Sun Transit In Scorpio: Impacts Zodiacs, Worldwide & The Stock Market

Sun Transit In Transit: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. The Sun transits in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars on 17th November, 2023. Let’s find out what impacts Sun Transit In Scorpio will have on the events taking place worldwide and nationwide.

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In Vedic astrology, the Sun represents the soul, the parent, the state, the executive branch, and your general interpersonal relationships. Simply knowing that a strong Sun exists offers you life-giving energy, willpower, immunity, and the capacity to battle all the negative aspects of your life, including internal battles with illnesses. An individual with a strong sun in their horoscope would have traits like a sharp mind, money, success, good fortune, wisdom, high aspirations, and medical expertise. Additionally, it reveals a person’s level of spirituality and how they feel about religion, temples, and other revered locations. 

Sun Transit In Scorpio: Timing

The Sun, like all other planets, transits from one sign to the other in exactly one month’s time. This time it is transiting into the zodiac of Scorpio 17th November, 2023 at 01:07 AM. We’re here today to read about the world events that would be impacted all across through this transit of the Sun in Scorpio.

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Sun Transit In Scorpio: Characteristics

Sun is a fiery masculine planet and overall does well in Scorpio, but Scorpio is a water sign and the Sun loses its fiery element in Scorpio but still performs very well. The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by Mars and Mars in itself is a fiery planet. Mars and the Sun share a friendly relationship with each other as well. Your personality is represented by the Sun, and Scorpio is a sign of abrupt changes. So long as the karmic backlog exists, you will have a dynamic personality that will constantly change. While Scorpio represents instability, Sun is about steadiness and dependability. The sun in this sign is quite painful because of this. But if you actively choose to support your own transformational process, this battle between the two opposing natures leads to incredible insight.

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Being a Scorpio, you experience so many ups and downs that your frustration will drive you to look for solutions. Because of the constant changes in your personality, you start to wonder who you really are. You begin to doubt yourself and your purpose in life. This is the motivation behind why you might choose the spiritual path, as your own restless inquiries push you in the direction of self-discovery. Sun in Scorpio fosters spiritual development and self-awareness. Because you look everywhere for solutions, you will naturally be drawn to occult, ancient science, spiritual writings, and other sources of secret wisdom and information.

Sun Transit In Scorpio: Worldwide Impacts:

The Government & Political Events

  • The Government would regain control over its management, working style and policies and would be able to bring the masses together. 
  • The political scenarios and events would garner speed and momentum now as the mighty Sun transits into the Scorpio sign.

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  • There may be certain changes and shifts within the cabinet which may be necessary for many other important decisions that the government may have to make in the interest of the country and the masses.
  • Our leaders will be seen taking aggressive but thoughtful and intelligent actions.

Medicine & Research

  • Research and technology would find momentum not just in India but worldwide as well. 
  • Professions like nursing, healing, medicine will experience developments no matter how big or small it is and people will take more interest in such professions. 
  • It could be a time where we could see some breakthrough in research in the field of medicine or surgery. 
  • The medical sector and infrastructure in India would see some improvement and people may benefit from it.

Non Profit Organizations & Other Humanitarian Works

  • Sun transit in Scorpio is a great time for humanitarian works to gain speed
  • People involved in social welfare of any kinds would benefit immensely from this transit.

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Sun Transit In Scorpio: Stock Market Report 

The Sun is one of the major planets that influences the stock market to a great extent. It is now moving into the sign of Scorpio, it’s friendly sign. Let us see how it’s transit to the sign of Leo will impact the stock market with the help of this Stock Market Report.

  • As the Sun transits to the sign of Scorpio, Chemical Fertilizer Industry, Tea Industry, Coffee Industry, Steel Industries, Hindalco, Woolen Mills among others are expected to flourish. 
  • The Reliance Industries, Perfume and Cosmetic Industries, Computer Software Technology, Information Technology, and other sectors will slow down by the end of the month there is the chance of continuity.
  • Optical industries and the glass industries would gain momentum during this time.
  • Gold prices may increase during the Sun Transit in Scorpio

Sun In Scorpio: These Zodiacs Will Be Positively Impacted


Dear Gemini natives, the 3rd house of younger siblings, hobbies, communication, and short-distance travel is ruled by planet Sun for you. It will now transit through the 6th house for you, Gemini natives, which represents adversaries, health, rivalry, and a maternal uncle. So, my dear Gemini natives, you can expect a range of outcomes from this Sun transit in the 6th house. Students who are preparing for competitive tests for government jobs or other types of compassion may benefit from it. If you are battling any court case or litigation, you might win the outcome in your favor and even their enemies will be muted. 

Your maternal uncle will encourage you throughout this Sun Transit in Scorpio, and you will have a close relationship with him. You will have the knowledge to judge people and situations correctly thanks to this transit. If you’re a Gemini native looking for government services, you may succeed now. However, you should be cautious since you can get into a fight with your younger siblings. The Sun aspects the 12th house from the 6th house, therefore, if you work for one or more MNCs, the Sun Transit in Scorpio will be advantageous to you.


The ruler of the zodiac, the Sun, is transiting through your 4th house. Dear Leos, this planetary alignment indicates that during the Sun Transit in Scorpio time, your fun attention will be focused on your house, your mother, and your family life. Natives of Leo who are far from their mother or home should make plans to visit their mother. Additionally, you’ll be working to make your home more materialistic, comfortable and happy. 

It is a good idea for Leo individuals who were looking to acquire a house or any other property to finalize their deal now since the Sun Transit in Scorpio is predicted to result in a gain of the property or a gain from the property. However, since the fourth house oversees the native’s domestic life and governs unnecessary ego conflicts, the joyful mood in your home may be negatively impacted by your behavior. Therefore, please try to maintain your composure.

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Dear Virgos, the planet Sun rules your 12th house, which represents losses, solitude, and strange lands. It is transiting your 3rd house, which represents courage, siblings, and travel. Therefore, Virgo natives, this Sun transit in your third house will give you a boost of confidence, and during the Sun transit in Scorpio, you’ll be highly impactful in your writing and communication abilities. 

Because of their skills, Virgo natives who work in the media, as writers, film directors, government bankers, or as government fiancees will experience a very favorable period for their professional development. This is a good moment to make money and build your name, whether you work for multinational corporations, are in the export-import industry, or both. 


Dear Libra natives, the Sun rules the 11th  house of paternal uncle, gains, desire, and social networking for you. It will now transit through your 2nd house of savings, speech, and family. Therefore, since the Sun is currently in your second house and is having an effect on both of your financial houses, Libra natives, this month is crucial for your financial situation. 

Due to prior investments, your bank account and savings could increase. Additionally, you will have several opportunities to amass and save large sums of money as a result of the Sun Transit in Scorpio. 


The Sun rules the 10th house for Scorpio natives and will transit through the 1st house now. During the Sun Transit in Scorpio, you will have the support of your supervisors and coworkers. Your capacity to lead and make decisions will put you in the spotlight with your seniors and other powerful individuals. Your efforts will result in a boost in your position and esteem in the public eye. 

Scorpio newcomers have excellent possibilities for launching their careers. It is advised to spend time taking care of your body since it will yield fruitful results. The sun is a natural Karka for excellent health and strong immunity, so it is a favorable time to push your fitness and vitality to the next level. 


The Sun becomes the ruler of the 9th house for Scorpio natives and will transit through the 12th house. Additionally, the Sun Transit in Scorpio will give you a highly promising chance to find employment and financial success abroad or in locations that are far from your place of origin. Your wealth will soar abroad, or those of the natives employed by MNCs or hospitals. 

People with a religious bent who are looking for a guru or mentor may do so in a foreign country. Moving on, the sun is now affecting your sixth house due to its aspect from the 12th house, therefore this Sun Transit In Scorpio will be advantageous for students preparing for tough tests for government positions. 

Sun Transit In Scorpio: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


The planet Sun rules the 4th house for Taurus locals, which represents the home, mother, car, and domestic happiness. The Sun is now transiting through your 7th house, which governs marriage and partnerships. As a result, dear Taurus natives, the Sun’s position in the seventh house is not thought to be favorable for marital bliss. 

You may experience unnecessary ego conflicts with your spouse, and it is even advised that you keep your marital problems to yourself because involving your mother or other family members will not solve the problem. You are encouraged to give special attention to your marriage during the Sun Transit in Scorpio. On the other hand, the single natives who are not committed to getting married during the Sun Transit in Scorpio are quite the opposite.


Sun rules the 2nd house for Cancer natives and will transit through the 5th house in Scorpio. Sun is a hot planet, therefore being in the 5th house it can give troubles in forming business deals and getting full benefit out of it. The Sun is a hot planet which represents ego so due to the transit of the Sun in your house of love some anger and ego issues can affect your love life so avoid conflict and argument with your lover. 

Sun Transit In Scorpio: Impactful Remedies

  • Donate Jaggery, wheat and copper on Sundays.
  • Water the Tulsi plant everyday, except on Sundays.
  • Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotram everyday.
  • Wear the color red and orange often.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun everyday by taking water in a copper vessel and add red rose petals in it. 

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