Sun Transit in Rohini Nakshatra: Essential Donations for Relief In Nautapa!

Sun is considered the king of Navagrahas in Vedic astrology and gives life to the earth with its light. Lord Sun is also worshiped as the deity. In such a situation, the change in the Sun’s position, condition, and zodiac sign has a visible impact on the world. Now, the Sun is going to transit in the Nakshatra. This AstroSage blog contains accurate details on Sun transit in Rohini Nakshatra. Here, the readers can get the right information on things to donate to protect against the wrath of the planet Sun. First, let us know about the Sun transit in Rohini Nakshatra. 

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Sun Transit In Rohini Nakshatra: Date And Time 

As per Vedic astrology, each year Sun transits in Rohini Nakshatra in the Jyestha month of the summer season. Sun stays in the Nakshatra for 15 days. In 2024, Sun transit in Rohini Nakshatra took place on 25 May 2024, Saturday at 03:27 pm. It remains in the position till 08 June 2024. As per Hindu Panchang, on the second date of Krishna Paksha, the Sun transits into the Rohini Nakshatra. The transit marks the beginning of Nautapa. 

What Is Nautapa?

As soon as the Sun enters the Rohini Nakshatra, it marks the start of Nautapa. It means nine days and during these nine days, the Sun rays will fall directly on the Earth. This will result in severe heat and the temperature will break all records. In 2024, Nautapa starts on 25 May 2024 and continues till 02 June 2024. This results in severe heat across most regions in India. 

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As per scriptures, as the Sun transits into Rohini Nakshatra in the Jyestha month, the heat rises in the world. The lord of Rohini Nakshatra is Moon and when Sun enters the Rohini Nakshatra, it results in the decrease of its coolness. Due to it, there will be severe heat for nine days, and during these 9 days, the Sun comes closer to the Earth. The rise in temperature creates severe heat waves on the earth’s surface. But, when the Sun enters the Ardra Nakshatra, it will result in raindrops on the earth’s surface. This will ensure relief from the heat. The worship of the Lord Sun will provide fruitful results in this period. 

Donations To Make During Nautapa 

Donation Of Water 

It is considered auspicious to donate water on Nautapa. People donating water on Nautapa will get relief from their sins and open up the path to attain salvation. Other than that, the planets will get peace. For individuals with inauspicious planets in the horoscope can donate water on the occasion of Nautapa. 

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Donate Curd 

As per Vedic astrology, donating curd on Nautapa provides auspicious outcomes. Curd is considered sacred and its donation removes different types of sins. Also, people get relief from varied diseases that have been causing trouble and improve their health significantly. Also, the donation of curd pleases Goddess Lakshmi blesses devotees with wealth & prosperity across different areas in life. 

Donate Food 

As per the mythological beliefs, the donation of food for 9 days provides auspicious results to the natives. It strengthens the planet’s position in the horoscope and also provides the blessing of Goddess Annupurna. This also results in favorable results in the lives of people. 

Donation Of Clothes 

The donation of clothes during Nautapa provides fruitful results to people. They need to donate clothes as per their capacity and thus they have positive outcomes for various activities. They get relief from all kinds of troubles and they get happiness in their lives. 

Avoid These Tasks On Nautapa 

  • Avoid long travels during this period due to the increase of heat in Nautapa. 
  • Also, people need to avoid eating chilies, fried food, and spices. 
  • For these nine days, avoid consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food. 
  • There are high possibilities of storms and thunderstorms during Nautapa. Thus, individuals need to stay cautious during this period. 
  • At the time of Nautapa, avoid eating Brinjal.
  • Avoid arrangement of auspicious events like marriage, birthday parties, or other events as there are chances of storms & thunderstorms in this period.

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What To Do During Nautapa?

  • During Nautapa, try to consume light food and drink. 
  • In this period, fill the earthen vessel with water and keep it for birds. It is very beneficial for the natives. 
  • Provide trespassers water during this period to get auspicious outcomes during this period. 
  • Offer water to Shivling on Nautapa and also worship Hanuman Ji. 


Q1. How to define Nautapa?

Ans. Nautapa is defined as the nine days when there is an extreme heat wave across a specific region. 

Q2. In which Nakshatra Sun will transit?

Ans. Sun transit in Rohini Nakshatra in May 2024. 

Q3. What should be done Nautapa?

Ans. During Nautapa 2024, people need to donate things like water and cool materials.


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