Venus Combustion Can Cause Financial Loss To These Zodiacs

The Lord of indulgence, luxury, and opulence, Vens will combust in Aries on the morning of 28th April 2024 at 7:24 am. When Venus combusts, people may have to see a lot of ups and downs in every area or aspect of their lives. When Venus combusts in Aries, some of the natives can get to see a lot of good results while others may have to face problems during this time. 

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According to Vedic astrology, when Venus combusts in Aries on 28th April, the financial condition of some zodiacs may witness a downfall. This blog will further explain to you the kinds of effects you may have to go through during Venus combustion in Aries 

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Effects Of Venus Combustion In Aries 

The ruling lord of Aries is Mars and whenever Venus combusts in this zodiac, it mostly gives unfavorable results. Now, because Venus is known as the lord of love, beauty, harmony, and happiness, the effect of the Venus combustion will mostly be seen on the love lives of the natives, but due to the same, the financial condition of certain zodiacs can also lead to a downfall. 

So, let’s move ahead and take a look at the affected financial condition of the natives due to Venus’s combustion in Aries. 

These Zodiacs May Have To Go Through A Tough Time Financially


During this period, the financial responsibilities of Taurus natives can increase and because of not being able to fulfill their responsibilities, their mind can be stressed and worried. At the same time, you can feel incapable of fulfilling your and your family’s needs. There is a possibility of deterioration in the health of a member of your family and you may have to spend money on their treatment. It can be difficult for you to save money. Apart from this, your sources of income can also be limited or reduced. 

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During the Venus combustion, the expenses of Cancer natives will increase a lot. You can get worried because of the decrease in income and increase in expenses. You may find it hard to fulfill your dreams because of less money and there are even chances that due to the shortage of your income, you may even have to lend money from someone else. Apart from this, you are likely to meet with financial loss. You may experience a shortage of money to fulfill the needs of you and your family. Although, you will be able to fulfill their essential needs. 

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When Venus combusts, the Libra natives will have to be extremely cautious in their financial matters. You may experience a significant increase in your expenses. The money you will earn during this period may not be enough to fulfill your needs. At the same time, you may not feel satisfied with your financial condition during this duration. There can be times when you won’t be able to understand how to balance your income and expenses. You also need to stay alert while traveling otherwise, you may have to bear a financial loss. 

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Whatever you have saved so far in monetary terms, you may have to spend it now in this duration. There is a possibility that during Venus combustion, you may have to borrow money from someone to meet your expenses. During this period, you will witness a huge increase in your expenses. There are also chances that you can get worried due to the increase in expenses and not being able to fulfill your needs. Whatever your expenses will be in this duration, they may all go in vain. 

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During this period, the Pisces natives may have to spend more money than their income. You may try your level best to earn money or increase your income sources but you may not be successful in these efforts. There are even chances of financial loss for you so it will be better to stay mindful in the financial matters during the Venus combustion. The financial burden can increase on you and that’s why you will be very worried during this period. 

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