Tarot Weekly Horoscope (25 Feb – 02 Mar): Favorable Time For 5 Zodiacs!

Tarot Weekly Horoscope: Are you going to make some vital decisions this week? Do you want to know accurate predictions as per Tarot Cards? AstroSage is back again this week with lucky zodiac signs of the week according to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (25 Feb – 02 Mar). Tarot Cards hold accurate information related to different aspects of human lives and thus assist people in making the right decisions ahead. If you want more details about the month or year as per Tarot Cards, then reach out to an experienced Tarot Card reader. Now let us check the list of lucky zodiac signs as per Tarot Weekly Horoscope. 

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Tarot Weekly Horoscope (25 Feb – 02 Mar): List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


The Gemini natives will spend blissful time with their partners and resolve their differences successfully. There will be new opportunities for people according to Tarot Weekly Horoscope and it will be a favorable time to start a new job. The natives can expect bigger opportunities this week and there will be chances of joining a new job. The Tarot Cards indicate that the week will be very healthy for the natives. For the Gemini natives, the lucky crystal of the week is ‘Tiger’s Eye’. 

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Libra natives will be able to spend a peaceful time with their partners. They will be able to enjoy their time in the relationship. According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope, the business persons will be able to earn the right profits and there are chances of a good salary hike. The seniors will be impressed with their efforts at the workplace and can get promotions due to it. The natives need to prioritize their health and feel enthusiastic throughout the week. For the Libra natives, the lucky crystal of the week is ‘Pink Opal’. 

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The Sagittarius natives can expect a new start in their love life and will be able to find a suitable life partner. As per Tarot Weekly Horoscope (25 Feb – 02 Mar), the natives can expect auspicious results for various tasks. There will be multiple sources of income this week and can accumulate a good amount of wealth. In their careers, there are chances of joining a new job in a foreign land. The health of the natives will remain secure for the entire week. The lucky crystal of the week is ‘Tree Agate’.

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The Pisces natives will be committed to their relationships and can spend happy time with their partner. They can expect positive news in their financial deals and will earn profits from their investments. The luck will favor the Pisces natives and can achieve financial stability. For the business persons, there are chances of good profits. They can also work towards appreciating the expansion of the business operations. According to the Tarot Weekly Horoscope (25 Feb – 02 Mar), the natives will feel energetic throughout the week and can complete activities successfully. The lucky crystal of the week is ‘Red Jasper’. 

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Q1. How will be the financial condition of the Leo natives?

Ans. The Leo natives need to stay financially cautious this week about the spending. 

Q2. How will be the business career of Virgo natives?

Ans. The business persons can expect progress in their work and thus will be able to earn good profits.

Q3. How will be the health of Taurus natives?

Ans. The Taurus natives won’t face any major health concerns this week.


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