Tulsi Plant: Benefits and Religious Significance

Tulsi plant is considered sacred within the cultures and beliefs of Hinduism and has a major religious significance in one’s life. Not a common herb, Tulsi plant is widely known for its miraculous properties and believed to be another incarnation of Goddess Laxmi in Vedic scriptures. Therefore, there is no shortage of money in the house where there is a basil plant present. Along with religious significance, it also reflects Ayurvedic, astrological and scientific influence. Uses and remedies regarding Tulsi plant is provided in astrological writings. On the other hand, as per Ayurveda, this plant acts as a panacea for the treatment of many diseases.

Types of Tulsi Plant

    • Ram Tulsi
    • Shyam Tulsi
    • Shwet/Vishnu Tulsi
    • Van Tulsi
    • Nimbu Tulsi

Tulsi Plant & Its Religious Importance

Due to the great eminence of Tulsi plant, Tulsi Vivah is celebrated as a religious festival throughout India. This is celebrated on the date of Ekadashi (Dev Uthani Ekadashi) during Kartik Shukla Paksha. As per the rituals, Lord Vishnu is married off to Tulsi plant on this auspicious day. Mantras are called out, where red-colored rice is offered on Lord Vishnu and Tulsi. Apart from that, this plant is worshiped in every household around the nation while chanting mantras.

Tulsi Mantras

तुलसी श्रीर्महालक्ष्मीर्विद्याविद्या यशस्विनी।

धर्म्या धर्मानना देवी देवीदेवमन: प्रिया।।

लभते सुतरां भक्तिमन्ते विष्णुपदं लभेत्।

तुलसी भूर्महालक्ष्मी: पद्मिनी श्रीर्हरप्रिया।।

tulasī śrīrmahālakṣmīrvidyāvidyā yaśasvinī।

dharmyā dharmānanā devī devīdevamana: priyā।।

labhate sutarāṃ bhaktimante viṣṇupadaṃ labhet।

tulasī bhūrmahālakṣmī: padminī śrīrharapriyā।।

Tulsi plant

Tulsi Puja Vidhi

  • Foremost, fold your hands respectfully in front of Tulsi plant.
  • Then, pour clean water on the plant.
  • Now offer vermilion (sindoor) and turmeric (haldi).
  • Light a diya with clarified butter or ghee.
  • Remember Goddess Laxmi and sing the Tulsi aarti.
  • In the end, hope for prosperity and peace in life.

Astrological Importance of Tulsi

Holy Tulsi plant holds an immense astrological significance, as it helps to eliminate negative effects and doshas of Moon and Venus. Hence, if the position of Sun and Moon is weak in one’s horoscope, s/he can wear Tulsi Mala and worship it wholeheartedly. By doing that, doshas related to eighth and sixth house can be ward off and seventh house becomes strong. If a married native worships the sacred plant, any evil wards off from his life within no time and relationship with spouse grows stronger. With Tulsi and astrology going hand in hand, it helps to get rid of Vastu Dosh as well.

Tulsi & Ayurveda

Tulsi leaves or holy basil leaves are commonly used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines, and kill any kind of stingy or foul smell and poisonous ingredient. Tulsi also helps in enhancing immunity. One gets rid of cough and throat related disorders if s/he chews one Tulsi leaf everyday. Diseases like colds and coughs can be cured by eating Tulsi leaves with black pepper. It is possible to treat serious illness such as swine flu with this majestic plant. Also, Tulsi plant removes negative vibes and pollution from the house.

Tulsi & Science

Within the world of science, Tulsi is considered as an important plant. Its scientific name is Ocimum Sanctum. Tulsi emits oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making its surrounding completely pure. Along with this, due to the effects of Tulsi, fleas and mosquitoes infecting malaria do not flourish in the house. The main feature of Tulsi is to detoxify and purify blood in the body.

tulsi plant astrology

Tulsi Plant & Remedies

  • Consuming Tulsi seeds (5 grams) with hot milk provide strength to the body.
  • Tulsi leaves are quite beneficial in helping with  bad breath.
  • Tulsi leaves should be put near the injured area with an alum to minimize the pain and infection.
  • One can fight off acne and blackheads by applying Tulsi paste on face.
  • Prepare hot tea with Tulsi leaves, as it gives warmth and strength to the body.
  • To get rid of itching, mix Tulsi leaves with lemon juice and apply on affected area.
  • Drinking Tulsi extracts makes a person fit and healthy.
  • You feel refreshed by smelling the fragrance of Tulsi leaves.
  • Immersing Tulsi leaves in water makes it pure.
  • Diseases like Dengue, Fever etc. can be cured by drinking medication made from Tulsi leaves.
  • The yellowing of eyes can be cured by putting the juice of Tulsi leaves in eyes.


  • According to Vastu, Tulsi plant should be planted in the north corner of the house.
  • Pour water on Tulsi plant early in the morning after taking a bath except Sunday.
  • Do not offer basil leaves to Lord Ganesh, Shiva and Bhairava.
  • Basil leaves remain pure and fresh for next 11 days, hence one can sprinkle Ganges water on it and use for worshiping.
  • Do not pick Basil leaves on Sunday, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Sankranti and evening.

Through this article, you have come to know in detail about the importance of Tulsi plant. We hope you like this article. Of course, the remedies given here will prove useful for you.


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