Cosmic Revelations – Unveiling Lucky Zodiacs As Per Tarot Weekly Horoscope!

Tarot Cards have been one of the traditional ways for introspection and future predictions. It provides proper guidance to people for making accurate decisions in life. The archetypal imagery assists individuals in understanding subconscious patterns and supports personal growth. AstroSage is back with the weekly Tarot Cards predictions and this blog highlights the lucky zodiac signs of the week. These cards also facilitate a spiritual connection and guide people to navigate uncertainties with confidence. You can plan your week better by checking the future predictions of the coming days. So, without any delay let us check the list of lucky zodiac signs whose natives can experience excellent timelines this week. 

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Tarot Weekly Horoscope – List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


According to Tarot Card’s weekly predictions, the week will favor the Cancer natives. They will experience good relationships with their spouses and can spend quality time together. Their financial situation will remain stable this week. There are possibilities of higher income and one can expect salary hikes in their professional life. 

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The hard work of Cancer natives will reap the right benefits in their work life. Your bosses & seniors will appreciate their hard work. It will ensure excellent appreciation at the workplace. It is the healing time for the natives and their health will remain stable throughout the week. The lucky flower for Cancer natives is the ‘White Rose’. 

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The week will be very fruitful for the Scorpio natives as per Tarot Cards reading. Their relationship will reach new heights in this period. There will be passion & intimacy in the love relationship. If you’ve been struggling with financial issues earlier, this week will yield the best results. The investments will produce the best profits this week. 

For professionals, the week will be filled with good results. The financial stress will ease out in this period. You might be planning to start or set up a business that will yield profits. The health of natives will remain upbeat and enthusiastic to complete various tasks successfully. The lucky flower of the week is ‘Geraniums’. 

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This week is filled with auspicious times for Capricorn natives. There will be understanding in your love relationship and can spend quality time together. They can expect positive outcomes in their financial life. All their investments will assist natives to earn great profits. They can make excellent savings in this period. 

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There will be excellent opportunities in the careers of Scorpio natives. They can join a new company and boost their overall growth. The natives will remain dedicated to their set life path and can achieve success with impunity. The health of Capricorn natives will support them to get the best outcomes in their lives. The lucky flower of the week is ‘Pansy’. 

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For Pisces natives, it will be the best week to manage their relationships in a better way. According to Tarot card readings, the natives can expect good coordination in their married life. The week is very fruitful to earn a good amount of money & also make relevant savings in this period. You can come out of tough life situations this week. 

The working professionals can expect new job opportunities in this period. There can be salary hikes in their job. The business persons can expand their operations which will yield great success. They will feel energetic & enthusiastic this week for the completion of different activities. The lucky flower of the week is ‘Water Lily’. 

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Q1. How will be the financial situation of Leo natives?

Ans. They can handle their finances very well and can also make a good amount of savings. 

Q2. How will be the relationships of Taurus natives?

Ans. There will be good communication among both partners in the married life. 

Q3. How will be the health of Virgo natives?

Ans. Their health will stay secure for the entire week and can participate in various tasks. 

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