Venus Transit In Cancer Brightening The Life Of These Zodiacs

Venus, according to astrology, is the planet responsible for love, marriage, luxury, happiness, and success. Astrologers think that if Venus is in a powerful position in a person’s horoscope, the individual will have good fortune in all aspects of his life. It is natural that Venus is quite important. Venus will transit in Cancer on July 7th.

In today’s special article, we’ll discuss this issue and learn about the impact of Venus transit on all 12 zodiac signs.

As previously said, if the planet Venus is strong in a person’s horoscope, they will receive things relating to comfort and luxury. In addition, such people’s love and marital lives are amazing. On the contrary, if Venus is in a weak state, the people may confront numerous difficulties. 

In such a case, astrologers recommend taking Venus-related measures. What are the solutions? We will learn more in this article. First and foremost, let us know when Venus will transit in Cancer.

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Venus Transit In Cancer- Date & Time

Speaking of time, Venus will enter Cancer on July 7, 2024, at 4:14 p.m. It will undoubtedly affect the lives of all 12 zodiac signs. This Venus transit is expected to have an impact on a variety of aspects of life, particularly love and marriage.

Venus Transit In Cancer- Impact On Different Aspects Of Life

Love & Relationship

Venus’s transit through Cancer is typically a period for in-depth relationship review. During this time, some of your relationship’s buried secrets may be uncovered. Along with this, hidden emotions will surface, requiring your attention, and it will be useful to express your feelings to others. Those who are already in a relationship will find this to be an ideal time to strengthen it. However, some past issues may cause troubles in your relationship. People who are single may find a partner. 

Financial Matters

Venus’s transit through Cancer will also have an impact on finances. Your expenses may rise at this time. In such a case, you should save money and avoid unnecessary expenditures. If you like, you can create a budget to achieve financial stability in your life for the future. 


With Venus’ transit in Cancer, you may be able to work on a new project at work. However, obstacles will arise in your life. You may have a misunderstanding with your colleagues or employer in the office. In such a case, try to settle the dispute. It is best to avoid making any major decisions during this Venus transit and instead focus on your long-term goals. 

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Venus Transit Will Open Door To Success  

While the Venus transit is likely to present problems in your life, it will also bring about growth. You will try to improve your relationships and life by learning from the past. You will have encouragement from family members, and your bond will grow stronger. This period of Venus transit will also make you focus on taking care of yourself. If you enjoy art, writing, or other forms of creative expression, this Venus transit will be advantageous to you. In terms of professional life, this period brings about significant changes. It is recommended that you take advantage of the opportunities that arise in your professional life and work toward your goals.

Today’s Transit

Signs Of Weak Venus & Remedies 

Venus is associated with women; it is a powerful planet that also represents love and beauty. Venus is also known as the lord of the root number 6 in numerology.  Astrologers say that when Venus is weak in a person’s horoscope, it begins to show all types of symptoms such as, 

Pimples form on the face, a facial infection develops, hair begins to break or fall out suddenly, a problem of hair weakening and dandruff develops, and a rash and itching appear on the skin before age. Hair begins to gray, and the skin begins to darken. If these symptoms are present, it is possible that the person’s Venus is weak. Astrologers provide remedies to boost the planet Venus in such situations. Let us know what these solutions are. 

  • To strengthen Venus, wear bright colored things and use jewel-like items. 
  • Chant Venus-related mantras on a regular basis. 
  • On Friday, wear white and donate white-colored items. 
  • On Friday, apply sandalwood paste on your whole body. 
  • Install Venus at your house or office and worship it on a regular basis. 
  • Wearing six or thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is also beneficial for persons with a weak Venus. Apart from this, if you want, you can also wear silver. However, before wearing any gemstone or Rudraksh, talk to a knowledgeable astrologer.
  • Besides this, to strengthen the planet Venus, feed fodder to a white cow.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: When will Venus transit in Cancer?

Answer: Venuswill transit in Cancer on 7th July, 2024.

Question 2: Which Rudraksha should be worn to strengthen Venus? 

Answer: Wearing13MukhiRudraksha is quite helpful in strengthening Venus.   

Question 3: Which is the factor of Venus?

Answer: Venus is the factor of love, marriage, beauty, prosperity and happiness. 


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