Nautapa 2024: Details About The Sun Heat For 9 Days & Remedies For It!

In Vedic Astrology, there is the mention of different events that affect human lives. One of them is Nautapa. It will start from 25 May 2024 and will continue for some days. This will result in severe sun heat in specific locations on the earth. This further AstroSage blog explains the timeline & significance of Nautapa 2024. This will affect human lives in some way or the other. 

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Time Of Nautapa 2024 

On 25 May, Sun enters the Rohini Nakshatra at 03:16 am and will remain in the position till 02 June. After that, Sun will enter the Mrigashira Nakshatra. The 9 days are going to be severely hot and it might feel like fire raining from the sky. 

Why It Is Called Nautapa?

Nautapa marks the start of the Jyeshtha month every year. The duration of Nautapa is 15 days, but the severe heat wave will remain for 9 days. Thus it is referred to as Nautapa as the earth gets heated by the heat of the Sun for nine days. 

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The Nakshatra lasts for 15 days and the first 9 days are very hot and thus it is known as Nautapa. From a scientific point of view, in the last week of May 2024, there will be distance between the Sun and the Earth. Thus, Sun rays will fall directly on the earth and it will increase the overall temperature. Thus, the days of the Jyestha month are very hot. 

What Should Be Done In Nautapa 2024?

From the health point of view, the time of Nautapa 2024 will be very important. In this period, the natives should keep things in mind to protect themselves against some natural elements. 

In this period, if you take some relevant measures to please the Sun God then you might get the blessing of the lord. It will also result in the rise of self-confidence of natives. So, let us move ahead and know about the things to be kept in mind during Nautapa 2024. 

  • In Nautapa, there is great importance of worshiping the Sun God. Wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and then worship the Sun God. If possible, then recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra. This will keep the natives and their families intact for a longer period. 
  • The worship of Sun God will increase the happiness, prosperity, and self-confidence of natives. 
  • In Nautapa 2024, one should drink water, curd, buttermilk, coconut water, and wood apple juice. The donation of such things will be very favorable for the natives. 

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Remove All The Planetary Defects 

The belief is that during Nautapa 2024, the incidents of Sun heat will increase a lot during this period. This can result in adverse effects on human lives. Other than that, as per Vedic astrology, the worship of Sun God will help remove all the planetary defects from the person’s horoscope. The Sun and the Moon have the capability or power to destroy different types of sins. During Nautapa 2024, offer Arghya to the Sun God to get freedom from all kinds of sins. 

Increase Of Temperature 

During Nautapa 2024, the temperature reaches 44 to 45 degrees. If we talk scientifically, as the Sun comes close to the Earth, the Sun rays and heat starts falling directly on the Earth. This further increases the temperature on the Earth. 

Different Ways To Please Sun God 

Follow the right astrological measures to please Sun God during Nautapa 2024 –

  • You should wear red and saffron clothes as much as possible. 
  • Respect your father, government, and higher officials. 
  • Wake early in the morning before sunrise and watch the Sun rising. This infuses positivity among individuals. 
  • As per Vedic astrology, donate the right kind of items to get rid of inauspicious effects of the planets. Such a remedy will result in freedom from different sins of their previous births. In Vedic astrology, it is said that the auspicious planets need to be strengthened and also the weak effects of the planets should be reduced by donating the right kind of items. 
  • To please the Sun God, donate items related to the Sun before 8 am on Sunday and in the Sun Nakshatra. Strengthen the Sun’s position in the horoscope by donating jaggery, wheat, ruby, red flowers, etc. 
  • Every day or every Sunday, fill a copper pot with water, and also add a vermilion on it. Then offer Arghya to the Sun God with the same water. 
  • On a regular basis, do Surya Namaksar and offer water to the Shwetark tree. 

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