Tarot Weekly Horoscope From 28 May-3 June, 2023

Tarot Cards as a Tool of Divination

Tarot cards are an ancient deck of cards and a form of divination that has been used by numerous mystics and tarot readers across cultures to access and deepen their intuition in the form of Tarot Spreads. The usage of the cards for greater spiritual development and self-understanding dates back to ancient times. Entering the arcane world of Tarot is a daunting experience if an individual comes in to seek answers to important and life changing questions with faith and humility. Tarot reading is definitely not some spooky session meant to entertain you and your friends, as thought to be by many. The 78 cards Deck with its intricate and mysterious illustrations has the power to let out the darkest secrets and your deepest fears which are hidden from the rest of the world. 

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Before we dive deep into what Tarot has in store for us for the month of May let us understand where this potent magical tool comes from. The origin of Tarot dates back to the 1400’s and the very first mentions of it are known to come from Italy and its nearby areas. It was initially treated as a mere game of cards and Noble families and Royalties would instruct artists to create lavish illustrations to entertain their friends and guests who’d come over for parties. The cards were actually put to divinatory use only around the 16th century, when mystics around Europe started to practice and learn; as to how the deck was to spread out systematically and used their intuitive powers to decipher the hidden truths behind those intricate drawings and from then on Tarot was no more just a deck of cards. During medieval times, Tarot however was associated with witchcraft and bore the backlash of superstition and was shunned from the mainstream world of fortune telling for decades to come. 

It has now once again found fame recently a few decades ago when Tarot Reading was reintroduced into the mainstream arcane world and is definitely basking in this new found glory. It is once more being used as a main tool for divination in India and across the globe and definitely deserves the fame and respect it has garnered. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the world of Tarot and know what it has in store for all 12 zodiac signs for the last week of May, 2023. 

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May Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: Ace of Swords

Finance: Eight of Cups

Career: Three of Wands

Health: Page of Wands
Dear Aries, Ace of Swords in a love reading shows that you will gain clarity and a new perspective as far as your relationship is concerned. Whether you should take it forward or not, or should you take it to the next step or just leave it altogether, everything will become clear in the coming week.

Eight of Cups is a warning signal that you may end up losing finances this week no matter how big or small. Keep away from lending money to someone or from making  big investments right now. Manage your finances carefully. 

There could be some new opportunity knocking at your door with regards to your job or business. Think clearly before taking up the new opportunity. Do not make hasty decisions. Analyze things carefully and then take up the opportunity. 

Page of Wands points at a period of healing and restoration coming along. Healing and a sense of being inclined towards spirituality will overwhelm you this week if you are facing any health issues.
Lucky Number- 32, 3


Love: Three of Swords

Finance: The Hierophant

Career: Eight of Wands

Health: Strength

Alas Taurus! The situation is not improving this week either. It seems you’re not over the heartbreak and are lamenting the incident. It is in your best interest to move on as this chapter is closed for sure.

The Hierophant indicates that this week you will be extra cautious before spending your money and will focus more on saving rather than spending mindlessly. Also, you will only pick the known and trusted sources to handle your finances, such as regular banks, etc. 

Eight of Wands in a career reading indicates abroad travel and national travel as well. The coming week will keep you busy flitting through different projects and keep you on your toes as you will be busy traveling for most part of the week. 

You will be in excellent health this week and feel rejuvenated and energized. This week you will be up and about with no trace of fatigue, pain or any other health issue. Enjoy the week ahead.
Lucky Number- 24, 15


Love: The Empress

Finance: Knight of Swords

Career: The Devil

Health: Ten of Cups

The Empress in a love reading suggests an emotionally satisfying and nurturing relationship and you will be blessed with just that this week, Geminis. You are secure in your relationship and enjoy the attention your partner showers upon you. This blissful phase will continue for the time to come. 

Knight of Swords in a financial reading suggests that you’re being reckless with managing your finances. If you continue managing your finances so loosely and carelessly, you may have to face financially difficult times in the near future. Start saving from today itself.

The Devil indicates you do not have great career prospects coming to you and you’re definitely not happy being where you are in your career right now. It could be anything that you dislike about work; your workplace, profile, your colleagues, etc. You feel stuck and dislike being where you are as of now.

The Ten of Cups confirms that if you’re taking measures to improve your health you will see the results soon and if you’re not taking steps to improve your health then you should start from today.
Lucky Number- 5, 23 

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Love: Four of Wands

Finance: Eight of Swords

Career: The Star

Health: Page of Pentacles

Hello Crabs! Four of Wands suggests that this week you will attend a family function and there are high possibilities that you meet your spouse in that function or you may take your relationship a step ahead and you will be married in the coming week.

Eight of Swords suggests that you’re overthinking your financial status and blowing up the problem manifolds in your head. The situation is for sure not as bad as you are thinking it to be. You are doing well financially, just stop over analyzing things.

The Star in a career reading suggests that you are in a very very rewarding phase of your career. Things are going as desired and you feel satisfied that your career is on track. There are fair chances of promotion as well. Keep working hard and you will reach the desired destination for your career.

Page of Pentacles as a health card indicates good health and receiving the right treatment if you’re dealing with any illness or injury. It is a positive card so health should not be an issue for you.
Lucky Number- 13, 22

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Love: The Moon

Finance: King of Wands

Career: Temperance

Health: The High Priestess

The Moon indicates slyness being at play and spoiling the relationship either from yours or your partner’s side. There are hidden feelings and hidden agendas here and you both are keeping secrets from each other which can spoil your relationship in the future.

With the King of Wands Leos you are well in control of your finances and will continue to manage your finances with logic and great care. You have struggled hard to reach this state of financial abundance so you do not take anything for granted and spend with caution.  

Temperance in a career reading suggests that this week with perseverance and patience will lead you to the path of success. If the going gets tough just find that dedication within you and keep striving hard. You will reach your destination. 

The High Priestess is trying to caution you as there are chances that you might encounter mental health issues such as headaches, migraines, etc this week. You will experience chaotic thoughts which may not let you sleep or rest well.
Lucky Number- 12, 33


Love: Four of Pentacles

Finance: Justice

Career: Two of Cups

Health: Queen of Wands

Four of Pentacles in a love reading could mean your relationship is spiked with possessiveness and jealousy and suffering Virgos, please take note. On the positive side it can mean that probably you’re comfortable keeping your relationship private and are happy that way. 

The Justice card here is asking you to be honorable towards your finances if you want rewards out of it. What we mean by saying this is that you should be earning your money from the right sources and the right way. Also, spending mindlessly may cost you a dime in the future.

Two of Cups indicates that you probably are about to make a solid and prosperous collaboration which may take your business and career to new heights. You and your partners will share a good bond and make good business.

Queen of Wands in a health reading suggests that you have taken charge of your health and are determined to stay in the best of health and work towards being a better version of you.
Lucky Number- 15, 24


Love: Wheel of Fortune

Finance: Ace of Pentacles

Career: The Fool

Health: Five of Swords

Perhaps there are some great and unexpected changes coming in your love life, Libra. Make sure to embrace these changes wholeheartedly and soak in the beauty of these moments. Your heart will be full of love and respect for your partner in the coming week.

Ace of Pentacles is a great card to draw for a financial reading. It symbolizes you achieving the desired financial goal this week. You may get an increment or a bonus or if you’re a business owner your business will generate huge profits and your ventures this week will be a success.

The Fool in a career reading indicates that you’re ready to take on the unknown and explore other areas in your field which may present you with opportunities and excitement. You’re ready to take on the new position or role that will lead your career to a new direction. 

Five of Swords in a health reading suggests that conflicts at work or at home may give you sleepless nights and contribute to the piling stress. You will experience chaotic thoughts.
Lucky Number- 16, 26

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Love: Two of Wands

Finance: Strength

Career: King of Pentacles

Health: Death

Scorpios! Two of Wands in a love reading suggests that you are looking for new options. You may have just gotten out of a bad relationship and after taking a break you now feel ready to explore friendships and people. This week you could find someone new.

Strength card in finances shows a strong financial background. You are stable and secure financially. It shows tremendous financial growth. This week your finances will increase manifold, especially if you’re a business owner. There are chances your investments may pay you back well or you may receive large bonuses. 

King of Pentacles shows that this week refers to the fact that this week a more established man than yourself may help you get through a tough project or a business deal, such as your father. This man can help you achieve the desired results with ease and will give you important lessons. 

Death in a health reading suggests that you need to pay attention to the transformations your body is going through and the health implications they are trying to signal at. Get a regular checkup done.
Lucky Number- 17, 28


Love:  Nine of Swords

Finance: The Sun

Career: Six of Wands

Health: Ten of Wands

You’re going through some personal crisis this week Sagittarius. You’re overcome by stress, shame, fear or guilt as you come face to face with reality and the implications of the mistake that you have probably made. It may have certainly affected your close relationships and friendships.

The Sun in a financial reading shows success, stability and prosperity. You’re going to get a big breakthrough this week in the form of an important business deal which may give you material success or you may get a salary hike way beyond your expectations. This week is truly yours.

Six of Wands in a career reading is an indication of success and celebration coming your way. You could be promoted, achieve success in your business ventures, it could also indicate educational success coming your way this week if you’re a student. All in all this week calls for celebrations on the professional front. 

Ten of Wands suggests that you are still carrying the past baggage and putting yourself through a lot of stress that is affecting your physical and mental well being. You should put down the weight of your past and move forward to a brighter future with a positive outlook.
Lucky Number- 18, 27

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Love: The Star

Finance: Ten of Swords

Career: Five of Wands

Health: Four of Swords

Heya Capricorns! The Star in a love reading suggests that this week your relationship with your partner or your spouse is going to be great. You will feel at peace and content and will feel blessed that they are in your life. You both have an amazing understanding together and love each other to bits. 

Ten of Swords is a bad omen in a financial reading. It shows that you may have to go through a tough time and a financial crisis. You need to be careful with how you spend your money right now. One poor financial decision may cost you all that you have built till now. 

The competitive and conflicting aspects of the Ten of Wands are going to be applied to your career this week. It is possible that you could be working in the banking sector, sales, BPO center or you could be an athlete. You could also face conflicts with your peers at work this week. 

Four of Swords is a card indicating that this week you need to give your body the rest that it needs for proper functioning. Take some rest and prepare yourself for the challenges coming ahead.
Lucky Number- 10, 21 


Love: Nine of Wands

Finance: Judgment

Career: Knight of Pentacles

Health: Two of Swords

Dear Aquarius! Nine of Wands in a love reading is not at all a welcome card Cancers! It means that things are going south this week as far as your personal life is concerned. You and your partner may not be willing to put in the extra effort required to save the relationship and the relationship is sure to crumble. 

This week refrain from making rash decisions as far as finances are concerned. Reconsider all the facts and cross check that you have all the information required before making any big investments or purchases. Plan and sleep on your financial matters so that you don’t face any problems later.

Knight of Pentacles in a career reading is a card that promises a fulfilling and a successful career in the future. This week you may get an opportunity to climb a step further in the ladder of success. You may get a new offer which will help you carve your own path towards success. 

Two of Swords tells us that this week you’d be obscured in thoughts related to the personal crisis you’re facing which may lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. It is advised you speak to someone close and discuss your way out of this situation.
Lucky Number- 11, 23


Love: Six of Cups

Finance: The Magician

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Justice

Dear Pisces! Six of Cups in a love reading is all about nostalgia related to past happy memories. You and your partner could be reminiscing about the bygone days and relishing those innocent times. You could be remembering memories when you were younger as Six of Cups has a child-like energy to it. 

The Magician in a financial reading is an excellent card that promises a stable and secure financial state for this week and even for days to come in the near future. The Magician is a card of manifestations and it says that with the right approach and patience you can definitely achieve financial security.

Four of Wands is a card of partnerships and teamwork so you’d do very well in a group project or it is a great thing if you’re thinking of starting a business in partnership. The coming week will be a good time to learn and gain experience.

Justice is a great card to draw in a health reading. You will do very well this week as far as health is concerned. It shows that you will have a week full of abundance as far as health is concerned. Don’t forget to maintain your health the same way though.
Lucky Number- 14, 29 

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