Venus’ Blessings In July!

In the Shukla Paksha of the month of Jyeshtha, on the sixth day (Shashthi) of the lunar fortnight, Venus, symbolizing love and happiness, entered Gemini at 18:15 (6:15 PM) on June 12. It will remain in Gemini until July 7, when it transitions into Cancer. Venus encounters no malefic influences during its Gemini sojourn.

According to astrology, this transit of Venus will shine favorably upon five zodiac signs. It is believed that from the time Venus transit in Gemini until it moves into Cancer, some signs will experience complete support of fortune in their lives. This blog further elaborates on these specific zodiac signs.

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These Zodiac Signs Will Flourish With Venus Transit


As the lord of the seventh house of partnership, Venus will transit through your house of courage. During this time, you will receive full support from your life partner. There will be improvements in your romantic relationships, and previously strained matters will start to resolve. There is a possibility of gaining benefits from joint ventures. Happiness will prevail in your family, and you will get opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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For those involved in commerce related to speech, profitable opportunities are emerging. Success awaits in financial endeavors. You will also see an increase in self-confidence.

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The upcoming transit promises to bring benefits to Gemini natives. You will experience mental relief and contentment. Progress in your career will be driven by your intelligence and wisdom. Marital life will see a flourishing of love with excellent harmony between spouses. Your income will rise, and you will enjoy improved physical comforts.

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Cancer natives will experience an enhancement in physical comforts. Achieving financial gains may require increased effort. You will have the opportunity to indulge in comforts and luxuries. Additionally, there might be expenditures related to your mother’s health.

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Leo natives will benefit from Venus entering Gemini. There are prospects for financial gains and profitable business opportunities. Changes may occur in the careers of employed individuals, while entrepreneurs can expect progress. Positive news regarding children is likely, and support from siblings and companions is anticipated.

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Importance of Venus in Astrology

When Venus is strong, it brings satisfaction, good health, and intelligence to individuals, making them feel content and joyful. They enjoy various physical comforts and live happily, succeeding in wealth accumulation and improving their lifestyle.

However, if Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, or Mars, challenges and obstacles may arise. The conjunction with Mars can lead to irritability and aggression. During transits, if Venus aligns with malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu, individuals may face concerns like skin issues, sleep disturbances, and swelling.

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Remedies To Strengthen Venus In Your Horoscope

To appease the planet Venus, consider these astrological remedies:

  • Wear a diamond or opal gemstone.
  • Dress in white or light-colored attire, favored by Venus.
  • Use perfumes regularly.
  • Wear a six-faced Rudraksha bead.
  • Observe a fast on Fridays dedicated to Venus.
  • On Fridays, donate yogurt, rice pudding, barley, perfumes, silver, and rice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: When is the transit of Venus occurring?

Ans: The transit of Venus occurred on June 12th.

Ques2: In which sign has the transit of Venus occurred?

Ans: Venus has entered the sign of Gemini.

Ques3: How long does Venus stay in one sign?

Ans: The transit of Venus lasts for 23 days.

Ques4: Which signs are ruled by Venus?

Ans: Venus rules Taurus and Libra signs.

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