Sun Transit In Libra, Know Its Impact On All Zodiac Signs!

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now let us know about this transit of Sun and its impact on all signs.

On October 17, 2020 i.e. Saturday, the Sun will transit in Libra, whose ruling lord is Venus, at 6:50 AM and remain in the same sign till November 16, 2020 i.e. Monday upto 6:39 AM. The Sun, which represents father, will, courage, bones, etc. will remain posited in the same sign i.e. Libra for almost a month.

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In astrology, Libra is considered to be a debilitated sign of the Sun. It may be said that during this transit, the Sun will be in a debilitated state. It is believed that the presence of the Sun in Libra weakens the natives’ body and brain. Let us see how the transit of the Sun in Libra has positive effects on some and negative on others. 

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The almighty Sun which owns your fifth house of love, intellect, child and planning will be transiting in the seventh house of love and relationships…Read More


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The Gemini natives will host the Sun which owns their house of efforts in the fifth house of love, intellect and children. This transit will bring not-so auspicious results for you…Read More

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The Sun, which owns the second house of the family, accumulated wealth and resources for Cancerians, will be in its debilitated position in their fourth house…Read More


Leo natives will host the Sun in their third house of courage, efforts, desires and siblings…Read More


The earth sign will host the Sun in their second house of accumulated wealth, family and savings…Read More

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The fiery planet Sun will be positioned in your first house of self and personality for your sign. This indicates that this transit will not provide auspicious results for you…Read More


As Scorpio natives, you will host the Sun in your twelfth house which represents foreign and expenditure…Read More


The transit of your lord of fortune and luck Sun in your eleventh house of success and profits will be very auspicious for Sagittarius natives…Read More

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The Sun will transit into your tenth house of career and profession, it will be in its potent or zenith position during this time period. It indicates that it will bring auspicious results for you…Read More


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The position of the Sun in your eighth house of uncertainty and transformation will not bring auspicious results for you…Read More 

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