Venus Transit On July 17, 2021: How Taurus & Libra Are Impacted?

In the realms of Vedic astrology, Venus is considered to be an extremely important planet. The planet is the significator of worldly pleasures and happy married life. Besides this, the strong position of Venus in a horoscope strengthens the ability to lead a life full of comforts. Natives bearing strong Venus are inclined to the field of creativity and arts. In addition to this, they choose to make their career in the field of writing, acting, singing, etc. Also, such natives lead a blissful married life. On the other hand, the weak position of Venus in one’s horoscope brings poverty in their life. If Venus is stationed in an unfavourable position in men’s horoscope then their sexual desires are affected and in case of women, they are subjected to abortion.  

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As the transit of Venus is going to take place shortly, so the impact is going to be definitely felt by the world. In such a condition, the question arises how the transit of Venus will impact the two zodiac signs i.e. Taurus and Libra and this will be extremely interesting for us to know. Through this blog, we are throwing light on the impact of the transit of Venus on Taurus and Libra. Before going into detail, let’s have glimpses of some interesting things concerning this transit.       

Transit of Venus, When?

Venus usually resides in one zodiac sign for a period of 23 days and this is the very reason that the planet transits from one zodiac sign to another almost every month. Venus will transit in Leo, whose ruling lord is Sun, on July 17, 2021, at 09:13 AM and will stay in the same zodiac sign (Leo) till August 11, 2021, upto 11:20 AM. After this, it will move in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. So, we can say that the transit of Venus will have both positive and negative on all the beings of the world. (For detailed information, click on Venus Transit In Leo: July 17, 2021)

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Impact of Venus Transit on Taurus

Venus is the ruling lord of the first house i.e. Lagna house of the Taurus zodiac sign. However, at present, Venus is going to rest in the fourth house, which represents peace and prosperity of your family. In this situation, your leaning towards your family is almost predictable and you may be taking care of all of their comforts. Also, you may spend a lot of money on purchasing household items. However, your mother may fall ill and this may disturb you mentally.      

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On the other hand, there is also a possibility that you may have to face litigation concerning property. Those who are in search of a job may come across new opportunities. The period of transit is likely to be pleasant for those preparing for competitive examinations. If you have applied for a loan, there is a great possibility that it would be sanctioned. Overall, the period is going to be meaningful for you. 

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Impact of Venus Transit on Libra

Although Venus is the ruling lord of the first house of Libra, but, during the transit, it will stay in the eleventh house, which implies profits and fulfillment of wishes, of the same zodiac sign. Since Venus is the significator of lust and luxury and therefore, its presence in the eleventh house is a positive sign. During this period, the natives of Libra will be financially benefitted and there is a possibility that you may amass wealth. However, the natives of Libra may spend money for the satisfaction of their desires.     

During the transit, you may add new friends to your tally and therefore, your social arena may expand. There are chances of going abroad. Also, you may lean to spirituality and you may plan for a trip. Seeing from all the angles, this period is going to be very beneficial for the natives of Libra.      

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