be the start of the sixth muhurta while it will end on the midnight of 16th July, at 12:30. Navmi Tithi and Swati Nakshatra will be there on this day. 

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