Venus Transit In Cancer – A Big Threat To Your Business?

On 7th July 2024, Venus will enter Cancer. In Vedic astrology, Venus is a planet with feminine elements and it is also the planet of beauty and attraction. On 7th July at 04:15, Venus will enter Cancer. This Venus transit will impact all the 12 zodiacs and almost all the aspects of their life will be affected as well. 

When Venus enters Cancer, the love life, health, married life, business, career and other factors of one’s life will be affected and several uncertainties will be noticed. During this period, some zodiacs’ business is speculated to receive losses. In this blog further, we have talked about those zodiacs that are going to bear loss in their business due to Venus transit in Cancer.  

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These Zodiacs Are Going To Bear Loss In Their Business 


Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house of Aries. At the moment, it will transit the fourth house of this zodiac. There are chances of stress over you in this period. There can also be a reduction in your comforts and luxury. You are speculated to receive average profits in your business. This time is unfavorable for the natives who are working in a partnership. You are expected to fail in this direction. 

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For the Taurus zodiac, Venus is the ruling lord of the first and sixth house and now, it will move to the third house. You may get success from your hard work in this period but you may also have to satisfy yourselves with average profits in your business. Your performance in the field of business may also deteriorate.

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Venus rules over the third and tenth house of the Leo zodiac. At present, it will transit in the twelfth house. You are expected to be unsuccessful in your efforts. The business natives will have to face a lot of difficulties and problems in their business. There are also chances of loss in your business. Your competitors are expected to give you tough competition. 

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For the Libra zodiac, Venus is the ruling lord of the first and eighth house. Presently, it will move to the tenth house. There are chances of more trips for you. The business natives will surely make a profit but there is also a situation of loss for them. For this reason, this period will not prove to be very favorable for you. 

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The seventh and twelfth house of the Scorpio zodiac is ruled by Venus. Now, it will transit in your ninth house. The business natives may not get the support of their luck in this period. You may have to satisfy yourself with less profit in this period. 

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Venus rules over the sixth and eleventh house of Sagittarius natives and currently, it will move to the eighth house. There is a possibility of several obstacles in your efforts. You will not be able to get luck on your side. Your business is going to maintain a low profit during this period. Your business is expected to incur a loss. All your hard work to earn profits may go in vain. 

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For the Aquarius natives, Venus is the ruling lord of their fourth and ninth house and it will now move to the sixth house of this zodiac. There are also chances that you may not get the support of your luck in this period. This time can turn out to be unfavorable for you. There are chances of average profits in your business as well. Your competitors may dominate you in this period. 

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Venus rules over the second and eighth house of Pisces zodiac. At present, it will transit in the fifth house. There are chances of problems to arise in your life. You are expected to be in a no-profit-no-loss situation. Competition can also increase in your field of business and this can trouble you a lot. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will Venus transit? 

Venus will change its zodiac on the 7th of July. 

How to pacify Venus? 

Donate rice, milk, and curd on Friday. 

What to do to strengthen the position of Venus in the birth chart? 

Apply sandalwood paste on your body on Friday.

How to strengthen Venus? 

Feed ghee and jaggery roti to the cow. 

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