Venus Transit In Pisces- Golden Period Will Begin For These Zodiacs

Venus is known in astrology as the planet of love and material happiness. The location of Venus in the horoscope determines a person’s prosperity and the number of luxuries he will be able to enjoy. In Vedic astrology, Venus transit is also considered very important. The transit of this planet, a symbol of love, affects all zodiac signs, and an important transit of Venus will occur in March.

In this AstroSage blog, it is further clarified which zodiac signs would benefit from Venus transit in March, but first, there is information about the role of Venus in astrology as well as the date and time of Venus Transit in March. 

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Significance Of Venus In Vedic Astrology 

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, with Virgo as its lowest sign and Pisces as its highest. When Venus is in an exalted position, the person receives a variety of comforts and amenities. Aside from this, Venus is one of the planets that moves swiftly. It takes 23 days to go from one astrological sign to another. Venus is about to transit its exalted sign Pisces, and as a result of Venus’s exaltation, some zodiac signs’ fortunes are improving. Find out more about the date and timing of Venus Transit in March.

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Venus Transit In Pisces: Date & Time

Venus will enter Jupiter’s zodiac sign of Pisces at 04:31 pm on Sunday evening, March 31, 2024. Venus will leave Aquarius and travel into Pisces. Venus’ exalted sign is Pisces, and it will remain there until 11:44 p.m. on April 24, 2024. Following this, they will enter Aries. People born under certain zodiac signs are likely to reap significant benefits as Venus enters its exalted phase.

So let us know which zodiac signs’ dreams will come true when Venus transit in Pisces.


Venus is the lord of Aries’ second and third houses, and it will now transit into the twelfth house. At this point, your expenses will rise, but you will have enough money to cover them. You will also spend on luxury. It is also possible for you to travel abroad. You will thoroughly enjoy materialistic pleasures. During this transit, you will be able to overcome your foes and opponents. You are likely to have great success in your career as well. Aside from this, businessmen will make a lot of money at this time.

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Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and the lord of your sixth house; during this transit, Venus will enter your eleventh house. The Venus transit in Pisces will result in an enormous increase in your revenue. You will be able to better manage your costs. With a rise in income, you will be able to realize your dreams and fulfill whatever plans you had. At this point, any outstanding work will be done. If any of your work had been halted owing to a lack of funds, it can now be completed. 

Venus’ fortunate influence allows you to purchase a new vehicle for yourself. This is also an excellent moment for your marriage and love life. Love and romance will grow between you and your spouse. You can also consider changing your love relationship into a marriage. Aside from that, people born under the sign of Taurus may receive excellent news from their children. Students will achieve good results. Salaries for employees are showing signs of increasing. There are opportunities for growth for business owners as well.

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Venus is the lord of Sagittarius’ sixth and eleventh houses, and it is now transit in the fourth house from your zodiac sign. Venus Transit in Pisces will provide enormous enjoyment to Sagittarius people. There will be a happy and joyful mood in your home and family. You may possibly receive wonderful news from your family. This will make everyone happy. 

There will be greater coordination in relationships with relatives. You can also purchase property or vehicles for yourself. At home, you can also host an auspicious celebration. You can purchase any luxurious item. This Venus transit will be quite beneficial to your job as well. Employees will perform excellently. At the same time, businessmen are expected to generate large gains during this time.

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Venus rules the seventh and twelfth houses of Scorpio, and she is now entering the fifth house of your zodiac. The Venus transit in Pisces will strengthen your love relationship. You’ll have some romantic moments with your spouse. Both of you will feel as if you cannot live without the other. In contrast, single people may meet someone amazing. 

People who are employed will have access to good work prospects. There is also a probability that your compensation will increase. People who are eligible for marriage may be in a stable relationship. At the same time, married people have a chance of raising happy children. Students may also be able to travel overseas. This will result in an increase in your income. Love will grow stronger during marriage. Family life will also be enjoyable.

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