Tarot Weekly Horoscope: Lucky Cards Speak For Lucky Zodiacs This Week!

Tarot Weekly Horoscope: Tarot cards have captivated human curiosity for centuries, providing glimpses into the realms of the unknown. A deck of 78 intricately designed cards holds the power to unravel secrets, provide guidance, and awaken the intuitive forces dormant within us. While some dismiss them as mere fortune-telling tools, tarot cards possess a profound depth that extends far beyond divination.

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The origins of tarot cards trace back to medieval Europe, where they were used primarily as playing cards. However, it was during the 18th century that tarot cards began to be associated with mysticism and the occult. Each card in the deck carries symbolic imagery, archetypes, and esoteric knowledge that transcend language and cultural barriers.

The experienced Tarot Readers at AstroSage have come up with this Tarot Weekly Horoscope, where they talk about how the upcoming week will treat each of the twelve zodiac signs, that is, from May 28th to June 3rd, 2023. This special blog by AstroSage will let you know if your zodiac will get the favorable Tarot Readings for this week and is one of the four lucky signs! 

So without any further ado, let us learn if your zodiac will get lucky this week!

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Lucky Zodiac Sign As Per Tarot Weekly Horoscope


Love: Four of Wands

Finance: Eight of Swords

Career: The Star

Health: Page of Pentacles

The tarot reading for the Cancer natives suggests a positive week ahead for the recipient, as per the Tarot Weekly Horoscope. The Four of Wands hints at the possibility of meeting a spouse or progressing a relationship during a family function. The Eight of Swords advises against overthinking financial matters, assuring that the situation is not as dire as perceived. 

In terms of career, The Star card indicates a rewarding phase with a potential for promotion. Lastly, the Page of Pentacles signifies good health and receiving appropriate treatment if dealing with any health issues. Overall, the reading suggests a promising and balanced week in various aspects of life.

Lucky Numbers: 13 and 22.

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Love: Wheel of Fortune

Finance: Ace of Pentacles

Career: The Fool

Health: Five of Swords

The tarot reading for Libra as per  the Tarot Weekly Horoscope suggests exciting changes in their love life, urging them to embrace these moments with love and respect for their partner. In terms of finances, the Ace of Pentacles signifies the achievement of desired financial goals, whether through an increment, bonus, or successful business ventures. 

The Fool card in the career reading indicates a readiness to explore new opportunities and embrace a new direction in one’s professional life. However, the presence of the Five of Swords in the health reading warns of potential conflicts at work or home causing stress and chaotic thoughts, leading to sleepless nights. It is important for Libra to manage these challenges and prioritize their well-being during this time.

Lucky Numbers: 16 and 26


For Scorpios, the readings as per the Tarot Weekly Horoscope indicates a desire for new options in love following a recent difficult relationship. The Two of Wands suggests that this week may bring the opportunity to explore new connections and friendships. In terms of finances, the Strength card represents stability and strong financial growth. There is a possibility of significant financial gains, particularly for business owners, through investments or bonuses. 

The presence of the King of Pentacles suggests that a wise and established figure, possibly a fatherly figure, will provide guidance and support in a challenging project or business deal. In terms of health, the Death card urges Scorpios to pay attention to their body’s transformations and signals, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups for overall well-being.

Lucky Numbers: 17 and 28

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Love: Six of Cups

Finance: The Magician

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Justice

For Pisces, the Tarot Weekly Horoscope reveals a sense of nostalgia and reminiscing about past happy memories in love. The Six of Cups represents a child-like energy, as you and your partner cherish and relish the innocent moments of the past. In terms of finances, the presence of The Magician indicates stability and security in the financial realm, with the potential for long-term prosperity through manifestation and patience. 

The Four of Wands suggests that partnerships and teamwork will be beneficial, making it an opportune time for group projects or considering a business partnership. In terms of health, the Justice card brings positive news, indicating a week of abundance and well-being. However, it is important to maintain good health practices and routines. Overall, Pisces can look forward to a week filled with sentimental reflections, financial stability, collaborative endeavors, and a focus on maintaining health and balance.

Lucky Numbers: 14 and 29

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