Vaman Jayanti: Significance of Fasting, Pujan Vidhi & Legends Asscociated!

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Every year, the festival of Vaman Dwadashi or Vaman Jayanti is celebrated on the Dwadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha during the Bhadrapada (Bhado) month. As per Hindu religious scriptures, this is the day when Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Vaman during Abhijit Muhurat during the Shravan Nakshatra. This year, this festival is going to be celebrated on August 29, 2020.

It is believed that on this day, Lord Hari incarnated himself as Vaman in order to get rid of the atrocities of Bali. In addition to this, whoever observes fast with pure and clear intention then he or she is blessed with all wishes. Now, let us know Puja Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat and significance related to this very day.

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Auspicious Timings for Vaman Jayanti

Vaman Jayanti : August 29, Saturday 

Auspicious Muhurat for Vaman Jayanti: 

Beginning of Dwadashi Tithi: August 29, 2020 by 8:17 AM

End of Dwadashi Tithi: August 30, 2020 by 8:21 AM 

Beginning of Shravan Nakshatra: August 30, 2020 by 01:52 PM 

End of Shravan Nakshatra: August 31, 2020 by 03: 04 PM 

Vaman Puja Mantra

 देवेश्वराय देवश्य, देव संभूति कारिणे। प्रभावे सर्व देवानां वामनाय नमो नमः। / 

 deveśvarāya devaśya, deva saṃbhūti kāriṇe। prabhāve sarva devānāṃ vāmanāya namo namaḥ।

Ardhya Mantra

नमस्ते पदमनाभाय नमस्ते जलः शायिने तुभ्यमर्च्य प्रयच्छामि वाल यामन अप्रिणे।। नमः शांग धनुर्याण पाठ्ये वामनाय च। यज्ञभुव फलदा त्रेच वामनाय नमो नमः।। /

 namaste padamanābhāya namaste jalaḥ śāyine tubhyamarcya prayacchāmi vāla yāmana apriṇe।। namaḥ śāṃga dhanuryāṇa pāṭhye vāmanāya ca। yajñabhuva phaladā treca vāmanāya namo namaḥ।।

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Significance of Vaman Jayanti

According to religious beliefs associated with this day, if Shravan Nakshatra is on Vaman Jayanti then it enhances the significance of this fast multiple times. In such a situation,  a ritual has been designated for devotees to worship the idol of Lord Vaman with Panchopchar ritual after observing a fast. On this day, one who observes fast wholeheartedly and sincerely gains freedom from all kinds of troubles. 

It is believed that this incarnation of Lord Vishnu is directly associated with the planet called Jupiter. In that case, if any person’s Guru is weak or ineffective in horoscope, that person should recite the Katha of Vaman incarnation and also observe the fast. With this, all problems associated with the planet Jupiter shall start fading away. Specifically, if the planet Jupiter is in a debilitated position in horoscope or is placed with Shani/Rahu/Ketu or is present in the eighth and twelfth house, then those have to perform worship of Lord Vaman with appropriate rituals. This fast is proven to be extremely beneficial for those who are facing problems associated with Jupiter.

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Puja Vidhi for Vaman Jayanti

  • On this day, take a bath after daily routine work.
  • After this, worship Lord Vaman with Panchopchar or Shodashopachara ritual.
  • After worship, offerings of curd and rice are considered to be auspicious. Also, donate according to your financial ability. 
  • Worship Lord Vaman again in the Evening and recite or listen to the Vrat Katha.
  • Distribute Prasad among people after worship.
  • If possible, then serve food to Brahmins. If it is not possible to invite them at home then seperate food or things that can be donated at the time of worship and offer the same to any temple. 
  • Must include this Mantra in the worship of this day- 

, “ॐ तप रूपाय विद्महे श्रृष्टिकर्ताय धीमहि तन्नो वामन प्रचोदयात्”।  / 

“oṃ tapa rūpāya vidmahe śrṛṣṭikartāya dhīmahi tanno vāmana pracodayāt”

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Rituals to be performed on Vaman Jayanti  

If one has been facing family issues for a long time, then he or she is advised to perform some special rituals on the day of Vaman Jayanti. Let us know those rituals.

  • To resolve family troubles, light the twelve-faced lamp of Gaughrit in a bronze metal lamp on Vamana Kalash.
  • Those who wish to gain higher status in job, tie twelve coins sprayed with scent in a piece of yellow cloth offered on Vaman Kalash.
  • Apply a Tilak of sandalwood (Chandan) which is offered on Vaman Kalash to gain good health.
  • To attain higher status in education, hold a pen in your hand and chant this Mantra hundred and eight times.

 वं वामनाय नमः मंत्र / vaṃ vāmanāya namaḥ maṃtra

  • Offer twelve pink flowers on Vaman Kalash to progress in love.

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Legends Pertaining to Vaman Jayanti

It is believed that only by reciting this legend (Katha) on the day of Vaman Jayanti one can fulfill his/her desires. 

When the demon named king Bali defeated Lord Indra and captured Heaven, then Indra’s mother, Aditi, felt highly upset. In such a situation, she prayed to Lord Vishnu for the safety of his son. Pleased with the devotion of Maa Aditi, Lord Vishnu appeared and said that she should not be worried of anything and assured her that he would take birth in the form of her son and get back Lord Indra’s empire.  

After this, Lord Vishnu took birth in Aditi’s womb as Vaman. Then,  he came to know that  Bali was performing the Ashwamedha Yagya to capture Indra Lok permanently. During the Yagya, Vaman made his presence and the entire place was illuminated by his grace. Then Bali respectfully welcomed him and asked what he could offer. Then, Lord Vaman asked for three steps of land and Bali resolved by holding water in hand to offer the same. 

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As soon as the promise was complied with, Lord Vaman took his colossal form and measured the Earth with one foot and Heaven with the other foot and nothing was for the third foot and therefore, Bali surrendered his head before Lord Vamana. Lord Vamana was pleased with the fulfillment of promise and made him the master of the underworld and freed the Gods from his fury.

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The next festival of August month is Onam which is going to be celebrated on August 31, Monday. Stay tuned with AstroSage to know more about this festival.

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