Venus Transit In Pisces Showers Blessings On Zodiacs & The World!

Venus Transit In Pisces: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus Transits in the sign of Pisces on 31st March, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Venus Transit In Pisces will have on the zodiac signs. 

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The planet Venus feels most comfortable in its exalted sign Pisces or when it is placed in its own sign of Taurus and Libra. Venus, also known as Shukra in Vedic astrology, is a planet that symbolizes charm, beauty, happiness, luxury, romance, love, physical attraction, creativity, and aesthetics. It holds influence over various aspects of life and is often regarded as the Lord of Happiness.

If you’re familiar with how an astrological birth chart works, you’ll know that each planet on your birth chart falls within one of the 12 zodiac signs and one of the 12 astrological houses. In this case, the house Venus was in when you were born can give you clues about your romantic life and your style of romancing or the kind of luxuries you would acquire during your lifetime. Venus orbits the Sun in 225 days, spending about 18-24 days in each sign of the zodiac. Venus is the second-brightest object in the night sky, the Moon being the brightest. It is usually said to be a twin planet to Earth.

Venus In Pisces: Characteristics

Venus is exalted in Pisces so naturally, this position brings positive results. Due to the influence of the water element, the personality of Venus in Pisces people runs deep, much like a river. Like the ebb and flow in the water, people with this placement also experience moodiness. However, water can also stand still, and these people also have a tendency to become taciturn and suffer in silence. Venus is the planet associated with love and when it is placed in Pisces, the person is usually submerged in romance. Such people have attractive looks and a polite speech. Their words work like magic, melting hearts. Such people tend to be very famous as well as fortunate. They earn a lot of wealth throughout their life.

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Venus in Pisces people are highly adjusting and flexible too, just like water takes the shape of the vessel it is poured into. And this especially applies to their love life. They have a strong fear of rejection that underlines their subtle behavior in love. They try their level best to keep their partner happy and the relationship smooth. This is because their need for love and understanding is strong. They need someone to control their emotions and suppress the occasional outbursts, like what a dam does to unbridled water.

Venus Transit In Pisces: Timing

Venus is all set to transit into Pisces, where the planet Venus is considered exalted. Venus is extremely comfortable in this zodiac sign and will transit to Pisces on 31st March, 2024 at 16:31 Hrs. Let us now move on and read about its impacts on the zodiac signs and worldwide events. 

Venus Transit In Pisces: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


Venus transit in Pisces is always significant for Taurus people since it is the Lagna lord for Taurians and also the lord of your 6th house, and Venus will now transit to your 11th house in an exalted state. The transit of Venus in the 11th house will result in a significant boost in your income and bestow an improved social life for you. Your income will grow steadily, allowing you to achieve your goals. Your  dreams and desires will come true during this period. You will be able to finish all your pending tasks. 

Your projects that were stalled owing to a lack of cash or for other reasons will resume gradually, with the possibility of financial gains. There is a possibility of buying a new vehicle during this period. This will be an excellent time for love relationships. There will be chances for love and passion among them. Your partnership will be more mature than before and you will form a great bond with each other. 


Venus is a beneficial planet for Geminis as it is a friend of your Lagna lord Mercury. Venus becomes the lord of the 5th house and the 12th house. The transit of Venus in Pisces will now take place in the 10th house as per your ascendant.

Venus entering your 10th house indicates goodwill and promotions at work. You will need to work hard in your workplace; it is best to focus only on your work. The individuals engaged in creative fields would do very well during this period as an exalted Venus would help them reach new heights and get promotions at work. People engaged in furniture designing, fashion designing etc will be able to crack new and valuable deals if engaged in these businesses. However you must avoid being rude to people and maintain a good image. There will be harmony within the family. There will be mutual love. You will focus on the house’s decoration. You can incur new expenses for the improvement of your home.


Venus is the ruling lord of the 4th and the 11th houses for Cancer natives, and it will transit to Pisces, in the 9th house. The 9th house signifies luck, long distance journeys, religion, and father. You’d want to explore new places and even get a chance to explore new places. You’ll enjoy seeing beautiful sites and indulging in long-distance travels with your loved ones. These travels can help you build your business and make new acquaintances. 

This will also open up opportunities for growth in business. During Venus transit In Pisces, your problems will be reduced, and you will have more luck. You will have many opportunities for financial benefit. If any work has been lingering for a long time, it will soon be completed. Works that have stopped will resume. During this time, you may notice changes in your job and be presented with a significant opportunity to accept a new job.

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Venus becomes the lord of the 2nd and the 9th houses in the Virgo zodiac, and this transit will take place in the 7th house. The Venus transit in Pisces will be beneficial for you. You will experience harmony and an increased closeness with your spouse or your love interest. There will be opportunities for mutual harmony. Your relationship with your partner will become more romantic. You will devote sufficient time to each other. 

You and your partner will be happy together, and you’ll pay attention to every little detail of what is happening in your home and the surrounding environment. This transit will benefit business. There might be some new commercial transactions in your company, and successful cooperation with your business partner could be essential to its growth. If you want to spend time with your partner, you can also go a great distance. This is a chance for job advancement if you work.


Venus takes on the role of lord of the 7th and 12th houses for Scorpio natives. It will also transit into Pisces in your 5th house. Your love life will flourish and your interactions with others will improve as a result of Venus’s transit through your fifth house. Your lover and you will have a lot of romance. You will do everything it takes to make the other person happy, including spending time together and exchanging goods.

It’s time for someone special to come into your life and show you love if you’re still single and haven’t met anyone. There can be prospects for career changes at this time, and you might find a new job that pays well. Your marriage might be confirmed and some individuals might get married, so the conversation about it might go on and you’ll have time to celebrate. Over this time, your income will increase. You will feel what it’s like to be a parent. Studying abroad is another option. 

Venus Transit In Pisces: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


Venus, who is currently transiting to the sixth house, is the Lagna lord, or the lord of the first house, and the eighth house lord for Libra locals. Additionally, you’ll notice a noticeable spike in your spending. Even if anything comes to you after much struggle and effort, even a small amount of success requires a great deal of work. These people might have to work in uncomfortable environments, therefore you might not be very thrilled with your job during this time. If you are in business, you might be puzzled and have some worries, but this phase won’t persist for very long, so you shouldn’t worry.

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Traveling overseas will be an option, so if you want to go, you can make the necessary plans, albeit there might be delays in carrying them out. You should be aware of your health because there’s a chance you’ll have problems at this time. If you have diabetes, you should be very careful because there’s a chance the condition could get worse at this time. It is best to hold off on purchasing real estate during this period. 

Venus Transit In Pisces: Impactful Remedies 

  • Keep a silver block in your wallet on Friday for better financial opportunities always.
  • Worship goddess lakshmi and offer 5 red flowers or lotus flowers if possible. 
  • Wear good quality Opal or a diamond ring on the middle finger of your right hand only after consulting a learned astrologer.
  • Keep a rose quartz crystal in your bedroom
  • Maintain physical hygiene and use perfumes regularly

Venus Transit In Pisces: Worldwide Impacts 

Arts & Entertainment

  • People engaged in fine arts, designing and other creative fields may excel during this time. 
  • The fashion industry and the textile industries globally may experience a boom and the demands for fashion items may increase.
  • People involved in journalism, media, and public relations would excel and grow in their career as of now.
  • Writers and singers across the country and the world may also flourish during this time. 

Business & Consultation

  • People engaged in online businesses or in creative businesses would perform very well.
  • Businesses related to unconventional inventions and research would do exceptionally well.
  • Counseling or consulting sectors would perform well during this time.
  • People engaged in creative fields such as interior design or fine arts would perform well too. 

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Venus Transit In Aquarius: Stock Market Report

Planet Venus will now transit in the sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter on 31st March, 2024 and like every other event in the country it will also impact the stock market. Astrosage presents to you the Stock Market predictions as Venus Transits In Pisces. 

  • The textile industry and handloom mills will benefit with this Venus transit in Pisces.
  • The Perfumeries and the garments industry as well as the fashion accessories industry may experience a boom during this transit. 
  • Business Consultation and Writing or Media ads related firms and all big names in the print, telecommunication & broadcasting industry may experience positive outcomes. 
  • Firms engaged in architecture, interior design, and finance will benefit from this transit.

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