Vastu 2024: Husband-Wife & Children Should Sleep With Heads In This Direction!

Vastu Rules 2024: With due assistance of Vastu Shastra, the natives can achieve success and prosperity in their lives. The use of Vastu Rules 2024 will ensure coming out of sorrows in life successfully. There is a very special importance of Vastu directions and if natives are carrying out daily activities as per the directions, then there are chances of removing different troubles from their lives and will get all the success in their lives. 

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As per the Vastu Rules 2024, it is vital to keep the heads in the right direction while sleeping. If you don’t sleep keeping your head in the right direction, then it can cause different troubles in your life and it can result in troubles & obstacles across various activities. This special AstroSage blog contains accurate details related to accurate sleeping directions for individuals as per Vastu Rules 2024. 

Vastu Rules 2024: Good Direction For Sleeping 

The human body rests at the time of sleep and if there is a little bit of noise at the time of sleep, then it can disturb the sleep in different ways. As per Vastu Shastra, the natives can sleep across different directions except North. 

There will be different effects when you sleep in different directions. The Vastu shastra is based on the cosmic energy developed due to the planetary movements. There will be different types of energy flow at the time of sleep and people will get different effects by sleeping in different directions. 

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Vastu Rules 2024: Which Direction To Sleep?

North Direction: As per Vastu Shastra, it is prohibited to sleep with heads in the North direction. The Vastu experts do not recommend such types of actions. The sleep with heads in this direction will result in higher risks of serious diseases. They will also have a restless feel at night while sleeping. 

South Direction: According to Vastu Shastra, the experts guide the natives to sleep with their heads in the south direction. Sleeping with your head in the south direction will result in happiness and prosperity in the lives of natives. 

East Direction: As per Vastu rules 2024, sleeping with a head in the east direction will keep the health of natives intact and also improve the memory of individuals. Other than that, the interest of persons over spirituality rises. The Vastu experts often advise children to arrange their rooms in such a manner that the heads face the east direction while sleeping. It enhances the child’s ability to remember and concentrate on different aspects of life. 

West Direction: According to Vastu, it is better for natives to sleep with their heads in the west direction. This will assist the individuals to get good repute, money, and fame in the society or workplace. 

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Vastu Rules 2024: In Which Direction Should We Place The Bed?

  • In our bedrooms, the head of the bed should be towards the south or west direction. Thus, the toes of the natives should be pointing towards the north or east at the time of sleep. 
  • It is very good if your head is towards the south direction while sleeping. In the Vastu shastra, the direction of sleep is considered to be suitable to attain wealth, good sleep, and satisfaction. 
  • The direction of the headboard of the bed in your children’s room should be towards the east direction. Sleeping in this direction will improve the health of children and also improve their concentration levels. 
  • If you are eyeing to earn a good amount of money or gain popularity, then individuals should sleep with their heads towards the west direction. The feet of individuals should be pointing toward the east direction. 
  • The guest room should be developed in the north-west direction. 
  • The sleeping bed should be placed in the center of the room and avoid the sharp concerns of the walls. 
  • As per the Vastu Rules 2024, in the front of the bed, there needs to be a mirror or door. 
  • Other than that, the natives need to install the window behind the bed. 

Vastu Rules 2024: Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu Science 

According to Vastu science, the most preferred direction for sleeping should be such that it doesn’t affect the magnetic field of the earth. 

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The positive pole of the earth’s magnetic field should be towards the north direction and the negative pole is considered to be in the south direction. The negative side of the magnet is considered to be its leg and the positive side is referred to as the head. If you sleep with your head facing the north direction, then there are great chances of feeling tired due to repulsive forces. 

Vastu Rules 2024: In Which Direct Should Husband And Wife Sleep?

As per the Vastu Rules 2024, the room of the husband-wife needs to be built in a direction that strengthens their relationship. If the house has the name of the husband and wife only, then the direction of the bed should be facing the southwest direction. 

If the newly married couple are staying with the parents then the room should be located in the North-West direction. 

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