Venus Transit In Gemini Ensures A Great Life Ahead To 5 Zodiacs!

Each planet has its own importance and place in Vedic astrology because all of them work to bring changes in one’s life. So, whenever a planet changes its direction, Dasha, or placement, its direct effect is seen on all the zodiac signs. In this series, the planet of love, attraction, luxury, and materialistic desires, Venus, has moved to Gemini, which has affected the lives of several humans. In this special AstroSage blog, we are going to give you complete information on the 5 zodiacs who are going to get the special benefits of this transit, and their lives will be filled with happiness, prosperity, and materialistic desires.  

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Importance of Venus In Astrology 

Among all the zodiacs, Venus has ownership over Taurus and Libra. In Vedic astrology, this planet represents money, abundance, love, happiness, attractiveness, beauty, love relationships, and satisfaction in love. Besides, it is also associated with creativity, art, music, poetry, designing, fashion, jewelry, precious gems, and luxury items.  

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Venus Transit In Gemini: Date And Time 

According to Vedic Panchang, the Shasthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month, which means June 12, 2024, Wednesday at 06:15 in the evening, is when the planet of love came out of its zodiac, Taurus, and entered the zodiac of Mercury, Gemini. Venus, present in Gemini at the moment, will be able to offer its complete benefit to all the zodiacs. Due to Venus transit in Gemini, the zodiacs will not be affected by any cruel planet. Venus will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on July 7, 2024, and will stay there until July 6, 2024. So, let’s move ahead and discover the lucky zodiacs due to this transit. 

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Venus Transit In Gemini: Great Life Guaranteed To These 5 Zodiacs 


Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house of the Aries zodiac, and at the moment, it has moved to the third house. As a result, the support and love in your relationship with your partner will increase. Due to this, this transit will improve your love life. There will be an increase in the benefits happening regularly. If you are operating your business in partnership, then you are going to make good profits during this period. This period will bring progress in your family life, but there can be some kind of fear in your heart.  


For the Taurus zodiac, Venus has ownership over the first and sixth house, which, at present, is positioned in the second house. As a result, this position of Venus will bring prosperity to household work. The natives who are running a business, this period will be the best for them, and they will gain good benefits out of this transit. The willpower of the natives will be high, and they will progress faster in matters related to money.  

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Venus is the ruling lord of the fifth and twelfth house of the Gemini zodiac. Right now, it will move to their first house. In this scenario, these natives will be happy, due to which their mental state will get better. The intellectual capacity of these people will be quite sharp, and as a result, your work will progress at a fast pace. 

If we talk about the married life and love life of the natives, then there will be an improvement in the relations with your partner, and sweetness will stay constant in the relationship too.  

There are chances of an increase in your income, and along with this, you will be able to make your life happy and comfortable.  


In the birth chart of people with the Cancer zodiac, Venus rules the eleventh and fourth house, and now it will transit and move to your twelfth house. As a result, these natives will be seen spending money on materialistic things to increase the comfortability of life. In this period, there is a possibility of tension in your relationship with someone very close to you, so be a little cautious there. You will need to work harder to increase your income. Also, you are advised to take care of your mother’s health. 

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Venus is the ruling lord of the twelfth and third house of Leo zodiac, which, at present, will move to the eleventh house. In this situation, Venus will work to strengthen your financial condition. If you are running a business, then this period will bring improvements to it. Also, there are chances of progress in your career. For natives who are employed, there can be some significant changes in their job. Also, there are chances of progress in the career. The Leo natives will get to hear good news related to children. Apart from this, your siblings and friends will support you at every step of life.  

If you want to impress the planet Venus and get auspicious effects from this planet, then you can follow some easy astrological remedies mentioned below: 

Astrological Remedies To Strengthen Venus  

  • Pray to Goddess Laxmi and offer her lotus flower on Friday. 
  • Wear yellow-colored or cream-colored clothes on Friday. 
  • Regularly chant “Om Shukraye Namah” 108 times a day. 
  • Apply perfume daily, preferably the one with a sandalwood scent. This will bring you auspicious results. 
  • To get auspicious results from the planet Venus, consult an astrologer and wear a diamond in an opal or gold ring on the little finger of the right hand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When did Venus enter Gemini? 

Venus entered Gemini on June 12th, 2024, at 6:15 p.m..  

Who is the ruling lord of Gemini?

Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini.  

Which planets are present in Gemini, along with Venus? 

The Sun and Mercury will be present in Gemini alongside Venus. 

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