Venus Transit Sparks Love Turmoil For These Zodiacs!

Transit of planets from one zodiac sign to another impacts the country & the world, along with all the 12 zodiac signs. Due to the influence of Venus transit, various impacts can be witnessed in the lives of natives. Some zodiac signs will get positive results due to this Venus transit, while some zodiacs can get negative results. 

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Venus entered the Cancer sign at 04:15 on 7 July. Venus will remain in its position till 31 July 2024 and after that, it will transit into the Leo zodiac sign. Due to the change in Venus’s position, there can be ups & downs in the love life of natives and there can be varied troubles in married life. 

This AstroSage blog contains accurate information on zodiac signs whose natives can face troubles in their love life due to Venus‘ transit in Cancer sign. 

Venus Transit In Cancer – Troubles In Love Life Of Zodiacs 


Venus transit in Cancer will happen in the fourth house of Aries natives. During this period, stress can increase in the lives of people. Along with it, there are chances of a decrease in happiness for Aries natives. It causes fights with the family members due to their egos. Due to this, there are chances of tensions in the love life of Aries natives. They are advised to control their anger for the best outcomes. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer sign will happen in the third house of Taurus natives. There are chances of less conversation with your love partner. Due to this, distance can increase between both partners in married life. There are chances of tensions in the relationship between you and the spouse. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer sign will happen in the twelfth house of the Leo natives. They might face trouble in maintaining coordination with their spouse. Their minds can be filled with restlessness. They need to try and fix the married relationship with their best efforts. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer zodiac will happen in the tenth house of the Libra natives. They will be happy with the current situation in the relationship. The natives can feel dissatisfied with their love relations. A situation of tension can increase between you and the partner. You need to stay careful in this period with the married relationship. 

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Venus transit in Cancer will happen in the ninth house of Scorpio natives. Due to this, there can be unrest in the love relationship and thus can be misunderstanding among both. They need to focus on the relationship in this period. There are chances of a fight between both partners due to some argument or discord between the two. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer sign will take place in the eighth house of the Sagittarius natives. There are chances of obstacles in your efforts. They won’t be able to turn luck on their side. Due to family issues, there are chances of disputes with your partner. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer zodiac will take place in the seventh house of Capricorn natives. They can face adverse situations in their love relationship. There are possibilities of differences of opinion between you and your partner. There can be fights between two even on small matters. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer sign will happen in the sixth house of the Aquarius natives. It can create problems in your family and you won’t be able to get luck on your side. There can be disputes with your spouses. It can be due to a lack of misunderstandings and coordination among both partners. 

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Venus transit in the Cancer sign will happen in the fifth house of the Pisces natives. You might be worried about your child’s development and there can be obstacles in your life. There can be conflicts with your partner and might face ego troubles. This can result in different troubles in the lives of Pisces natives. 

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Q1. What does planet Venus represent?

Ans. Venus is the factor of beauty, love, and luxury. 

Q2. What is Venus related to?

Ans. Venus is related to glory, wealth, and fame. 

Q3. How to strengthen Venus in the horoscope?

Ans. To strengthen Venus in the horoscope, donate white things. 

Q4. How to please Venus?

Ans. Try to maintain cleanliness around you to please planet Venus.

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