Venus Transit Soon: 5 Interesting Things To Know

Immeasurable importance has been given to the transit of planets in Vedic astrology. The impact of transit is observed on all the living creatures of the world. Since the transit of Venus is going to occur soon, we are going to enlighten you on five interesting things related to the transit.  

Importance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

Venus is considered to be an auspicious planet in the domain of Vedic astrology. It is considered to be the significator of materialistic pleasures and married life. It is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and governs Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purvashadha Nakshatras. Mercury and Saturn are considered to be the friends of Venus while Sun and Moon are its enemies. Venus stays in one zodiac sign for almost 23 days.  

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When will the Transit of Venus take place?

Venus Transit In Leo: Venus will transit in Leo, whose ruling lord is Sun, on July 17, 2021, at 09:13 AM. The planet Venus will reside in the same zodiac sign till August 11, 2021, upto 11:20 AM. After this, it will move in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. It is evident that the transit of Venus will have both positive and negative on all the living beings of the world. In this context, it is extremely important for you to know how the natives are influenced by the weak and strong positions of Venus in a horoscope. 

What does the strong position of Venus signify? 

Venus is the representative of materialistic pleasures, lust, arts, happy married life, beauty, popularity, talent, etc. The favourable position of Venus makes a person inclined to arts. These natives are never short of comfort and peace. They lead a happy married life and there remains a good understanding between the two and their life is full of romance.      

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What does the weak position of Venus depict? 

The married life of those having a weak position of Venus in their horoscope is full of sorrows. Differences and misunderstandings prevail in the relationship. Also, the unfavourable position of Venus is the root cause of poverty. Besides this, in spite of the availability of all comforts, a person is unable to enjoy them. The weak position of Venus in men’s horoscope lessens their lust while women are prone to abortion. Apart from this, the natives also suffer from kidney and eye-related problems. 

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Remedies to Pacify Venus

  • Friday is dedicated to Lord Venus. In this regard, observe the fast on Friday to strengthen the position of Venus in horoscope. Avoid the consumption of salt and eating food. You can eat fruits.
  • Wear clothes of white or pink colour on Friday in order to get rid of ill effects of planet Venus.
  • Every morning, worship Maa Lakshmi or Maa Jagdamba. In addition to this, revering Lord Parshuram also pleases Lord Venus.
  • Recite the Shri Sukta Path.
  • Donate items such as curd, Kheer, colourful clothes, rice, silver, perfume, etc. on Friday. This will be helpful in pacifying the planet Venus. 

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