Sun-Jupiter Forming Aditya Rajyoga After 12 Years, These Zodiacs Will Win Jackpot

According to astrology, all planets transit from one zodiac sign to another after a certain amount of time, with substantial effects on Earth. Planetary transits have an impact on human life as well. When a planet transits or changes zodiac signs, it has an impact on people’s finances, careers, love lives, and advancement.

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This time, an extremely fortunate Yoga has developed due to the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun, which means that persons born under certain zodiac signs are going to benefit greatly. This blog goes into greater detail about when the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun occurs and which zodiac signs will benefit from the Yoga that results from it.

Sun-Jupiter Conjunction: Date And Time

Jupiter moved into Taurus at 02:29 pm on May 1, 2024. The Sun will enter Taurus at 05:41 pm on May 14, 2024. In this way, the Sun and Jupiter combine in Taurus, resulting in the formation of Guru Aditya Rajyoga.

Learn more about Guru Aditya Yoga and how it affects people’s lives.

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Guru Aditya Rajyoga Meaning

The Sun is also known as Aditya. Thus, when the Sun and Jupiter, the guru of the gods, align in any zodiac sign or house, Guru Aditya Yoga is formed. Jupiter is believed to be the planet responsible for expansion, advancement, and wisdom, and it offers stability to Taurus. At the same time, when the Sun is in a favorable position, it not only brings good fortune to people but also enormous success.

So let’s see which zodiac signs will benefit from this Yoga.

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Guru Aditya Rajyoga Will Be Blessing These  Zodiacs


This Yoga is forming in the second house of Aries. This house is believed to be the factor of property, family, and communication. This period will prove to be quite useful to you. You will be able to express your opinions freely. You’ll get the ability to spend quality time with your family. It is also an ideal time for students. Your attention will improve, and you will be really joyful during this period.

You might get some excellent news from your youngster. It’s also a fantastic moment for employees. Your salary may grow. You may potentially be eligible for a promotion. You will strive to reach your goal, and you will succeed. Your social standing will improve, as will your prestige.

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This Yoga will be formed in the second house of Leo. This Yoga has numerous benefits for you. Your name will spread throughout society, and everyone will praise you. You will receive material benefits, and any outstanding tasks will be done. You’ll get the ability to spend quality time with your family. Employees have a better possibility of achieving success in the company. You may also choose a new profession. It is also a favorable period for businessmen. You can consider growing your business. You can also purchase a new car or land.

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This Yoga will be formed in the third house of your zodiac sign. You can go on a trip and learn something new. There will be happiness in your life, and you will be really satisfied and happy at this time. You will be able to forge a unique identity through your talent. Your social status and financial situation will improve. Your hard effort will pay off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. After how many days does the Sun transit happen?

Answer. Sun transits after 30 days.

Question 2. For how many days does the Sun stay in a house?

Answer. The Sun stays for 30 days in a house.

Question 3. Which is the exalted zodiac sign of the Sun?

Answer. The Sun is the ruler of Leo zodiac sign and its exalted sign is Aries.

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