2023: Must Bring These Items At Home in 2023 To Incur Immense Wealth!

2023: The world’s most celebrated and anticipated festival is just around the corner; this festival not only brings novel chances but also new hopes and happiness. Celebrations all around the world can be seen, as people eagerly wait for this eventful day. One of the most famous of all these chances is the New Year’s resolutions. More than 50% of people don’t stick to it, but still, it hasn’t lost its glam and glitter! The values that a New Year brings are deep and psychological. Every one of us wants joy and prosperity, as it’s the innate human tendency to want and enjoy that. 

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People all around the world make great efforts to begin the New Year in prosperity and happiness, and they go to great lengths to achieve this goal. Some of the methods for enhancing your luck and increasing your wealth are discussed in the magnificent and amazing art of Vastu Shastra. While keeping in mind these things, AstroSage has carefully crafted this piece of writing through which you can find out those ways by which you can bring peace, prosperity, ample health, and financial growth into your homes! 

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Bring Home These Essential Items In 2023

An Elephant Statue

You might have seen a statue of an elephant adorning people’s decor. According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that by putting an elephant statue or a painting helps in increasing the positive vibes in the home. Our ability to focus on our task is improved as a result, which is another positive benefit. Those business and job oriented natives can situate a sculpture of a tusker to increase prosperity in career. If it is possible, then buy a statue made of silver, as it has greater significance!

Peacock Feathers 

One of the most stunning birds on Earth has feathers that are connected to Lord Krishna. Peacock feather purchases are lucky purchases that one should make to start the New Year. Because Lord Krishna cherishes peacock feathers, one is constantly placed on his crown. It’s stated that when you do this, your luck can change direction completely. These feathers are seen as fortunate, and if you have them in your home, your financial situation will improve.


In Sanatan religion, a conch has been given an exalted position, and it is considered auspicious when you place it inside a home temple. In religious scriptures, we find that conch is beloved of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. If the native is going through financial hardship or if they are facing business regress then they should bring home a conch this New Year. It is believed that by placing and playing a conch at home, positive energy grows and vibrates around the place, and progress is achieved in kinds of work. 

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A Turtle Statue

The turtle is regarded as Lord Vishnu’s avatar and is also seen as a representation of optimism, sagacity, and fortitude. The turtle is considered to be one of the most important symbols in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Homes with turtle statues tend to be prosperous and stable financially. So, bring a statue of one of the oldest reptiles to have ever walked the earth into your home to add some vitality.

Laughing Buddha

The statue of a laughing Buddha (which is also known as Budai) is associated with growth, peace, and prosperity. The jolly personality and huge belly of the laughing Buddha symbolizes life growth, financial furtherance, and problem eradication. So, in this New Year bring home this auspicious statue and keep the statue your main gate. By doing this, peace will be maintained in your home!

Buy A Silver Coin

Because silver coins are considered lucky, purchasing one is very important. On the Dhanteras celebration, the majority of people purchase a silver coin. It is stated that purchasing a silver coin results in wealth in all spheres of life and earns the purchaser respect and recognition.

Picture Of Swastik

Lord Ganesh, who bestows the attributes of peace and prosperity and removes all forms of negativity and barriers, is identified with the Sanatan religion’s Swastika insignia. With this in mind, wearing this picture makes all of your wishes come true. The Sanskrit roots of the word “Swastik” are “sú” and “ásti,” which translate to “pious,” “well-being,” or “fortunate.” One is freed from negativity, health problems, and financial ruin by placing this symbol or image.

Gomti Chakra

The white stone that makes up the Gomti Chakra is a byproduct of the river Gomti, hence its name. This seemingly ordinary stone has immense significance because, when maintained in the house, it aids in warding off many forms of bad energy. In the new year, purchase this and store it in the vermillion box. Take 11 Gomti Chakra, wrap it in a yellow cloth, and store it in your vault to advance your financial situation.

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A Parrot Statue Or A Painting

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a painting of a parrot in the north direction increases children’s concentration and interests in studies. The parrot symbolizes love, long life, and luck. If you are coming across illnesses, financial instability, or negativity, then place a statue or a painting of a parrot in the upcoming New Year. 

Money Plant And Tulsi

Tulsi and Money Plant (also known as Devil’s Ivy) are considered a symbol of faith, happiness, and prosperity. Planting a Tulsi or Money plant on New Year will be very auspicious. Devil’s Ivy should be planted in the South-East direction of the house, i.e. the fire angle. The right placement of the Tulsi plant is North and North-East. 

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