Venus Transit In Capricorn 2024: Bad Effects On 4 Zodiacs!

Venus Transit in Capricorn 2024: On 12 February 2024, Venus transits in Capricorn zodiac sign at 04:41 am. The change in position of the Venus planet will have effects on all the 12 zodiac signs. As per astrology, the Venus transit in Capricorn will have good effects on some zodiacs, but few will also face challenges due to it. 

In the Vedic astrology, Venus is the factor of beauty and love. The strong position of the Venus planet in the horoscope results in different types of material pleasures in the lives of natives. The auspicious influence of Venus will help the lucky natives achieve different materialistic happiness in their lives. 

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Whereas, if Venus is positioned in a negative state in the horoscope then the bad effects can be witnessed across different sectors in the lives of people. This AstroSage blog contains accurate details related to Venus Transit in Capricorn 2024 and the zodiac signs facing troubled situations due to it. 

Venus Transit In Capricorn 2024: List Of Zodiac Signs Facing Troubles 


For the Gemini natives, Venus is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house. The Venus transit in Capricorn 2024 indicates different challenges and obstacles for the Gemini natives. The employed people will face difficulties from their colleagues and there may be a rise of pressure in the workplace. The natives need to play carefully in this period to get the work done correctly in specific timelines.

In this period, the business persons may face different troubles. There are also chances of different financial troubles in this period. The expenses of Gemini natives will rise and there are sudden chances of big expenses. In family life, there might be unrest and also chances of problems from your children’s side. In married life, there can be tensions and the natives need to be patient in this period. There may be toothache complaints for the Gemini natives and some chances of health worries because of the transit. 

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For the Cancer natives, Venus will be the lord of the fourth & eleventh house and now it transits in the seventh house. There are chances of challenges in the careers of Cancer natives due to Venus transit. In the workplace, there are chances of disappointments and disagreements with other colleagues due to Venus Transit In Capricorn 2024.

From the investments, there are fewer chances of earning profits. The employed people need to stay careful in this period. There are chances of disappointment in the current job of natives. In terms of health concerns, the natives can suffer knee pain and there will be health deteriorations in this period. The natives need to be careful in their travels and it is not advisable to ignore the minor health concerns. 

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For the Scorpio natives, Venus is the lord of the seventh & twelfth house and it will transit in the third house. Due to Venus Transit In Capricorn 2024, the natives might feel emotionally unstable. For employed people, there are chances of new work pressure, and can feel disappointed in their job role.

At the financial level, the natives may face different types of challenges and the expenses will rise significantly. There will be a lack of coordination between the natives and their spouses. Your ego can result in troubles in the love and married relationship. It will make the relationship sour with other people. It is advised to talk with your partner to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. As per health reports, there are chances of leg pain for the natives. 

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Venus transits in the second house of the Sagittarius natives and it impacts their lives negatively. As per Venus Transit In Capricorn 2024, the time is not favorable for the Sagittarius natives. They might face different challenges in the people and can think about changing their job roles. The business persons need to satisfy themselves with lesser profit in this period. Be careful about money spent in this period. Do the right research first, before making any kind of investments. There will be a lack of misunderstanding between the Sagittarius natives and their partners. This might create conflicts between both, but the period will be favorable for the health of Sagittarius natives. 

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