Sun Transits in Leo, Know Which Changes Can Usher In!

The planet Sun is regarded as the King amongst all nine planets, is going to transit in Leo on Sunday, August 16. The royal planet will enter Leo sign on August 16 at 06:56 pm and it will remain in the same place until September 16, 2020, at 06:52 pm. If you want to know about the auspicious and inauspicious effects of Sun transit in your Kundli and want to know some remedies regarding this celestial event, then click here to talk to our expert astrologers.

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The strong placement of the Sun in the horoscope/Kundli gives the person courage and ability to lead, while a negatively placed Sun in the Kundli fills one’s life with many obstacles and hindrances. This day when the Sun transits is known as Sankranti and since it is transiting into Leo now, it will be known as ‘Singh Sankranti’. Devotees take a bath in the holy rivers on this day and make donations. This transit of the Sun will have different effects on people of all the 12 zodiac signs. 

Let us now move on to know the impact of this transit on each and every zodiac sign individually. 

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The ruler of the planets, Sun, is transiting into the fifth house of Aries natives. This house signifies your progeny, love, education, position, respect, and so on…Read more


This Sun transit in Leo will cause the planet to enter the fourth house, Taurus natives. The fourth house in a kundali represents happiness, mother, land, home and more…Read more

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The Sun transit will cause the planet to enter the third house of Gemini natives, who belong under the lordship of Mercury…Read more


Cancel natives will host the transit of the Sun in their second house. It represents your speech, property, family, food, imagination, and more…Read more


Sun transit will take place in the zodiac sign, Leo, thereby, will be posited in their first or ascendant house. This house signifies your personality, health, character, intellect, and fortune…Read more


Virgo natives will host the transit of the Sun in their twelfth house. It signifies foreign lands, expenses, donations, and so on…Read more

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The Sun transit will take place in the eleventh house of profits for the zodiac sign of Venus, Libra. This house signifies your ambitions, desires, and elder siblings…Read more


Scorpio natives will host the transit of the Sun in their tenth house. It signifies business, workplace, authority, respect, etc. in a native’s birth chart…Read more


The Sun transit in Leo will cause the luminary planet to be posited in your ninth house. It signifies your fortune, religion, and long-distance trips…Read more


The Sun Transit in Leo will cause the planet to get posited in the eighth house of Capricorn natives…Read more

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Aquarius natives will host the transit of the Sun in their seventh house. This signifies your spouse and partnerships in life…Read more


The Sun transit will take place through the sixth house of Pisces natives. Also known as your House of Enemies, it signifies your opponents, diseases, the maternal side of the family, and so on…Read more 

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